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This is a list of Power Stations in Pakistan. Pakistan had a total installed power generation capacity of almost 23 GW in 2013. However, dependable or de-rated capacity is in the range of 16 to 18 GW during the year, due to variety of factors, whereas demand for electricity is increasing at an average annual rate of eight per cent. And according to World Energy Statistics 2011, published by IEA, Pakistan’s per capita electricity consumption is one-sixth of the World Average. World average per capita electricity consumption is 2730 kWh compared to Pakistan’s per capita electricity consumption of 451 kWh. International Energy Agency has forecast that total electricity demand of the country will be 49,078 MW in 2025.[1]

Pakistan has an installed electricity generation capacity of 22,797MW in 2013. The average demand is 17,000MW and the shortfall is between 4,000 and 5,000MW. Oil (35.2 per cent), hydel (29.9 per cent), gas (29 per cent), and nuclear, solar and imported (6 per cent) are the principal sources. In the next 10 years, peak electricity demand is expected to rise by four to five per cent, which is roughly 1,500MW. This dismal forecast is due to a lopsided energy mix, diminishing indigenous fuel reserves, increasing circular debt and transmission hold-ups. Pakistan has almost exhausted its gas reserves. Imported oil’s price hikes affect the budget and its constant supply cannot be guaranteed. Pakistan has the potential to meet these energy challenges through hydel power but there are political and environmental issues in building dams. Rationality demands reducing reliance on oil and going for alternatives. The development of alternatives does not happen overnight. Pakistan will have to rely on imported fuels for the interim period at a huge cost. LNG is difficult to import, using coal has environmental issues, using shale gas also has environmental issues attached with it, and wind power has transmission network challenges.[2]

Thermal power stations[edit]

In service[edit]

Station Location Coordinates Capacity (MW) Notes Refs
Kot Addu Power Company Limited Kot Addu, Muzaffar Garh, Punjab 24°54′21″N 66°41′41″E / 24.9057°N 66.6946°E / 24.9057; 66.6946 (Hub River) 1,600 Multi fuel-fired thermal station [3][4][5][6]
Hubco Narowal Power Plant (HNPP) Narowal, Punjab 32.059067, 74.781222, 225 Furnace Oil Fired Plant [7]
Bin Qasim Power Plant I Karachi, Sindh 24.785546, 67.358929 1,260 Oil- and Natural Gas-fired thermal station [4]
Bin Qasim Power Plant II Karachi, Sindh 24.781873, 67.359767 560 Natural Gas-fired Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) [4]
Jamshoro Power Station Jamshoro District, Sindh 25°28′20″N 68°15′58″E / 25.47222°N 68.26611°E / 25.47222; 68.26611 (Jamshoro Power Station) 850 Oil- and Natural Gas-fired thermal stations [4][8]
Lalpir Power Limited Mehmood Kot, Muzaffargarh, Punjab 30.172472, 70.992945 362 Oil-fired thermal
Altern Energy Limited Fateh Jang, Punjab 29 Gas-fired Diesel Engine
Atlas Power Limited Sheikhupura, Punjab 225 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Attock Gen Limited Rawalpindi, Punjab 165 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Kabirwala, Punjab 157 Combined cycled, Gas fired plant [4]
Gul Ahmad Energy Limited Karachi, Sindh 136 Furnace Oil, Gul Ahmed Wind Energy Proposed.
Nishat Power Limited Lahore, Punjab 200 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Nishat Chunian Limited Lahore, Punjab 200 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Sapphire Electric Company Limited Muridke, Sheikhupura District, Punjab 225 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Saba Power Company Limited Farooqabad, Sheikhupura, Punjab 31.733013, 73.873654 125 Furnace Oil Fired Unit [4]
Southern Electric Power Company Limited Raiwind, Lahore 31.291388, 74.249188 136 Furnace Oil Fired Thermal Plant
Tapal Energy Limited Karachi, Sindh 24.999713, 66.906860 126 Furnace Oil Fired Thermal Plant
Japan Power Generation (Pvt) Limited Raiwind, Punjab 31.325566, 74.262225 135 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Kohinoor Energy Limited Lahore, Punjab 31.263200, 74.187321 131 Furnace Oil Fired Plant
Sitara Energy Limited Jaranwala, Faisalabad, Punjab 31.533111, 73.393330 85 Diesel and Natural Gas Fired Plant
Saif Power Limited Sahiwal, Punjab 30.696164, 73.260541 225 Diesel and Natural Gas Fired Plant

Under construction or proposed[edit]

Station Location Capacity (MW) Status
Jamshoro Coal Power Project Jamshoro, Sindh 600 Under construction, a $1.5 billion joint venture of IDB, ADB and Government of Pakistan [9]
K-Electric Coal Power Plant Karachi, Sindh 660 Under construction by K-Electric and China's Harbin Electric International (HEI) [10]
Thar Power Plant Tharparkar, Sindh 660 Under construction [11]
Sahiwal Coal Power Project Sahiwal, Punjab 1320 Under construction since May 2014 with China's help, Punjab's first coal power plant will be completed by 2016.[12]
Port Qasim Coal Power Project Port Qasim, Karachi, Sindh 1320 Under construction since May 2014, a joint venture of China's Powerchina and Qatar's Al-Mirqab Group.[13]
Hub Coal Power Project Hub, Balochistan 1320 Under construction, [14]
Thar Power Plant Tharparkar, Islamkot, Sindh 100 under construction, currently 1 MW is being produced by underground coal gasification process, generation will be enhanced to 100 MW by the end of 2016. Dr. Samar Mubarakmand was of the view that Pakistan has the "potential to generate 5,000MW for at least 800 years."[15]
Grange Holdings Power Plant Arifwala, Punjab 163 Under construction, furnace oil combine cycle power plant, to be operational by October 2014.[16]
Star Power Project Daharki, Ghotki District, Sindh 134 Proposed, UAE’s Al-Ghurair Group is setting up 134MW Gas-Thermal power project, to be completed by July 2016 and expected to cost $100 million.[17]
Gadani Energy Park Gadani, Balochistan 6600 Proposed, China will install 10 coal power plants of 660MW each that will cost $1.4 billion.[18]
American Ethane Gas power plants Sukkur, Sindh 6000 Proposed, 3 power plants of 2000MW each.[19]
Kandra Power Company (KPC) Sukkur, Sindh 120 Proposed, LOI issued.[20]

Gas turbine plants[edit]

Station Location Coordinates Capacity (MW) Notes Refs
Kot Addu Power Company Limited Kot Addu, Muzaffargarh, Punjab 30°26′42″N 70°58′52″E / 30.44500°N 70.98111°E / 30.44500; 70.98111 (Kot Addu Power Plant) 1,600 Oil and Natural Gas fired thermal stations [21][22][23]
Guddu Thermal Station Guddu, Kashmore, Sindh 28°25′38″N 69°41′49″E / 28.42722°N 69.69694°E / 28.42722; 69.69694 (Jamshoro Power Station) 2,402[24] Natural Gas-fired thermal station [4][25]
Bin Qasim Power Plant II Karachi, Sindh 560 Natural Gas-fired Combine Cycle Power station [21]
Foundation Power Company (Daharki) Limited Daharki, Sindh 185 Combined Cycle Power Plant
Uch-I,II Power Plant Nasirabad District, Dera Murad Jamali, Balochistan 1000 Natural Gas-fired thermal, Uch-II operational since April 2014[26]
Nandipur Power Project Gujranwala, Punjab 425 Gas fired Plant, fully operational since July 2015 in cooperation with Dongfang Electric Corporation China.[27][28]
Pak Gen. (Pvt) Limited Thermal Station Muzaffargarh, Punjab 365 Oil-fired thermal
Habibullah Coastal Power (Pvt) Company Quetta, Balochistan 140 Natural Gas Fired Plant [21][29]
Liberty Power Project Daharki, Sindh 235 Natural Gas-fired thermal
Rousch (Pakistan) Power Plant Kabirwala, Punjab 30°34′06″N 72°08′24″E / 30.56833°N 72.14000°E / 30.56833; 72.14000 (Rousch Power Plant) 450 Natural Gas-fired thermal [21][30]
Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited Ghotki, Sindh 28°01′37″N 69°21′47″E / 28.02694°N 69.36306°E / 28.02694; 69.36306 (Engro Powergen) 227 Combined Cycle Power plant [31]
Halmore Power Generation Company Limited Sheikhupura, Punjab 225 Gas Fired Combined Cycle
Liberty Power Tech Faisalabad, Punjab 200 Furnace Oil Combined Cycle
Orient Power Company Limited Kasur District, Punjab 229 Gas Fired, Combined Cycle [21]
Saif Power Limited Sahiwal, Punjab 229 Gas, Combined Cycle


In service[edit]

Station Community Location Capacity (MW) Status
Tarbela Dam Tarbela, Haripur District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Indus River 34°05′23″N 72°41′54″E / 34.08972°N 72.69833°E / 34.08972; 72.69833 (Mangla Dam) 3,478 Operational since 1974, 1410MW Tarbela-IV Extension is underway to be completed by June 2017 and increase the capacity to 4888 MW.[32] Feasibility study of Tarbela-V Extension is ongoing that would generate additional 1,320 MW electricity and increase the capacity to 6,208 MW.[33][34][35]
Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project Attock, Punjab, Indus River 33°46′48″N 72°15′35″E / 33.78000°N 72.25972°E / 33.78000; 72.25972 (Ghazi Barotha Dam) 1,450 Operational since 2002; Run-of-the-river
Mangla Dam Mirpur, AJK, Jehlum River 33°08′31″N 73°38′42″E / 33.14194°N 73.64500°E / 33.14194; 73.64500 (Mangla Dam) 1,120 Operational since 1977, Dam completed in 1967, plan to increase generation by 350 MW[36]
Warsak Dam Peshawar, Kabul River, KPK 34°09′50″N 71°21′29″E / 34.16389°N 71.35806°E / 34.16389; 71.35806 (Warsak Dam) 243 Operational since 1960. Dam completely silted up; Power generation by Run of the river. Extension is being planned.[37]
Chashma Barrage Chashma, Indus River, Punjab 184 Operational since 2001. Construction completed in 1971 [38]
Allai Khwar Hydropower Project Mansehra, KPK, Indus River 121 Operational since 2013 [39]
New Bong Escape Hydropower Plant Mirpur, AJK, Jehlum River 84 Operational since March 2013. Privately owned hydropower plant.[40]
Khan Khwar Hydropower Project Shangla District, KPK, Indus River 72 Operational since April 2012 [41]
Duber Khwar hydropower project Kohistan District, KPK, Indus River 130 Operational since 2013 [42]
Jinnah hydropower project Jinnah Barrage, Punjab, Indus River 96 Operational since 2013 [43][44]
Jagran-I Dam Neelum Valley, AJK, Jagran River 34°36′1.52″N 73°45′44.20″E / 34.6004222°N 73.7622778°E / 34.6004222; 73.7622778 (Jagran-I HPP) 30.4 Operational since 2000[45][46]
Gomal Zam Dam South Waziristan, FATA, Gomal River 17.4 Operational since August 2013 [47]
Satpara Dam Skardu, Satpara River 17.3 Operational since Nov 2012;[48][49][50][51]
Rasul Barrage Hydropower Project Mandi Bahauddin, Jehlum River, Punjab 32°40′49″N 73°31′15″E / 32.68028°N 73.52083°E / 32.68028; 73.52083 (Rasul Dam) 22 Operational since 1952, upgradation to 35MW is planned.
Jabban Hydropower Plant (Malakand-I) Malakand District, Swat River 22 Operational since 1935.[45] Rehabilitated recently.[48] Cascade type power plant.
Dargai Hydropower Plant (Malakand-II) Malakand District, Dargai, Swat River 20 Operational since 1953.[45] Cascade type power plant.
Malakand-III Hydropower Project Malakand District, Swat River, KPK 81 Operational since June 2008.[45]
Shadiwal Hydropower Plant Shadiwal Warriach, Gujrat District, Punjab, UJC 32°37′10″N 74°14′30″E / 32.61944°N 74.24167°E / 32.61944; 74.24167 (Shadiwal Hydropower Plant) 13.5 Operational since 1961,[52]
Chichonki Malian Hydropower Plant Sheikhupura, Upper Chenab Canal [53] 31°47′39″N 74°6′54″E / 31.79417°N 74.11500°E / 31.79417; 74.11500 (Chichonki Malian Hydropower Plant) 13.2 Operational since 1959.[45]
Nandipur Hydropower Plant Gujranwala, Upper Chenab Canal [53] 13.8 Operational since 1963.[45]
Naltar-I, Nalter-II HPPs Gilgit, Naltar River 2.28 Operational.[45][54]
Naltar-IV Hydropower Plant Gilgit, Naltar River 18 Operational since October 2007.[45][54]
Kurram Garhi Hydropower Plant Kurram Garhi, KPK, Kuchkot Canal 4.00 Operational since 1958 [45]
Reshun Chitral 4.5 Operational since 1991[45][46]
Renala Khurd Hydropower Plant Renala Khurd, Okara District, Lower BariDoab Canal 30°53′1″N 73°35′42″E / 30.88361°N 73.59500°E / 30.88361; 73.59500 (Renala Khurd Dam) 1.1 Operational since 1925, Pakistan's first hydropower project.[45]
Darawat Dam Jamshoro District, Sindh, Nai Baran River 0.45 Operational since 2014 [55][56]
Machai Dam Mardan District, KPK, Machai Canal 1 Operational.[45]
PAEC Chashma Hydel Dam Chashma, Mianwali District, Punjab 1.2 Operational since 2000.[45]
Kathai Dam Muzaffarabad, AJK, Hattian Bala District, Kathai Nullah 3.2 Operational since 1995,[45][57] provides electricity to some 60 villages with a total population of 150,000.
Kundal Shahi HPP Neelam Valley, GB 2 Operational since 1992[35][45]
Kel HPP Muzaffarabad, AJK 0.45 Operational.[45]
Leepa Dam Leepa Valley, Muzaffarabad, AJK 2 Operational.[45]
Jari Dam Mirpur, Azad Kashmir 1 Operational.[45]
Chitral Dam Chitral 1 Operational[45]
Singul Dam Gilgit 1.20 Operational[45]
Pion Dam Gah 1 Operational[45]
Sermik Dam Skardu 1 Operational[45]
Basho-I Dam Skardu 1 Operational[45]
Tormik-I Dam Roundu Valley, GB 1 Operational[45]
Haramosh Dam Gilgit 1 Operational[45]
Bubind Dam Astore 0.64 Operational[45]
Gilgit Dam Gilgit 10.63 Operational[45]
Skardu-I Dam Skardu 6.96 Operational[45]
Skardu-II, III Dams Skardu 1.64 Operational[45]
Chilas-I Dam Chilas 5.62 Operational[45]
Hunza Dam Hunza Valley, GB 5.13 Operational[45]
Shyok Dam Shyok Valley, GB 4.85 Operational[45]
Astore Dam Astore 3.11 Operational[45]
Kachura-II Dam Skardu 3.00 Operational[45]
Ghizar Dam Ghizer District, GB 2.00 Operational[45]
Thak Dam Chilas 2.00 Operational[45]
Phandar Dam Ghizer District, GB 2.00 Operational[45]
Bordas Dam Ghanche 2.00 Operational[45]
Kharmang Dam Kharmang Valley, GB 1.89 Operational[45]
Yasin Dam Ghizer District, GB 1.61 Operational[45]
Bunnar Chilas Dam Diamer District, GB 1.5 Operational[45]
Roundu Dam Roundu Valley, GB 1.52 Operational[45]
Kar Gah-I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII HPPs Gilgit 13.34 Operational[45]
Hisper-I Dam Hunza Valley 1.00 Operational[45]
Naz Bar Dam Yasin Valley 1.00 Operational[45]
Jaglot-I, II HPPs Jaglot 1.32 Operational[45]
Chalt Dam Nagar Valley 1.00 Operational[45]
Khyber-I, II Dams Gilgit 2.00 Operational[45]
Shigar Dam Skardu 1.00 Operational[45]
Shirting Dam Skardu 1.00 Operational[45]
Sher Qila Dam Gilgit 1.11 Operational[45]
Parishing/Louse Astore 1.00 Operational[45]
Darel-I,II Dams Ghanche 1.2 Operational[45]
Bunner Dam Chilas 1.00 Operational[45]
Tangir Dam Chilas 1.00 Operational[45]
Boladas-I Dam Hunza Valley, GB 0.64 Operational[45]
Khunjerab Dam Gujrab River 0.59 Operational[45]
Gol Dam Skardu 0.4 Operational[45]
Harpo-I, Harchu, Dainyor, Gurikot, Kayo, Dango Das HPPs Various Locations in GB 2.00 Operational[45]
Manthoka, Astore, Gulmit, Tolti-I, Khaplu-I, Kachura-I, Darel HPPs Various Locations in GB 1.50 Operational[45]
Khaibar-I, II, Mushki, Rattu, Misgar, Ghandus, Kiris-I, Thally-I, Mendi, Stak HPPs Various Locations in GB 1.85 Operational[45]
Tangir-I, Chillas-II, Hayul, Khaplu-I, Sumayar-I, Mehdabad, Nomal, Pari HPPs Various Locations in GB 1.5 Operational[45]
Jaglot Sai, Sermik-I, Olding-I, Thore, Minapin-I, Ahmadabad-I, II, Chalt-I, Sosat HPPs GB 1.00 Operational[45]
Jalalabad Dam Gilgit 1.00 Operational[45]
Hasanabad-I, II, III, IV, V Dams Hunza Valley 2.00 Operational[45]
Dumsum Dam Gah 1.5 Operational[45]
Balagond Dam Gah 1.5 Operational[45]
Ishkuman-I, II Dams Ishkuman 2.38 Operational[45]
Ashuran Dam 0.40 Operational[45]
Thall Dam 0.40 Operational[45]
Bumborat, Shishi, Karora, Kalam, Keyal, Kaghan, Duber, Jalkot, Gram Chashma, Damori, Keel, Pattika, Chinari, Serai HPPs Various Locations in KPK 2.1 Operational[45]

Under construction or proposed[edit]

Station Community Location Capacity (MW) Status
Neelum–Jhelum Hydropower Plant Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Neelum River 34°23′34″N 73°43′08″E / 34.39278°N 73.71889°E / 34.39278; 73.71889 (Neelum-Jhelum) 969 Under construction, with 72% work completed as of May 2015, to be operational by Dec 2016.[43][58][59][60]
Golen Gol Hydropower Project Chitral, KPK, Mastuj River 106 Under Construction, 65% complete. To be completed by the end of 2015.[43][43] cost estimate $130 million [56]
Patrind Hydropower Plant Muzaffarabad, Abbottabad District, Azad Kashmir, Kunhar River 147 Under construction. To be completed in 2016; Privately owned hydropower plant.[40] Project is being financed by IFC, ADB and K-Exim Bank.[61]
Diamer-Bhasha Dam Chilas, Indus River 35°31′0″N 73°47′31″E / 35.51667°N 73.79194°E / 35.51667; 73.79194 (Diamer-Bhasha Dam) 4,500 Under construction. 17,000 acres of land has been acquired by WAPDA. Preliminary work i.e. construction of Wapda offices, residential facilities, roads and other infrastructure at Thor and Shatial bypass underway.[62] Estimated to cost around $14 billion and be completed in about 12 years i.e. 2025
Keyal Khwar Hydropower Project Kohistan District, KPK, Indus River 128 Under Construction. Cost estimate €240 million. EIB and KfW signed loan agreements to provide €100 million and €97 million respectively for the project. Expected to be completed by October 2016 and contract for civil work has already been awarded. The preliminary works i.e. construction of offices, colony and roads are already in progress[63][64]
Nai Gaj Dam Dadu District, Gaj River, Sindh 4.2 Under Construction, Progress 23% until Dec 2013. Estimated to cost $332 million and completed by June 2015 [56][65]
Naltar-V HPP Gilgit, Naltar River 14.4 Under Construction, expected to cost PKR 3.84 billion and would be completed in 2016 with Chinese cooperation.[66]
Naltar-III HPP Gilgit, Naltar River 16 Under Construction, expected to cost Rs1,372 million.[54]
Dasu Dam Kohistan District, KPK, Dassu, Indus River 4,320 Under construction.[67][68] Feasibility study and detailed engineering designs of the $7.5 billion project have been completed. WB will be the major source of finance for the project.[69][70]
Shagarthang Hydropower Project Skardu, Baltistan, Indus River 26 Under construction, estimated to cost up to Rs4,843.726 million. 80% of the cost is being provided by ADB and EIB, scheduled to be completed by March 2018.[71][72]
Taunsa Barrage Hydropower Plant Taunsa, Muzaffargarh District, Punjab, Indus River 120 Under construction, expected to cost Rs26 billion, to be completed in four years.[73]
Naulong Dam Jhal Magsi District, Mula River, Balochistan 4.4 Under construction. Feasibility study and detailed engineering design of the Project completed in 2009.[65] The $377 million[48][56] project is scheduled to be completed by June 2015.
Gulpur Hydropower Project Gulpur, Azad Kashmir, Poonch River 100 Under construction, PPIB has issued LOS for the project, which is sponsored by Korea South East Power Company (KOSEP)[56][61] Sambu, a Korean IPP, has been awarded the project on BOOT basis and execution of work is in progress.[74]
SK Hydropower Project Kaghan Valley, Mansehra District, KPK, Kunhar River 840 Ready to be constructed, Run-of-the-river project. Feasibility studies completed.[75]
Kurram Tangi Dam North Waziristan, FATA, Kurram River 83.4 Ready to be constructed. Engineering study completed. USAID allocated $81 million for phase-I of the project. Estimated cost is $260 million.
Bara Dam Tirah, Khyber Agency, FATA, Bara River 5.8 Ready to be constructed. Feasibility study completed in 2008.[43][48][48][49][50]
Kohala Hydropower Project Muzaffarabad District, Azad Kashmir, Jhehlum River 1100 Ready to be Constructed. Feasibility and engineering studies completed. Cost estimate $2.155 billion [40]
Kalabagh Dam Kalabagh, Punjab, Indus River 3600 Ready to be constructed. Engineering study completed but project is currently at pause due to lack of consensus between provinces.
Kotli Hydropower Project Kotli District, Poonch River, AJK 102 Ready to be constructed, Run-of-the-river[56] PPIB has received bids from foreign and local investors for the project on build, operate and transfer (BOT) basis. ADB will provide loan to Mira Power Limited, a South Korean Company, for construction. [76]It will be 4th private sector hydropower project in the country and will cost $170 million to construct.[77]
Bunji Hydropower Project Astore District, Gilgit-Baltistan 35°39′N 74°36′E / 35.650°N 74.600°E / 35.650; 74.600 (Bunji Hydropower) 7,100[78] Run-of-the-river, feasibility studies in progress,[43] cost estimate $6.8 billion[56]
Phandar Hydropower Project Ghizer District, Gilgit-Baltistan 81 Detailed engineering design or tender of documents under process,[43][50] cost estimate $4.4 billion [40]
Basho Hydropower Station Skardu, GB, Indus River 28 Detailed engineering design or tender of documents under process[43][48]

[49][50] Proposed, cost estimate $40 million [40] AFD of France will be the major source of funding for the project.[79]

Lawi Hydropower Project Chitral, Shishi River 69 Detailed engineering design or tender of documents under process,[43][48][49][50] cost estimate $120 million [40]
Harpo Hydropower Project Skardu, Indus River 34.5 Detailed engineering design or tender of documents under process,[43][48][49][50] cost estimate $46 million [40] The French development agency, AFD will provide 50m euros for the project.[80]
Munda Dam Mohmand Agency, FATA, Swat River 34°21′11″N 71°31′58″E / 34.35306°N 71.53278°E / 34.35306; 71.53278 (Munda Dam) 740 Under engineering study,[43][48][49][50] cost estimate $1.149 billion[56]
Akhori Dam Akhori, Punjab, Haro River 600 Feasibility study stage, cost estimate $1.6 billion [40]
Skardu-Katzarah Dam Katzarah, Gilgit-Baltistan 15,000 Proposed, WAPDA decided to shelve the project on the basis of over a dozen negative impacts which it said made the multi-purpose dam site unfeasible in the present circumstances.[81]
Lower Spat Gah hydropower project Kohistan District, KPK, Indus River 665 Feasibility studies completed,[48][49][50] cost estimate $697 million[56]
Middle Palas hydropower project Kohistan, KPK 373 Feasibility studies ongoing,[48][49][50] cost estimate $763 million[56]
Upper Palas hydropower project Kohistan, KPK 160 Feasibility studies ongoing,[48][49][50] cost estimate $763 million[56]
Thakot Hydropower Project Battagram District, KPK 34°45′N 72°55′E / 34.750°N 72.917°E / 34.750; 72.917 (Thakot) 2,800 Feasibility studies ongoing,[48][49][50] cost estimate $6 billion [40]
Patan hydropower Project Patan Village, Indus River 2,200 Feasibility studies ongoing,[48][49][50][65] cost estimate $6 billion [40]
Tank Zam Dam Hinis Tangi, KPK, Tank Zam River 25.5 Proposed, Feasibility studies completed in 1988,[48] cost estimate $234 million[56]
Athmuqam Dam Athmuqam, Azad Kashmir, Neelum River 350 Proposed, PPIB gave the green signal for inviting proposals [82]
Rajhdani Dam Kotli District, AJK Poonch River 132 Proposed Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam,[83] EOI invited.[82]
Nekherdim-Paur Dam Chitral, KPK 80 Proposed, EOI invited.[82]
Turtonus-Uzghor Dam Chitral, KPK 58 Proposed, EOI invited.[82]
Mahl Hydropower Project Azad Kashmir, Jehlum River 34°55′N 73°34′E / 34.917°N 73.567°E / 34.917; 73.567 (Mahl) 590 Proposed, Run-of-the-river [56] PPIB has issued LOI to the consortium of CWE of China and Trans Tech of Pakistan for the project.[82]
Thack HPP Chilas 4 Proposed
Bhadi Dhoba HPP Haveli District 1 Proposed
Galeter HPP Kotli District 1 Proposed [84]
Saridoa Cross HPP Bhimber District 1.7 Proposed
Chamfall HPP Hattian District 6.4 Proposed [84]
Guddu Hydropower Station Kashmore, Sindh 33 Proposed
Karot Hydropower Project Kotli, Jehlum River 640 Proposed, China has shown its keen interest in the development of a project near Kotli.[61]
Azad Pattan Hydropower Project Azad Pattan, Sudhnoti, Jehlum River, Azad Kashmir 650 Proposed
Harighel Hydropower Project 53 Proposed
Sehra Hydropower Project Azad Kashmir, Poonch River 130 Proposed
Chakothi-Hattian HPP Muzaffarabad, AJK, 500 Proposed
Jagran-II Hydropower Project Neelum, AJK, Jagran River 48 Proposed; Run-of-the-river;[85] France has promised to fund part the construction. Construction expected to start in 2015 and cost about 68 million Euros.[85][86]
Sharmai Hydropower Project 115 Proposed
Madian Hydropower Project Swat, KPK, Swat River 157 Under Feasibility studies.[87]
Asrit-Kedam HPP Kalam, KPK, Swat River 215 Proposed
Kalam Asrit 197 Proposed
Gabral Kalam 101 Proposed
Karang Hydropower Project 458 Proposed
Kaigah Hydropower Project Kaigah, KPK, Indus River 548 Feasibility Studies completed.[87]
Shogo-Sin Hydel Dam 132 Proposed
Shushgai Zhendoll 144 Proposed
Yogo, Pakistan 500 Proposed
Thor Hydropower Project 3.6 Proposed [56]
Yulbo Hydropower Project 3000 Proposed [40]
Shyok Hydropower Project 520 Proposed [40]
Tungus Hydropower Project 2200 Proposed [40]
Skardu Dam Skardu 1600 Proposed [40]
Dudhnial Hydropower Project 960 Proposed [40]
Kundal Shahi Hydropower Project 960 Proposed [40]
Trappi Hydropower Project 32 Proposed [40]
Tangir Hydropower Project Tangir Valley, Chilas, GB 15 Proposed, cost estimate $30.967 million [56]
Matiltan Hydropower Project 84 Proposed [40]
Winder Dam Lasbela District, Winder River, Balochistan 0.3 Proposed, cost estimate $148 mill [56]
Hingol Dam Lasbela District, Hingol River, Balochistan 3.5 Proposed; Feasibility study, detailed engineering designs studies and tender document completed in 2009. Cost estimate $311 million [56]
Garuk Dam Kharan District, Garuk River, Balochistan 0.72 Proposed, cost estimate $21 million [48][56]
Pelar Dam Awaran District, Pelar River, Balochistan 0.3 Proposed, cost estimate $20 million[56][88]
Daraban Zam Dam Dera Ismail Khan, KPK, Khora River 0.75 Proposed, cost estimate $69 million[56]
Ghabir Dam Ghabir River 0.15 Proposed, cost estimate $121 million [56]
Papin Dam Rawalpindi District, Wadala Kas 0.3 Proposed, cost estimate $101 million [56]


Location of Nuclear Power Plants in Pakistan

In service[edit]

Station Community Location Capacity (MW) Status
Chashma Nuclear Power Complex Chashma, Mianwali District 32°23′30.57″N 71°27′42.35″E / 32.3918250°N 71.4617639°E / 32.3918250; 71.4617639 (Chashma Nuclear Power Complex) 650 Chashma-1 became operational in June 2000, and Chashma-2 in March 2011[89][90]
Karachi Nuclear Power Complex Karachi, Sindh 24°50′41″N 66°47′20″E / 24.84472°N 66.78889°E / 24.84472; 66.78889 (Karachi Nuclear Power Plant) 125 Operational since 1972.[90]

While not an electricity generating facility, the Khushab Nuclear Complex near Khushab, Punjab has been operational since 1998, producing plutonium and tritium for use in compact nuclear warheads.

Under construction or proposed[edit]

Station Community Location Capacity (MW) Status
Chashma Nuclear Power Complex Kundian, Mianwali District 32°23′20″N 71°27′45.5″E / 32.38889°N 71.462639°E / 32.38889; 71.462639 (Chashma Nuclear Power Complex) 680 Chashma-3 will be completed by 2016, and Chashma-4 by 2017.[91] PAEC has recently completed the Dom Placement at Chashma-3 and Chashma-4[92] completion of both to cost $1.9 billion.[90][93]
Karachi Nuclear Power Complex Karachi 2200 Kanupp-II & III, 1100MW each, are under-construction since 26 November 2013, to be completed by 2020. Project to cost $9.59 billion.[94][90]
Coastal Nuclear Power Project Hub, Balochistan 2200 Proposed [90]
Chashma Nuclear Power Plant V (CHASNUPP-5) Mianwali, Punjab 1000 Proposed[90]


Wind Power[edit]

According to a USAID report, Pakistan has the potential of producing 150,000 megawatts of wind energy, of which only the Sindh corridor can produce 40,000 megawatts.

Station Community Location Capacity (MW) Status
Jhimpir Wind Power Plant Jhimpir, Sindh 56.4 Operational since 2009; Pakistan's first wind power station
Jhimpir Wind Energy Project (FFCEL) Jhimpir, Sindh 49.6 Operational since Dec 2012 [95]
Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan Ltd Jhimpir, Sindh 49.5 Operational since Dec 2014, 33 wind turbines of 1.5 MW each [96]
Foundation Wind Energy-I Ltd Khutti Kun, Gharo, Sindh 50 Operational since Jan 2015 [96]
Foundation Wind Energy–II Pvt. Ltd Khutti Kun, Gharo, Sindh 50 Operational since Jan 2015 [96]
Dawood Power (Pvt) Limited Bhambore, Gharo, Sindh 50 Under construction wind energy project.[97]
Bhambore Wind Project Gharo, Sindh 50 Under construction.[97]
Yunus Energy Limited Jhimpir, Sindh 50 Under construction wind energy project.[97]
Gharo Wind Power Plant Gharo, Sindh 50 Under construction.
Tenaga Generai Limited Khutti Kun, Mirpur Sakro, Thatta District, Sindh 49.5 Under construction to be completed by September 2016.[97]
Sapphire Wind Power (Pvt) Limited Sindh 49.5 Under construction[97]
Metro Wind Power Co Limited Jhimpir, Sindh 50 Under construction.[97][98]
Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited Jhimpir, Sindh 50 Under construction, to be completed by Dec 2016[97]
Master Wind Energy Limited Jhimpir, Sindh 49.5 Under construction, to be completed by Dec 2016[97]
Sachal Engineering Works (Pvt) Limited Jhimpir, Sindh 50 Under construction wind power project.[97]
Wind Eagle (Pvt) Limited Jhimpir, Sindh 50 Under construction.[97]
UEPL Wind Power Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Jhimpir 100 Under construction.[99]
Hawa Energy Ltd Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Dewan Energy (Pvt) Ltd Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Tapal Wind Energy Ltd Jhimpir,Thatta, Sindh 30 Under construction, to be completed by Dec. 2016 [99]
Titan Energy Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Hartford Alternate Energy Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Finerji (Pvt) Ltd Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
China Sunec Energy (Pvt) Ltd Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Tricon Boston Corporation Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Trident Energy (Pvt) Ltd Jhimpir 50 Under construction [99]
Zephyr Power Ltd Bhambore 50 Under construction [99]
HydroChina Dawood Power Ltd Bhambore 50 Under construction [99]
Thatta Power Plant Sindh 150 Proposed, Iran-Pakistan wind power station[95]
AM Pak Energy Punjab 50 LOI issued [100]

Solar Power[edit]

Pakistan is an exceptionally sunny country. If 0.25% of Balochistan (about 0.1% of Pakistan) is covered with solar panels with an efficiency of just 20%, enough electricity would be generated to cover all of Pakistani demand.[102]

Station Community Location Capacity (MW) Status
Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park Lal Suhanra National Park, Cholistan, Bahawalpur, Punjab 1000 100 MW Operational, to be fully operational (i.e. 1000MW) by 2016 [103]
Pakistan Parliament Islamabad, Pakistan 1.2 First Parliament in the world that goes Solar on April 2015. A gift from China.[104]
Conergy Solar Project Bahawalpur, Punjab 50 German Conergy plans to install 50MW solar power. [105]
Scatec Solar Project Sindh 150 Norwegian firm to set up three solar power plants in Pakistan.[106]
Roshan Power Solar Kasur 10 LOI issued[100]
Bakhsh Energy Solar Lodhran 20 LOI issued [100]
SSJD Bagasse Energy Jhimpir, Sindh 50 Under construction. Pakistan's first Bagasse based energy project.[97]
DACC LLC Solar Sindh 50 LOI issued [100][107]
Wah Industries Limited Solar Taxila, Punjab 1 LOI issued[100]
Tech Access Solar Punjab 10 LOI issued[100]
Solar Energy Pakistan Ltd Thatta, Sindh 35 LOI issued [100]
First Solar Punjab 2 LOI issued [100]
CWE Solar Cholistan 50 LOI issued [100]

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