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Vasantham (Tamil: வசந்தம்) is a Singapore Indian language (predominantly Tamil) entertainment free-to-view commercial broadcast television network that is owned by the Mediacorp, a subsidiary of Government of Singapore's Sovereign wealth fund, Temasek Holdings.The following is a list of all television programming that Mediacorp Vasantham has broadcast since it began as a standalone Tamil channel on 19 October 2008.

Current programming[edit]

Dramas (Mon-Thurs 10pm-11.30pm)[edit]

  • Kalaba Kadhala (10 pm-10.30 pm)
  • Bayam (10.30 pm-11 pm)
  • Nyabagam Varuthe (11 pm-11.30 pm)

Weekly Shows / Soap Opera's / Movie Slots[edit]

Weekly Shows[edit]

  • Rayil Sneham (Mondays; season 4)
  • Music Junction (Tuesdays; season 1)
  • Ethiroli (Wednesdays; season 15)
  • Neeyum Naanum (Wednesdays; season 1)
  • Nerukku Naer (Thursdays; season 2)
  • My Dear Kudumbam Returns (Fridays; season 4)

Soap Opera's[edit]


There are 7 movie slots per week.

  • Bollywood Masti – films from the Bollywood film industry; its main block slogan is "Enjoy Discreetly"
  • Cinema Express – encore movie slot featuring Kollywood movies
  • Indian Panorama– featuring regional movies from India; includes Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Punjabi movies
  • Tamil Silver Screen– the latest films from the Kollywood film industry
  • Tamil Talkies - films of the 90s and early 2000s from the Kollywood film industry
  • Vasantham Box Office – older Kollywood films
  • Vasantham Gold - movies from the 70s to the 80s of the Kollywood film industry

News and information[edit]

  • Vasantham Tamil Seithi-The channel's main news in Tamil is shown at 8:30 pm daily and repeats at 11:30 pm from Monday to Wednesday but on Thursday, Friday and weekends; the time for the repeat telecast varies and broadcasts immediately before closedown.[1]
  • Anthanaal Nyabagam (2016) -An info-ed programme to educate and inform vasantham viewers the rich history of Tamil Television in Singapore. This would bring back our yesteryear artiste on screen and recollect their contributions and achievement for Singapore Tamil television.
  • All Access Changi-Changiyin Ulle

Awards shows / beauty pageants[edit]

Reality/non-scripted/Musical Show[edit]

  • Nenjukelle-Nenjukulle is an unplugged music variety show that will feature a live band and a guest celebrity who will share with us their favorite songs.[3]
  • Thedral-Star Search 2016
  • Thirai Talkies- This program will include the glitz, glamour, gossips, information that has never been told about Tamil cinema

Former programming[edit]

Drama series[edit]

Monday to Thursday (22:00)[edit]

Monday to Thursday (22:30)[edit]

Wednesday (21:00)[edit]

  • Uravugal (2015)
  • Friends S2 (2015)

Friday (20:00)[edit]

Other dramas[edit]

  • Kaviya
  • Thiruvalluvan S2
  • Avargal
  • Manam S1
  • Manam S2
  • Rehai S1
  • Rehai S2
  • Nijangal
  • Primary Six


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