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This is a list of programmes broadcast on South Korean terrestrial television channels KBS1 and KBS2 of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) network.

Prime-time dramas[edit]

KBS prime-time flagship dramas are broadcast on KBS2 at 21:55, generally with two series airing simultaneously, with each series airing on two consecutive nights: Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays; and on KBS1 at 20:25, every weekdays and at 20:40 on Saturdays, following the weekend edition of KBS News 9.

KBS2 Monday-Tuesday dramas[edit]

For further details see Korean-language Wikipedia article: 한국방송공사 월화드라마.

KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday dramas[edit]

For further details see Korean-language Wikipedia article: 한국방송공사 수목드라마.

KBS2 Friday dramas[edit]

KBS2 Friday-Saturday dramas[edit]

KBS2 Saturday-Sunday dramas (19:55)[edit]

KBS1 Saturday-Sunday dramas (21:45)[edit]

Inspired by Taiga drama from NHK of Japan, historical dramas began to air in 1981 with Daemyeong, a story about Hyojong of Joseon. The series usually airs about 50 minutes every Saturday and Sunday at 21:45.

KBS2 Saturday-Sunday dramas (21:30)[edit]

KBS1 Monday to Friday dramas (20:25)[edit]

For further details see Korean-language Wikipedia article: 한국방송공사 1TV 일일연속극.

KBS2 Monday to Friday dramas (18:50)[edit]

KBS2 Monday to Friday dramas (19:50)[edit]

KBS1 Monday to Saturday dramas (08:00)[edit]

KBS2 Monday to Friday dramas (09:00)[edit]

KBS2 Sunday dramas (08:55)[edit]

  • Sharp 2 (반올림2; 2005–2006)

KBS2 Saturday anthology (23:15)[edit]

KBS2 Sunday anthology (23:15)[edit]

Award shows[edit]


News and current affairs[edit]


  • KBS News At 5 am (KBS 오전 5시 뉴스, Early morning news programme)
  • KBS News Plaza (KBS 뉴스광장, KBS 1TV's Breakfast news programme)
  • KBS News 930 (KBS 뉴스930, Mid-morning news programme)
  • KBS News 12 (KBS 뉴스12, Midday news programme)
  • KBS News Talk (KBS 뉴스토크, Afternoon news and talkshow, with business reports)
  • KBS News 5 (KBS 뉴스5, Early evening news programme)
  • KBS News 7 (KBS 뉴스7, Evening news programme with some local segments)
  • KBS News 9 (KBS 뉴스9, Main news programme)
  • KBS Newsline (KBS 뉴스라인, Nightly news programme)
  • KBS Deadline News (0100) (KBS 마감뉴스 (0100), Weekend late night news programme)
  • Midnight Debate-Live (생방송 심야토론. Saturday night debate programme)
  • Media Focus (미디어 포커스. Mediawatch programme)
  • Coverage-File K (취재파일 K. In-depth news coverage programme, formerly known as Coverage File 4321 (취재파일 4321))
  • KBS News Ombudsman (KBS 뉴스 옴부즈맨, Sunday news monthly programme, broadcast every last Sunday of the month)


  • Good Morning Republic Of Korea (굿모닝 대한민국, KBS 2TV's breakfast show)
  • KBS 8 Morning News Time (KBS 8 아침 뉴스타임, KBS 2TV's breakfast news programme)
  • KBS Evening 6 Newstime (KBS 저녁 6시뉴스타임, KBS2's flagship evening news programme, simulcast on 2FM.)
  • KBS Global News (지구촌 뉴스, KBS world news programme)
  • KBS Sports Time (KBS 스포츠 타임, Sports news)
  • KBS News Time (KBS 뉴스타임, KBS 2TV's main news programme)
  • KBS Global 24 (KBS 글로벌 24, another world news programme, with more in-depth reports)
  • KBS Sunday News Time (KBS 일요 뉴스타임, Sunday news & talk show)

KBS World[edit]

  • News Today (The channel's only English news programme)



In October 2004, October 2007 and 2012 within frameworks of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union 49th General Assembly KBS will host major international music festivals in KBS Hall in Seoul – First ABU TV and Radio Song Festivals.[1][2]


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