List of presidents of the University of Virginia

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The following is a list of presidents of the University of Virginia.


Years President
1825–1904 No President[1]
1904–1931 Edwin Anderson Alderman
1931–1947 John Lloyd Newcomb
1947–1959 Colgate W. Darden, Jr.
1959–1974 Edgar F. Shannon, Jr.
1974–1985 Frank L. Hereford, Jr.
1985-1990 Robert M. O'Neil
1990–2010 John T. Casteen III
2010– Teresa A. Sullivan


  1. ^ In Thomas Jefferson’s original plan the faculty, counseled by a Board of Visitors, governed the University. By the turn of the century, the school had grown larger and more complex, and the Visitors saw the need to appoint a president. When Woodrow Wilson, a University of Virginia law graduate yet to be president, declined the offer, they turned to Edwin Anderson Alderman, well known as an innovative educator in the South and a great orator across the nation. Alderman was inaugurated on Founder’s Day, April 13, 1905. Within a year, Alderman had seen to the opening of a school of education at the University.

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