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This page lists all power stations in Latvia.



Station Town Coordinates Fuel Type Capacity (MW) Completed Status Notes
Rīga Thermal Power Station-2 Rīga 56°55′01″N 24°16′33″E / 56.9170000°N 24.2759000°E / 56.9170000; 24.2759000 (Rīga Thermal Power Station-2) Natural gas 832 1975 Operational
Kurzeme Coal Power Station Liepāja or Ventspils Coal 400 Proposed
Rīga Thermal Power Station-1 Rīga Natural gas Cogeneration 144 1958 Operational Originally planned to use peat as fuel
Jelgava Thermal Power Station Jelgava Biomass Cogeneration 23 2013 Operational
Ventspils Thermal Power Station Ventspils Coal, biomass Cogeneration 20 Operational
Liepāja Thermal Power Station Liepāja 12 Operational
Olaine Power Station Olaine Gas Cogeneration 3.3 2012 Operational
Bābelītis Power Station Riga Diesel 10 1938 Destroyed in 1944, demolished in 2017



Additional to the three major hydroelectric plants, there are approximately 150-160 operational hydroelectric plants with capacity below 5 MW each.

Station Town Coordinates Capacity (MW) Completed Status Notes
Pļaviņas Hydroelectric Power Station Aizkraukle 56°34′56″N 25°14′14″E / 56.5822027°N 25.2373123°E / 56.5822027; 25.2373123 (Pļaviņas Hydroelectric Power Station) 883.5 1965 Operational
Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant Salaspils 56°51′05″N 24°16′19″E / 56.8513187°N 24.2720389°E / 56.8513187; 24.2720389 (Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant) 402 1974 Operational
Ķegums Hydroelectric Power Station Ķegums 56°44′26″N 24°42′39″E / 56.7406744°N 24.710784°E / 56.7406744; 24.710784 (Kegums Hydroelectric Power Station) 264.1 1940 Operational
Aiviekste Hydroelectric Power Station 0.8 1925 Operational First hydroelectric power station in Latvia


There are a total of 19 operational wind farms in Latvia with capacity above 0.25 MW and 18 wind farms with capacity below 0.25 MW.

Station Town Coordinates Capacity (MW) Turbines Completed Status Notes
Pope Wind Farm Pope parish 20.7 9 2012 Operational
Grobiņa Wind Farm Grobiņa 9.6 33 2002 Operational
Liepāja Wind Farm Liepāja 2.0 2 Operational
Ainaži Wind Farm Ainaži 1.2 1996 Operational First wind farm in Latvia

Biogas and biomass[edit]

There are currently a total of 23 operational biogas power stations and seven biomass power stations in Latvia. Most of them are cogeneration stations.

Station Town Coordinates Fuel(s) Type Electrical capacity (MW) Completed Status Notes
Jelgava Power Station Jelgava Biomass Cogeneration 23 2013 Operational Heating capacity - 45 MW
Getlini Power Station Rīga Landfill gas Cogeneration 6.3 Operational
Lizums Power Station Lizums Woodchips Cogeneration 3.0 2017 Under construction Heating capacity - 11 MW
Valka Power Station Valka Biomass Cogeneration 2.4 2012 Operational
Kuldiga Power Station Kuldīga Biomass 0.7 2012 Operational
Tukums Power Station Tukums Biomass Cogeneration 0.73 2012 Operational
Zalenieki Power Station Zaļenieki Biogas Cogeneration 0.55 2010 Operational
Vecauce Power Station Vecauce Biogas 0.26 2009 Operational First biogas station in Latvia

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