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This is a list of programs broadcast by 2nd Avenue on RJTV, airing on UHF terrestrial television station 2nd Avenue/RJTV 29 Manila a partnership with Solar Entertainment Corporation through facilities and blocktime agreement with Rajah Broadcasting Network. programming consists of comedy series, drama series, lifestyle, entertainment news programs, talk shows, sitcoms, reality shows, movie block and infomercials programs.

Produced in the U.S. and Britain. Most of the American TV shows are from broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and The CW and cable channels such as Travel Channel, FX, Esquire Network, Bravo, USA Network, Cooking Channel and CNN. Several Australian shows are from Seven Network, while some of British TV programs are from BBC.

For the previously aired shows of RJTV, see List of programs previously broadcast by RJTV.

Currently broadcast[edit]

Local programs[edit]


  • 2nd Avenue Hip Radar (Cable TV: 2007, RJTV 29: 2008)
  • In Her Shoes (2015)


Movie block[edit]

  • The Screening Room (2011)

U.S. TV series[edit]

Comedy series[edit]

Drama series[edit]

Reality series[edit]

Talk shows, travel, documentary[edit]

Entertainment news[edit]

Upcoming shows[edit]

Previously aired on RJTV/2nd Avenue[edit]

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