List of programs broadcast by Geo TV

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Current programs[edit]

  • (Note: This list includes the dramas that are currently on-air)

Daily Soaps[edit]

Prime Time Serials[edit]

Game Show[edit]

Programs aired[edit]

This is a list of original programming first broadcast by Geo TV.


Soap opera[edit]


Series (telenovelas)[edit]


Ramadan serials[edit]

Awards shows[edit]

Game shows[edit]

Talent shows[edit]

Talk shows[edit]

Ramazan special transmitions[edit]

Hosted by Aamir Liaquat Hussain[edit]

  • Ramazan-e-Kareem (2006)
  • Salam Ramazan (2007)
  • Mehman Ramazan (2008)
  • Eman Ramazan (2009)
  • Pehchan Ramazan (2012)
  • Amaan Ramazan (2013)
  • Ramazan Sharif (2015)
  • Pak Ramazan (2016)

Hosted by others[edit]

Political satires[edit]