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Twelve correctional institutions in Jamaica[1] are operated by the Department of Correctional Services for the Ministry of National Security.

Contemporary institutions[edit]

According to articles that I’ve studied, I would most certainly say that the Jamaican Correctional Facilities are very stern in how they are operated. Although there is an excessive issue with overcrowding, they continue striving to keep order and make it their due diligence to not only correct the behaviors of the inmates but make sure each inmate has what they need.


Centres for men and women:[2]

Centres for women:[2]


There are three juvenile correctional centres:[1][3][4]


There are two remand centres:[1][3]

In addition, many remand prisoners are held in police station gaols.

Historic institutions[edit]

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  • Since 2004, the Department of Correctional Services has published comprehensive annual statistics.