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The following is an article listing television series that are currently being broadcast or have previously aired on This TV, a digital broadcast network owned by film and television studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Chicago-based broadcast television group Tribune Broadcasting.

Although the large proportion of This TV's programming consists of movies from MGM and its film studio subsidiaries, approximately six hours of the network's weekday schedule and three hours of its Saturday and Sunday schedules feature syndicated television series that MGM has ownership rights to and children's programming supplied by Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Current programming [1][edit]

Situation comedies[edit]

Drama series[edit]

Science fiction series[edit]


Children's/Educational programming[edit]

All programming listed as E/I, as to be compliant with FCC E/I programming guidelines.

Former programming[edit]

Situation comedies[edit]

Drama/adventure series[edit]

Children's programming[edit]