List of premiers of Alberta by time in office

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Premiers of Alberta by time served in office as of June 24, 2017.

Rank Premier Incumbency Years in power Number of Mandates Remarks
  1 Ernest Manning 25 years, 195 days 1943-05-31[1]—1968-12-12 7 mandates The longest serving premier, Manning was leader of the Social Credit Party.
  2 Peter Lougheed 14 years, 52 days 1971-09-10—1985-11-01 4 mandates Peter Lougheed was the first Progressive Conservative to become Premier of Alberta and also the only former Leader of the Opposition to become premier.
  3 Ralph Klein 14 years, 0 days 1992-12-14—2006-12-14 4 mandates
  4 John Edward Brownlee 8 years, 229 days 1925-11-23—1934-07-10 2 mandates Brownlee resigned as the result of a sex scandal.
  5 William Aberhart 7 years, 262 days 1935-09-03—1943-05-23[1] 2 mandates "Bible Bill" Aberhart was the first Social Credit premier, leading his party from no seats to a majority government in its first election.
  6 Arthur Lewis Sifton 7 years, 157 days 1910-05-26—1917-10-30 2 mandates Sifton resigned as premier to join Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden's federal war cabinet.
  7 Don Getty 7 years, 42 days 1985-11-01—1992-12-13 2 mandates Getty lost his seat in the Alberta legislature in the 1989 provincial election but remained premier and re-entered the legislature through a by-election.
  8 Ed Stelmach 4 years, 297 days 2006-12-14—2011-10-07 1 mandate
  9 Alexander Cameron Rutherford 4 years, 266 days 1905-09-02—1910-05-26 2 mandates Rutherford was Alberta's first premier. He and his cabinet were forced to resign due to the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway scandal.
  10 Herbert Greenfield 4 years, 102 days 1921-08-13—1925-11-23 1 mandate[2] The United Farmers of Alberta was led by the president during the 1921 general election. After UFA President Henry Wise Wood and UFA legal counsel John Edward Brownlee declined offers to lead the party, UFA vice-president Greenfield accepted. He did not have a seat in the legislature but was sworn in as Premier and successfully contested a by-election.
  11 Charles Stewart 3 years, 287 days 1917-10-30—1921-08-13 0 mandates Stewart was the province's last Liberal premier.
  12 Harry Strom 2 years, 272 days 1968-12-12—1971-09-10 0 mandates Strom was the last Social Credit premier of Alberta.
  13 Alison Redford 2 years, 167 days 2011-10-07—2014-03-23 1 mandate
  16 Rachel Notley 2 years, 31 days 2015-05-24 1 mandate Notley is the first NDP Premier
  14 Richard Gavin Reid 1 year, 55 days 1934-07-10—1935-09-03 0 mandates Reid was Alberta's last United Farmer premier.
  15 Jim Prentice 251 days 2014-09-15—2015-05-24 0 mandates Prentice was Alberta's last Progressive Conservative premier.
  17 Dave Hancock 176 days 2014-03-23—2014-09-15 0 mandates Hancock was chosen as interim party leader during a leadership election.
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Rachel Notley Jim Prentice Dave Hancock Alison Redford Ed Stelmach Ralph Klein Don Getty Peter Lougheed Harry Strom Ernest Manning William Aberhart Richard Gavin Reid John Edward Brownlee Herbert Greenfield Charles Stewart (Canadian politician) Arthur Sifton Alexander Cameron Rutherford
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  1. ^ a b There was no Premier of Alberta from May 23 until May 31, 1943, due to the death of Premier William Aberhart
  2. ^ The United Farmers of Alberta won the 1921 election without an MLA leader, but Greenfield was made leader immediately after it, and that election is counted here as having been won by Greenfield.