List of programs broadcast by Science Channel

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This is a list of programs broadcast by Science Channel.

Science Channel broadcasts a number of science-related television series originally produced by or aired on Discovery Channel, such as Beyond Tomorrow, among others. Discovery Communications has also produced a few programs specifically for Science, such as MegaScience and What The Ancients Knew. Programs from other Discovery Networks channels, PBS and the BBC are either regularly or occasionally aired on the network. Television series produced in the 1990s, such as Discover Magazine and Understanding, are carried on the network's weekday schedule. Science also broadcasts programs such as Moments of Impact and An Idiot Abroad. The channel has experienced some drifting from its intended format throughout its existence, increasingly adding reruns on several science fiction series such as Firefly and Fringe to its schedule in recent years.


Below is a selected list of Science series.

Specials and miniseries[edit]

  • 2057 – Predictions on the future technology of the body, city, and the world.
  • Base Camp Moon – Returning to the Moon, harvesting Moon dust for oxygen/water, robotics (Robonaut), etc.
  • The Challenger Disaster – A biography surrounding the mystery of the titular tragedy, starring William Hurt. Science's first foray into dramatic programming, its premiere on the channel will be simulcast on sister network Discovery Channel.[2]
  • The Critical Eye – An eight-part series examining pseudoscientific and paranormal phenomena.
  • Dinosaur Revolution – A four-part miniseries on the natural history of dinosaurs. The last two episodes were planned to air on Discovery Channel, but a last-minute schedule change landed them on Science.
  • Exploring Time – A two-hour TV documentary mini-series about natural time scale changes
  • Extreme Smuggling
  • Futurecar – New technology may be used to create advanced cars and sometimes funny cars in the future.
  • Hawking – About the early work of British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.
  • Hubble Live – Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on NASA's Servicing Mission 4 (HST-SM4), the eleven-day fifth and final mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope
  • A Life In Memory – An hour-long documentary about Memories, and PTSD and the ways they effect our lives. "Barney recalls the day he was hit by a car: his back was broken, and his wife was killed. Today, he will be given a pill to erase the memory of that tragic day for good. At a treatment center in Montreal, PTSD patients are given a second chance at life."[3][4]
  • Lost Luggage – Rebroadcasts of An Idiot Abroad episodes from previous seasons, each including two new "Lost Luggage" segments filmed at Ricky Gervais' home in England in which Gervais and Karl Pilkington hold brief discussions.
  • Mars Rising – A six-part series on possible future missions to Mars.
  • NextWorld – Predicting the future of the world, humanity, and life.
  • Outlaw Tech
  • Perfect Disaster – Predicting violent natural disasters that could happen in the near future.
  • Prophets of Science Fiction – Biographies of some of the greatest sci-fi authors.
  • Punkin Chunkin – A one-hour condensed version of the World Championship pumpkin chunking contest in Sussex County, Delaware. Traditionally aired on Thanksgiving.
  • Science of Star Wars – Explains how the cutting edge technology of Star Wars might be useful and possible to implement in everyday life.
  • Tank on the Moon – Concentrates on Russian attempts to launch an unmanned rover to the Moon before the successful American Apollo program.
  • Uncovering Aliens - 2013 mini series of 4 episodes.
  • What the Ancients Knew – Rediscovered innovations of the ancient world.
  • The Planets (miniseries)
  • The Planets and Beyond


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