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This is a list of current, former, and upcoming television series broadcast by the Canadian commercial-free television channel Family.[1]

Current programming[edit]

Original programming[edit]

Upcoming original programming[edit]

  • Backstage (2016)[2]
  • Lost & Found Music Studios (formerly known as The Music Room) (2016)[3][4][5]
  • The Wonderful Wayneys[6]

Acquired programming[edit]

Upcoming acquired programing[edit]

Repeats of ended series[edit]

Former programming[edit]

This is a list of programs that are no longer airing on the channel.

Original programming[edit]

Programming from Disney (U.S.)[edit]

Live-action series[edit]

Animated series[edit]

Special programming[edit]

Programming from Nickelodeon (U.S.)[edit]

Animated series[edit]

Other programming[edit]

Live-action series[edit]

Animated series[edit]


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