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Stewart Brand wearing a shirt bearing the radioactive trefoil symbol with the caption "Rad."
Stewart Brand at a 2010 debate, "Does the world need nuclear energy?"[1]

While nuclear power has historically been opposed by notable environmentalists, a minority have come to support it. An urgent necessity to mitigate the serious problem of anthropogenic global warming arising from the ubiquitous combustion of fossil fuels is generally cited, often coupled with confidence that the widespread fear of nuclear technology, especially modern designs, is disproportionately greater than its actual risks. Such individuals (aka "Nuclear Greens"[2]) include:



Open letter signatories[edit]

Climate and energy scientists with Hansen, 2013:[28][36] "there is no credible path to climate stabilization that does not include a substantial role for nuclear power"

Conservation biologists with Brook and Bradshaw, 2014:[26][32] "to replace the burning of fossil fuels, if we are to have any chance of mitigating severe climate change […we] need to accept a substantial role for advanced nuclear power systems with complete fuel recycling"

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