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All power stations in Croatia are owned and operated by Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP), the national power company. As of 2015, HEP operates 26 hydroelectric, 4 thermal and 3 cogenerating power plants with the total installed electrical power of 3.654 MW.[1]


Station Location Coordinates Capacity (MW) Status
Čakovec Hydroelectric Power Plant[2] Orehovica   76 Operational
Dubrava Hydroelectric Power Plant[3] Donja Dubrava   76 Operational
Rijeka Hydroelectric Power Plant[4] Rijeka   36,8 Operational
Gojak Hydroelectric Power Plant[5] Ogulin   55,5 Operational
Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant[6] Ozalj   5,5 Operational
Lešće Hydroelectric Power Plant[7] Generalski Stol   42,29 Operational
Krka River Hydroelectric Power Plant[8] Oklaj   36,64 Operational
Peruća Hydroelectric Power Plant[9] Satrić   60 Operational
Orlovac Hydroelectric Power Plant[10] Ruda   249 Operational
Đale Hydroelectric Power Plant[11] Trilj   40,8 Operational
Kraljevac Hydroelectric Power Plant[12] Zadvarje   46,4 Operational
Zakučac Hydroelectric Power Plant[13] Omiš   486 Operational
Dubrovnik Hydroelectric Power Plant[14] Dubrovnik   218 Operational
Varaždin Hydroelectric Power Plant[15] Sračinec   94 Operational
Velebit Pumped Storage Power Plant[16] Velebit   276 Operational
Senj Hydroelectric Power Plant[17] Senj   216 Operational
Vinodol Hydroelectric Power Plant[18] Vinodol   110 Operational

The Jaruga Hydroelectric Power Plant is the first commercial hydro power plant in Europe, and the second oldest in the world. It started with operation on 28 August 1895 at 20:00, two days after the Adams Power Plant on the Niagara Falls[19][20][21], and in 1903 it was moved to its curent location[22][23].

Other thermal[edit]

Name Location Coordinates Fuel Capacity, MWe Operational Notes
Plomin Power Station Plomin 45°08′12″N 14°09′46″E / 45.1366904°N 14.1627717°E / 45.1366904; 14.1627717 (Plomin Power Station) Coal 330 1970-2000 340 metres tall chimney
TE Rijeka Bakar 45°17′11″N 14°31′12″E / 45.2863612°N 14.5200956°E / 45.2863612; 14.5200956 (Bakar Power Plant) Oil 312 1978-
TE Sisak Sisak Oil 420 1970-1976

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