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Figures for 2017[1]

  Coal (37%)
  Nuclear (29%)
  Natural gas (26%)
  Renewables (8%)

This is a list of electricity-generating power stations in Michigan, sorted by type and name. In 2010, Michigan had a total summer capacity of 29,831 MW through all of its power plants.[2] Michigan's energy mix in 2009 was 66% coal, 22% nuclear, 8% natural gas and 3% renewables but coal use has rapidly decreased with natural gas and renewables increasing.[3] The leading source of renewable energy was wind power. Michigan imports all of its coal and nuclear fuel and 82% of its natural gas. A requirement to produce 10% of its electricity from in-state renewables by 2015 has led to the construction of new solar, wind and landfill gas plants. Major electric companies in Michigan are Detroit Edison (11,000 MW) and Consumers Power (9,000 MW). In 2014 Michigan produced 50% of its electricity from coal.

Nuclear power stations[edit]

Nuclear power is a significant source of electrical power in Michigan, producing roughly one-quarter of the state's supply. The three active nuclear power plants supply Michigan with about 30% of its electricity.

Cook Nuclear Power Plant
Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station Monroe 1098 Unit 2
Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant Bridgman 2110
Palisades Nuclear Power Plant South Haven 800 planned closure 2022

Former nuclear power stations

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant Charlevoix 67 1962 - 1997
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station Monroe 94 Unit 1, 1957 - 1972

See also Midland Cogeneration Venture, a plant abandoned before completion

Coal power stations[edit]

Trenton Power Plant

Coal power is the leading source of electricity in Michigan. Although Michigan has no active coal mines, coal is easily moved from other states by train and across the Great Lakes by lake freighters. The lower price of natural gas is leading to the closure of most coal plants with Consumer Energy planning to close all of its remaining coal plants by 2040[4] while DTE plans to retire 2100MW of coal power by 2023.[5]

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Belle River Power Plant St. Clair 1260 Units 1 and 2, planned to close 2030
D.E. Karn Generating Plant Hampton Township 511 Units 1 and 2, planned to close by 2040
Eckert Power Plant Lansing 350 planned closure 2020
Erickson Power Plant Lansing 159 planned closure 2023[6]
Escanaba Paper Company Escanaba 54 coal and wood waste
J.B. Sims Power Plant Grand Haven 70 proposed 2020 shutdown[7]
J.H. Campbell Power Plant Port Sheldon Township 1450 planned to close by 2040
Monroe Power Plant Monroe 3300 planned to close in 2040
Presque Isle Power Plant Marquette 431 planned to close 2020[8]
River Rouge Power Plant River Rouge 520 Units 2 and 3,[9] planned closure in 2023[10]
St. Clair Power Plant St. Clair 1958 Largest power plant in the world in 1969, planned to close in 2040
Trenton Channel Power Plant Trenton 536 Unit 9. All other units are closed, planned to close by 2023
White Pine Power Plant White Pine 40 can use natural gas

Former coal plants[edit]

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Conners Creek Power Plant Detroit "Seven Sisters"
Delray Power Plant Detroit
Bayside Power Plant Traverse City Decommissioned in 2005 after it had only served as an option for power generation during peak consumptions times for several years.
GM Pontiac Power Plant Pontiac 29 closed 2009
Ford Rouge Power Plant Dearborn 345 powdered coal with blast furnace gas and natural gas
James De Young Power Plant Holland 63 ceased burning coal in April 2016, being decommissioned in 2018
Marysville Power Plant Marysville 150 "Mighty Marysville" imploded November 7, 2015
S.D. Warren Power Plant Muskegon 51 closed 2009
B.C. Cobb Power Plant Muskegon 320 shut down April 2016
J.R. Whiting Power Plant Monroe 328 shut down April 2016
J.C. Weadock Generating Plant Hampton Township 310 shut down April 2016
Endicott Generating Station Litchfield 55 shut down May 2016
Escanaba Generating Station Escanaba 23 shut down June 2015
Harbor Beach Power Plant Harbor Beach 121 shut down November 2013
Shiras Power Plant Marquette 78 shut down 2018, replaced with the Marquette Energy Center(natural gas)

Natural gas power stations[edit]

Michigan has some of its own natural gas production and is a leading state for natural gas transport and storage. Declining prices for natural gas in the early 21st century led to an increase in the number of natural gas power plants. Consumers Power announced a new 700 MW plant to be built near Flint beginning about 2015[11] while the city of Holland replaced its coal plant with a 114 MW natural gas plant[12] In April 2018, DTE received permission for a 1,100 MW natural gas plant to replace a coal plant in St. Clair.[13]

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Alpine Generating Facility Elmira 440 General Electric F class
48th Street Generation Station Holland 142 two of the three units can use fuel oil
Belle River Power Plant East China Township, Michigan 256 3x General Electric 7EA Simple Cycle Gas Turbines
Conners Creek Power Plant Detroit 240 "Two Brothers", originally coal-fired
Dearborn Industrial Generation Dearborn 710 in the Ford River Rouge Complex, natural gas with blast furnace gas
Delray Peaking Facility Detroit 127
Dean Peaking Station East China Township, Michigan 336 4x General Electric 7EA Simple Cycle Gas Turbines
Hancock Commerce Township 141
Holland Energy Park Holland 127
Kalamazoo River Generating Station Comstock 68 [14]
Kinder Morgan Power Jackson 564
Livingston Generating Station Gaylord 156
Marquette Energy Center Marquette 50
Michigan Power Ludington 123
Midland Cogeneration Venture Midland 1560 re-purposed from a never completed nuclear plant
Mistersky Gas Power Plant Detroit 154
New Covert Generating Facility Covert, Michigan 1159
REO Town Cogeneration Plant Lansing, Michigan 110 also produces steam
Renaissance Power Carson City 660
River Rouge Power Plant River Rouge 260 Unit 1
Sumpter Plant Sumpter 340
T. B. Simon Power Plant East Lansing 100 switched to natural gas in April 2016[15]
Thetford Genesee 222
Wyandotte Municipal Power Plant Wyandotte 73 formerly used coal, natural gas and tire derived fuel
Zeeland Generating Station Zeeland 868

Oil power stations[edit]

Fuel oils and other liquid fuels are only a minor fuel used in Michigan for power generation. Some units burn liquid fuel only while some multiple fuel units sometimes use liquid fuels as well.

St. Clair Power Plant
Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
6th Street Generating Station Holland 22
Belle River Power Plant St. Clair 14 Units IC1, IC2, 3, 4, and 5
Grand Haven Diesel Plant Grand Haven 22 uses a mix of #2 oil and biofuel
St. Clair Power Plant St. Clair 24 Units 11 and 12

Former plants

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Vestaburg Richland Township 6 petroleum liquids, closed 2017

Multiple fuel[edit]

Multiple fuel units may alter their fuel source depending to balance pricing, availability, and energy content.

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Greenwood Energy Center Avoca 785 natural gas, fuel oil, tall oil, biodiesel
T.E.S. Filer City Station Filer City 60 coal, wood waste, petroleum coke, tire derived fuel, in 2018 being converted to 225MW natural gas only[16]
Dan E. Karn 3 & 4 Essexville 1000 Natural Gas and or Oil Fired

Municipal solid waste[edit]

Waste to energy plants which use garbage to produce power are a minor source of Michigan's electricity.

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Detroit 68 "Detroit Incinerator"
Kent County Waste To Energy Kent 18
Jackson County Resource Recovery Jackson 3.7 with natural gas

Landfill gas[edit]

Landfill gas plants, which use methane collected from garbage dumps to power electrical generators, are in use near a number of Michigan landfills but are only a minor source of power.

Only plants larger than 4 MW[17]

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Arbor Hills Landfill Salem 28.7 Two plants
Pine Tree Acres Landfill New Haven 21.6 Two plants[18]
Riverview Land Preserve Riverview 6.6
Southeast Berrien County Landfill Buchanan 4.8
Carleton Farms Landfill Carleton 4.0
Granger Wood Road Landfill Lansing 8.0 Two plants
Granger / Ottawa County Farms Landfill Coopersville 5.6 Two plants
Granger / Citizens Disposal Landfill Grand Blanc 7.2 Two plants
Granger / Brent Run Landfill Montrose 5.6

Biomass/waste power plants[edit]

Biomass power plants in Michigan often use waste from the lumber industry. Smaller units use food waste, or cow, pig and turkey waste.

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Cadillac Renewable Cadillac 38 wood
Fremont Community Digester Fremont 3 anaerobic digestion of
baby food, other food waste[19]
Genesee Power Genesee 36 wood[20]
Grayling Generating Grayling 36 wood
Hillman Power Hillman 18 wood
L'Anse Warden L'Anse 20 wood
Lincoln Power Lincoln 16 wood[21]
McBain Power McBain 16 wood[22]
Verso Paper Quinnesec 28 wood


Michigan has a number of small hydropower plants; however, the generally small, flat rivers provide a limited source of power.

Croton dam and powerhouse
Plant Location River Power (MW) Notes
Ada Dam Hydro Power Plant Ada Thornapple River 30
Alcona Dam Alcona County Au Sable River (Michigan) 8 Consumers Energy[23]
Allegan Dam Hydro Power Plant Allegan Kalamazoo River 3 Consumers Energy
Belleville Dam Belleville Huron River (Michigan) 2 French Landing
Berrien Springs Hydro Power Plant Berrien Springs St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan) 7 American Electric Power[24]
Big Quinnesec Dam Iron Mountain Menominee River 22 Wisconsin Energy Corporation[25]
Boardman Hydro Power Plant Boardman River 1
Buchanan Hydro Power Plant Buchanan St. Joseph River 4
Cascade Dam Hydro Power Plant Caledonia Thornapple River 2
Cataract Hydro Power Plant Escanaba River 2
Chalk Hill Dam Stephenson Menominee River 7 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Cheboygan Hydro Power Plant Cheboygan River 1
Constantine Hydro Power Plant Constantine St Joseph River 1
Cooke Dam Oscoda Au Sable River 9 Consumers Energy
Croton Dam Newaygo County Muskegon River 9 Consumers Energy
Crystal Falls Dam and Power Plant Crystal Falls Paint River 1
Edenville Hydro Power Plant Tittabawassee River 5 Hydro Power LLC
Edison Sault Power Plant Sault St. Marie St. Marys River (Michigan-Ontario) 27 [26]
Five Channels Dam Oscoda Au Sable River 6 Consumers Energy
Foote Dam Oscoda Au Sable River 9 Consumers Energy
Four Mile Hydro Power Plant Alpena Thunder Bay River 2 [27]
French Paper Hydro Power Plant St Joseph River 1
Grand Rapids Hydro Power Plant Menominee River 7
Hardy Dam Newaygo County Muskegon River 30 Consumers Energy
Hemlock Falls Power Plant Crystal Falls Michigamme River 3 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Hodenpyl Hydro Power Plant Mesick Manistee River 17 Consumers Energy
Hoist Hydro Power Plant Marquette Dead River 4
Loud Hydro Power Plant Au Sable River 4 Consumers Energy
Kingsford Power Plant Kingsford Menominee River 6 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
McClure Hydro Power Plant Dead River 8
Menominee Mill Marinette Hydro Power Plant Menominee River 2
Michigamme Falls Power Plant Crystal Falls Michigamme River 9 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Mio Hydro Power Plant Au Sable River 5 Consumers Energy
Mottville Hydro Power Plant Mottville St. Joseph River 2
Ninth Street Hydro Power Plant Alpena Thunder Bay River 1 [27]
Norway Hydro Power Plant Menominee River 6
Norway Point Hydro Power Plant Alpena Thunder Bay River 4 [27]
Peavy Falls Power Plant Crystal Falls Michigamme River 15 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Prickett Hydro Power Plant Sturgeon River (Michigan) 2
Rogers Hydro Power Plant Mecosta County Muskegon River 7 Consumers Energy
St Louis Hydro Power Plant St. Louis Pine River (Chippewa River) 7
Saint Marys Falls Hydropower Plant Sault St. Marie St. Marys River 18 United States Army Corps of Engineers
Sanford Hydro Power Plant Sanford Tittabawassee River 4 Hydro Power LLC
Saxon Falls Hydro Power Plant Saxon Montreal River 1
Secord Hydro Power Plant Tittabawassee River 1 Hydro Power LLC
Smallwood Hydro Power Plant Tittabawassee River 1 Hydro Power LLC
Sturgis Hydro Power Plant Centreville St. Joseph River 2 City of Sturgis
Superior Falls Hydro Power Plant Montreal River 1 XcelEnergy
Tippy Dam Manistee Manistee River 20 Consumers Energy
Twin Falls Power Plant Iron Mountain Menominee River 6 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Victoria Hydro Power Plant Ontanagon Ontonagon River 12
Way Dam and Michigamme Reservoir Crystal Falls Paint River 2 Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Webber Hydro Power Plant Ionia Grand River (Michigan) 4 Consumers Energy
White Rapids Power Plant Stephenson Menonminee River River 7 Wisconsin Energy Corporation

Pumped storage hydropower power stations[edit]

Michigan has one pumped-storage hydroelectricity station, on the shore of Lake Michigan, used for power balancing. It is the fifth largest such plant in the world.

Plant Location Power (MW) Notes
Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant Ludington 2172

Wind power stations[edit]

Wind power in Michigan grew rapidly due to national price supports and a Michigan mandate to produce 10% renewable energy by 2015. The largest concentration of wind power is in the Thumb region.

Michigan Wind 1 wind farm near Ubly

As of May 2018

Name Size (MW) Location[28]
Apple Blossom Wind Farm 100 Huron County[29]
Beebe Wind Farm 81.6 Gratiot County[30]
Beebe 1B Wind Farm 50.4 Gratiot County
Big Turtle Wind Farm 20 Huron County[31]
Brookfield Wind Farm 75 Huron County[32]
Cross Winds 111 Tuscola County[33]
Cross Winds II 44 Tuscola County[34]
Deerfield Wind Farm 149 Huron County[29]
Echo Wind Park 120 Huron County[35]
Garden Wind Farm 28 Garden Township, Delta County[36]
DTE/Invenergy Gratiot County Wind Project 213 Gratiot County
Harvest Wind Farm I 53 Huron County
Harvest Wind Farm II 59 Huron County
Lake Winds Energy Park 100.8 Mason County[37][38]
Mackinaw City 1.8 Mackinaw City
McKinley 14 Huron County
Michigan Wind 1 69 Ubly
Michigan Wind 2 90 Minden City[39]
Minden 32 Sanilac
Pinnebog Wind Park 50 Huron County[40]
Pheasant Run Wind I 75 Huron County
Sigel 64 Huron County
Stoney Corners 60 McBain, Michigan[41]
Traverse City 0.6 Traverse City
Tuscola Bay 120 Tuscola, Bay, Saginaw counties
Tuscola II 100 Tuscola, Bay counties

Solar power stations[edit]

Solar power is a very minor source of electricity in Michigan.

Systems of 1.0 MW and larger, as of September 2018

Name Location Size (MW) Notes
DeMille Solar Farm Lapeer County 28.4 DTE
Delta Solar I and II Eaton County 24 Lansing Board of Water & Light
Turrill Solar Farm Lapeer County 19.6 DTE
Spartan PV 1 East Lansing 10.5 Michigan State University carports
Watervliet Watervliet 4.6 Indiana Michigan Power
Solar Garden 1 Grand Valley State University 3.00 Consumers Energy, community solar[42]
O'Shea Solar Farm Detroit 2.0 DTE Energy
Greenwood Energy Center Avoca 1.95 DTE Energy[43]
Canton IKEA Canton 1.22

[44] [45]

Coldwater Solar Coldwater 1.20 American Municipal Power[46]
Spartan Solar Cadillac 1.20 Wolverine Power, community solar[47]
Domino's Farms Ann Arbor 1.08 DTE Energy SolarCurrents
Ford World Headquarters Dearborn 1.04 DTE Energy SolarCurrents
M-72 Solar Project Traverse City 1.0 Traverse City Light & Power [48]
Western Michigan University Kalamazoo 1.0 Consumer Energy Solar Gardens program


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