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A potato museum is a museum about potatoes. There are many such museums around the world, predominantly in North America and Europe.[1]

Prince Edward Island Potato Museum


  • Waldviertler Erdäpfelwelt (Waldviertler potato world) is a museum with interactive displays located in the town hall of Schweiggers displaying the history and uses of potatoes to the present day.[2]


  • Musée vivant de la pomme de terre ("Living Museum of the Potato") in Genappe is part of the Wallonia Botanical Gardens and also houses a collection of onions from northern Europe.[3]
  • Frietmuseum in Bruges is dedicated to chips (or fries in American-English) and is located in one of Bruges’ oldest buildings, dated 1399.[4]


  • The Canadian Potato Museum in O'Leary, Prince Edward Island claims to contain the world's largest collection of potato artifacts. It is also home to a Potato Hall of Fame. A 14 feet high giant potato made of fibreglass stands at the entrance and visitors can learn about the origins of the wild potato up to modern day agricultural practices.[5][6]
  • Potato World is a museum dedicated to the potato. It is located in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, known as the french fry capital of the world.[7][8]


  • Danmarks Kartoffelmuseum ("Danish Potato Museum") in Otterup[9] is part of the Hofmansgave estate. The Hofmansgaves were responsible for popularising the potato in Denmark where potatoes were known as “German lumps”.[10]


  • Moulin Gentrey in Harsault (fr) is a former starch mill dating from 1870 which contains a small potato museum as part of a historical tour of starch making for the textile industry.[11][12]



  • Museo della patata ("Potato Museum") in Budrio[17]

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