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This article lists programs broadcast by ANT1 and on ANT1 Cyprus for international viewers from Greece and Cyprus:

Serials (comedies and dramas)[edit]

Length of new episodes from the earliest to the latest are written in brackets.


  • Allaxate Geuseis - cooking show with Alexandros Papandreou
  • Analyse To - informative program that helps individuals with their personal problems, from phobias, to stress and depression to insecurities; psychologist Sandy Koutsostamati discusses issues that many people in society face and gives practical advice on dealing with these problems
  • Αuti Ine I Zoi Sou (This is Your Life) - discussion/biographical program examining the lives of famous people
  • Axizi Na To Deis (Worth Watching) (September 2006 - June 2010) - showbiz news and discussions about various issues with guests; hosted by Tatiana Stefanidou
  • Big Brother
  • Dancing with the Stars (2010-2012,2018-) - Greek version of the American reality show
  • Deal (2006-2011) - gameshow, Greek version of international sensation Deal or No Deal, hosted by Christos Ferentinos
  • Don't Tell the Bride (2011) - Greek version of the English reality show
  • Ehis Gramma - an emotion-filled show where people are brought together for various purposes: to re-unite with loved ones, to thank someone for their help, to apologize to someone for some previous act committed against them and many others; hosted by Alexandra Kapeletsi; airs Tuesdays at 9pm; previously aired on Alpha TV
  • Fame Story - reality TV show; hosts have been Natalia Germanou, Andreas Mikroutsikos, Tatiana Stefanidou and Sophia Aliberti
  • H Lista - gameshow, hosted by Xristos Ferentinos
  • Kalomeleta Kai Erhete (2006–2009) - weekend variety show, informative and entertaining; reporters travel all around Greece, meeting the people, learning about the area and its history; hosted by Sofia Aliberti and Mihalis Marinos
  • Music Bee (2006) - music show with Stathis Kavoukis and Julia Alexandratou
  • Next Top Model (2009–2011) - model show, hosted by Vicky Kagia
  • Νyxta Tha Fugoume - satire, a humorous look at the world around us and the issues facing us all
  • O diadoxos tou Uri Geller - magic show, hosted by Cristos Feredinos; special guest Uri Geller
  • O Kalyteros Kerdizi (1994–95) - gameshow, hosted first by Miltos Makridis, then by Giolanda Diamanti
  • O Trohos tis Tyhis - gameshow, Greek version of Wheel of Fortune; first hosted by Terrence Quick, then by Giorgos Polychroniou, then by others
  • Oi Spitogati - variety show, with music, talk, games and more; hosted by Niki Kartsona and Makis Pounentis
  • Ola 7even - satire, comedy, with Themos Anastasiadis
  • Pantevou Sta Fanera - gameshow; contestant select 'their match' by posing various questions and with the help of two friends; the person they select will then accompany them on an unforgettable vacation; similar to The Dating Game
  • Pass Pantou - magazine-style show that informs and entertains viewers with news on celebrities, style tips, behind the scenes at the hottest parties, surprises, fascinating travels and much more; hosted by George Satsidis airs Sundays at 5pm
  • The Real Housewives of Athens (2011) - Greek version of the American reality show
  • Superdeal - gameshow, similar to Deal; airs Sundays at 9pm and prize amounts awarded are greater, up to 500.000 euros; the most expensive gameshow in Greece so far; hosted by Christos Ferentinos
  • Thisavrofilakio (2001-) - gameshow, hosted by Andreas Mikroutsikos
  • Top Chef (2010–2011) - Greek version of the American reality show
  • The X Factor (2008–2011) - Greek version of the popular UK reality program
  • Your Face Sounds Familiar (2013-2014) - Greek version of the reality show
  • Πάvω ή κάтω - gameshow, Greek version of Card Sharks, hosted by Alkis Tallow

News and information[edit]

  • 6 me 10 Mazi - morning show for the weekend; features news, sports, current affairs and more; hosted by George Karameros and Spiros Haritatos
  • 2004-4, 2004-3, 2004-2, and 2004-1 - Olympic preview shows
  • Apodeixeis (2006-) - current affairs program that discusses issues of importance with the help of invited guests; hosted by Nikos Evangelatos
  • Apokalipseis - brings to light the issues of everyday life affecting the public; hosted by Nikos Maneseis
  • - informative show that airs exclusively on Antenna Satellite and Antenna Pacific'; geared towards the Omogenia, Greeks living abroad and features stories of interest to them; airs infrequently
  • Ep' Autoforo - current affairs program that discusses issues of importance with the help of invited guests and a panel of experts
  • Kalimera Ellada (Good Morning Greece) (since 1992) - morning programming, hosted by Giorgos Papadakis
  • Kalimera Me Ton ANT1 - a quick look at all the local, national and international news headlines, weather forecasts and live reports and discussion on all the top stories; hosted by George Karameros
  • Kokkino Pani (2001 - 200?) - news program, hosted by Pavlos Tsimas, Tasos Telloglou, Yorgos Kouvaras [1]
  • Me Ta Matia Tis Ellis (2004–2006) - current affairs show that featured a panel of guests and dealt with issues affecting people in their everyday life; hosted by Elli Stai
  • Proinos Kafes - daytime entertainment show that has been on the air for nearly a decade; originally hosted by Eleni Menegaki until 2005; Eleonora Meleti then took over as host until 2008; then hosted by Nikos Moutsinas and Katerina Zarifi from 2008 to 2009
  • Radio Arvyla - talk show with a satirical look on current events, based in Thessaloniki and hosted by Αντώνης Κανάκης, Γιάννης Σερβετάς, Στάθης Παναγιωτόπουλος and Χρήστος Κιούσης
  • Studio Me Thea - morning show for the weekend; featured news, sports, current affairs and more; aired for seven seasons and was originally hosted by Nikos Manesis, then Spiros Haritatos and Evi Fragaki
  • Ta Nea tou ANT1 (since 1989) - news, reported by Nikos Evagelatos
  • Ta Nea tou ANT1 Cyprus - news, shown on ANT1 Cyprus, Satellite, and Pacific
  • Ta Nea tou ANT1 Satellite (1994–1999) - news, mainly shown on ANT1 Satellite (English version), reported by Krista Fleischner; total length was about 15 minutes


  • Super Savato - sports highlight show, airs Saturdays at 2pm
  • UEFA Euro 2020


  • Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball Z - dubbed in Greek; notable for translation mistakes and constant voice changes over characters; aired on Saturday and Sunday early in the morning. Episodes with Greek dub are rare but DeAgostini Hellas has released episodes on DVD called Dragonball Z - H Syllogh (Dragonball Z - The Collection) with Greek dub, and it is now very popular among fans.
  • The Simpsons - aired in 2001-02 only; moved to Fox
  • The Young and the Restless - aired from 1991 until 1999, and in 2000 moved to ET1
  • The Cut
  • Pink
  • Signs of Life
  • Girl Number 9

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