List of power stations in Colombia

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The following page lists some power stations in Colombia. Hydroelectric power accounts for 70 percent of Colombia's generating capacity.[1]


In service[edit]

Station Capacity (MW) Location Refs
CPR Plant 150 Boyaca 1 unit
Termoguajira 330 Guajira 2 units
Termopaipa 160 Boyaca 1 unit
Termozipa 235.5 Cundinamarca 4 units
Termotasajero I 155(net) Norte de Santander [2]
Termotasajero II 161.6(net) Norte de Santander [3]
Termotasajero III 200(net) Norte de Santander Bidding



In service[edit]

Station Capacity (MW) Location Refs
San Carlos Hydroelectric Power Plant 1,240
Alberto Lleras (Guavio) Dam 1,150 [4]
Chivor Hydroelectric Project 1,000
Sogamoso Dam 820
Porce III Dam 660
Peñol-Guatapé Dam 560
Miel I Hydroelectric Station 396
Urra Dam 340
Las Playas Dam 204
Jaguas Dam 170
Río Amoyá Dam 80
Calderas Dam 26

Proposed or Under Construction[edit]

Station Capacity (MW) Location Status
Ituango Dam 2,400   Under construction
Guaicaramo Dam 1,750   Proposed

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