List of presidents of Brigham Young University–Hawaii

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The following people have served as presidents of the Church College of Hawaii (1955–74) and Brigham Young University–Hawaii (after 1974). This list does not include presidents of Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah) or Brigham Young University–Idaho.

Name Dates of Service Name of School
Reuben D. Law 1954–59 Church College of Hawaii
Richard T. Wootton 1959–64
Owen J. Cook 1964–71
Stephen L. Brower 1971–74
Dan W. Andersen 1974–80 Brigham Young University-Hawaii
J. Elliot Cameron 1980–86
Alton L. Wade 1986–94
Eric B. Shumway 1994–2007
Steven C. Wheelwright 2007–15[1]
John S. Tanner[2] 2015–present[3]


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  3. ^ Tanner's term of service began July 27, 2015.

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