List of power stations in Botswana

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This page lists all power stations in Botswana.


Thermal power station Community Coordinates Fuel type Capacity Completed (or completion expected) Owner Notes
Mmamabula Power Station Mmaphashalala 23°38′51″S 26°49′25″E / 23.647500°S 26.823611°E / -23.647500; 26.823611 (Mmamabula Power Station) Coal 300 MW 2018 Jindal Steel and Power Expected online in 2018
Morupule A Power Station[1] Palapye 22°31′12″S 27°02′12″E / 22.52000°S 27.03667°E / -22.52000; 27.03667 (Morupule A Power Station) Coal 132 MW 1989 Botswana Power Corporation
Morupule B Power Station Palapye 22°31′20.5″S 27°02′58.2″E / 22.522361°S 27.049500°E / -22.522361; 27.049500 (Morupule B Power Station) Coal 600 MW[2] 2014 Botswana Power Corporation
Orapa Power Station Orapa 21°19′06″S 25°25′03″E / 21.31833°S 25.41750°E / -21.31833; 25.41750 (Orapa Power Station) Dual (Diesel or Natural Gas) 90 MW[3] 2011 Botswana Power Corporation Peaking power plant
Phakalane Power Station Phakalane 24°34′25″S 25°58′07″E / 24.57361°S 25.96861°E / -24.57361; 25.96861 (Phakalane Power Station) N/A (Photovoltaic) 1.3 MW[4] 2012 Botswana Power Corporation Pilot power plant

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