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This is a list of notable professional and semi-professional paintball teams that have played in a professional tournament. A professional paintball team is one that plays paintball with the financial, equipment or other kind of support of one or more sponsors, often in return for advertising rights. Several professional teams have different names in different leagues due to franchising and sponsorship issues.

Professional tournament teams[edit]

North American leagues[edit]

  • AC Dallas
  • Baltimore Revo
  • Chicago Aftershock
  • Edmonton Impact - Includes players Justin Cornell, the Yachimec brothers, and Dave Baines; the team won their first professional division PSP event in 2010[1] at the PSP Phoenix Open. As of 2011 sponsored by Planet Eclipse and DXS Paintball
  • Green Bay Boom
  • Houston Heat - Players Include Bouchez, Slowiak, Monville, Dizon, and Woodley. It is a combination of former Chicago Aftershock, Moscow Red Legion, and Distortion players, Houston Heat (not to be confused with the original Houston Heat of the 1990s).[2] Won first place in only their second event as a unified team at the 2012 PSP Phoenix Open. Went on to win 3 total events out of 5 in 2012, placing 2nd in a 4th event. Won the PSP World Cup and Series title in their first year as a team.[3]
  • Los Angeles Ironmen[4] - DYE Precision's factory team.
  • Los Angeles Infamous - Owned by Travis Lemanski. They are sponsored by Planet Eclipse, Push, HK Army, Valken and First Strike
  • ML Kings
  • Moscow Red Legion - the premiere team from Russia, they are sponsored largely by Valken/Sly paintball. They shoot the Macdev Clone 5s and use GI Sportz paint. (Formerly Russian Legion)
  • New York Xtreme
  • PC Katana
  • San Antonio X-Factor
  • San Diego Dynasty[4] - Previously sponsored by Planet Eclipse, paintball team with the most professional wins. Now sponsored by HK Army as of November 2012. Sponsored by Field One (Bob Long) as of 2017. [5]
  • San Diego Aftermath
  • Palm Beach Overboard - New pro team rising through the 2014 semi pro circuit. Lead by Jarod de santos and Jay Rivera winning the PCC Open. 2015 psp runner ups
  • Sacramento DMG - This new pro team coached by former impact player Dave Bains rose through the semi pro ranks to become the new pro team entering in the 2018 season.
  • Scottsdale Elevation
  • Seattle Thunder
  • Seattle Uprising
  • Tampa Bay Damage - 2012 PSP world cup winner.[6]
  • Trademygun Outlaws

Past professional teams[edit]

  • Adrenaline
  • All Americans
  • Art Chaos Moscow (Left in 2014 core members of team now on Houston Heat)
  • St. Louis Avalanche (Last seen playing Pro in the NPPL 2013 but not heard from since)
  • Bad Company
  • Team Edge
  • Baltimore Trauma
  • Chattanooga CEP (Left in 2014)
  • Chicago Farside
  • Chicago Legend
  • DC Arsenal
  • Detroit Crush
  • Detroit Fusion - Later became Detroit Revolution
  • Detroit Revolution
  • Detroit Strange - Later many players formed Tampa Bay Damage
  • Entourage
  • Genesis
  • Houston VcK
  • Indianapolis Mutiny - Left the NPPL in 2012 to compete in division 1 PSP
  • Jacksonville Raiders
  • Jacksonville Warriors (Jax Warriors)
  • Las Vegas LTZ
  • Los Angeles Fatal Swoop
  • Miami Effect - Later became Infamous
  • Miami Rage
  • Miami Raiders
  • New England Hurricanes - Defunct
  • New Jersey Jesters - Relegated Back to Division 1 for poor performance in 2013 PSP Challengers Division.
  • New York Xtreme
  • Oakland Blast
  • Omaha VICIOUS (Left in 2014)
  • Orange County Bushwackers
  • Portland Naughty Dogs
  • Philadelphia Americans - Defunct
  • Phoenix United
  • Red Tyde
  • Sacramento DMG - Relegated Back to Division 1
  • Sacramento XSV (Left in 2014)
  • San Diego/Escondido Aftermath
  • San Diego Legacy
  • San Francisco Explicit
  • Santa Barbara SLAM - Played in the late 80's early 90's throughout California. David Hanson, Paul Santana, Scott Martin, and others. Now defunct.
  • Scottsdale Elevation - Left the NPPL to compete in Semi Pro PSP. Eventually moved to Division 2 PSP
  • Seattle Naughty Dogs - players later went on to form part of Seattle Thunder
  • Stockholm Joy Division
  • Team Havoc - Calgary AB
  • Tippmann EFFECT
  • Trenton Top gun Union
  • Triple Tap-Defunct(competed in both NPPL and Millennium European League)
  • Ultimate
  • Team Crowley (PSP 2004-2005)
  • Team Xtreme (Atlanta)
  • Upton 187 cRew- upTon 187 cRew is out of Fox4 Paintball in upTon MASS, Coached by Dave painter, owner of Fox4 Paintball. 187 cRew will be starting its professional career in the 2012 PSP circuit and is sponsored by Empire Paintball and Planet Eclipse. Currently not together anymore after the 2016 season.

European teams[edit]

  • Amsterdam Heat
  • BM United Deidenberg
  • Corvos Paintball Team Algarve
  • Offenburg Comin At Ya
  • Consilium Dei Züri
  • Copenhagen Ducks
  • Dornbirn Daltons
  • Drammen Solid
  • Elite-Paintball-Club
  • Frankfurt Syndicate
  • Glory Skulls Dorsten
  • Helsinki Cyclone
  • Hulk Kiev
  • Intemperate Luxembourg
  • London Samurai
  • Marseille Icon
  • Manchester Firm
  • MLKings Prague
  • Odense Ugly Ducklings
  • Outrage Valence
  • Paris Camp Carnage
  • Ramstein Instinct
  • Red Storm Moscow
  • Rønholt Blast
  • Russian Legion Moscow
  • SK Moscow
  • S.L. Benfica
  • Stockholm Ignition
  • Stockholm Joy Division
  • Toulouse Dagnir Dae
  • Toulouse TonTon's
  • UK Predators
  • Vienna United
  • Vision Marseille

Australian leagues[edit]

Asian leagues[edit]

Former European professional teams now defunct[edit]

  • Manchester Lions
  • Kellys Heroes
  • UK Porn Stars
  • Banzai Bandits
  • Nam Wreckin Crew (NWC)
  • Chilli Peppers Riga
  • Budapest Bullets
  • Budapest Pornstars
  • Antwerp Overdrive
  • Oslo Menace
  • Vision PPC Grenoble
  • London Nexus
  • London Tigers
  • Manchester Kellys
  • Manchester Shockwave
  • K2
  • Influence Montpellier
  • Moscow Caste
  • Moscow Phoenix
  • Orebro Powertrip
  • UK Predators
  • The Rat Pack ( Wolverhampton U.K. )
  • Just Somanc

Former professional teams now defunct[edit]

  • Adrenline (NPPL)
  • Bad Company (NPPL)
  • Baltimore Trauma (NXL) - This was the first team in history to win four NPPL events in a row, which they did during the 2004 season. They were a team based out of the East coast and mainly a grass-roots team. The team filled with young players bumped up in divisions as they picked up high-profile players such as Rob Staudinger and a couple of others. The Carolina-based team went on to compete in the NXL and won the world championship in 2005.
  • Boonie Rats, Dallas, TX State Champions 1990 per Paint Ball Magazine
  • Bushmasters, CA (Lively, NPPL)
  • Bushmasters, Fl (Lively, NPPL)
  • Bushwhackers (NPPL, PSP)
  • Constant Pursuit (Lively, NPPL) Last official roster contained 5 players from Canada's Boonie Boys.
  • DC Arsenal (NPPL)
  • Detroit Fusion - (NPPL) Later most all players left to form Detroit Revolution
  • Detroit Revolution - (NPPL)
  • Detroit Strange (NPPL, NXL)
  • Enemy (NPPL)
  • Farside (NPPL)
  • Fatal Swoop (NPPL)
  • Florida Annihilators
  • Florida Terminators
  • Ground Zero (New York Xtreme) - Winners of the Pro Division in the first ever Skyball Paintball Tournament which was held in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[7]
  • Houston Heat - Reincarnation in 2012 PSP Pro
  • Image (NPPL)
  • Jax Raiders (PSP)
  • Jax Warriors (NPPL, PSP)
  • Jersey Authority (NPPL)
  • Joy Division Paintball - First European team to win a NPPL cup
  • Las Vegas LTZ (Xball)
  • Lockout (Rochester,NY)
  • London Shock
  • Miami Rage
  • Naughty Dogs (NPPL)
  • Navarone (NPPL)
  • New England Express
  • New England Hurricanes - As of 2010, moved down at their own will with different roster to the PSP Division 1 RaceTo-5 level. Disbanded before 2012 season.
  • Newport Entourage [8]
  • Oakland Assassins
  • Oakland Blast - currently in hiatus as of the 2012 season.
  • Phoenix United (USPL/NPPL)
  • Philly All-Americans - As of 2010 now defunct [9]
  • Revolution (Former Detroit Fusion players after the Fusion / Extreme game fixing scandal at Pittsburgh NPPL)
  • Rat Pack ( Wolverhampton U.K.)
  • San Diego Aftermath (PSP)
  • Scottsdale Elevation (USPL/NPPL)
  • Sudden Death
  • Texas Storm
  • Team Crowley (PSP 2004-2005)
  • Team Havoc - Calgary AB
  • Tour de Force
  • Triple Tap-Defunct(competed in both NPPL and Millennium European League)
  • Ultimate (Xball)
  • Wild Geese

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