List of programs broadcast by WGN America

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This is a list of television programs currently and formerly broadcast by WGN America, a Chicago-based cable superstation.

Current programming[edit]

Syndicated series[edit]

Comedy programming[edit]

Title Premiere date
30 Rock 2013
3rd Rock from the Sun 2008
America's Funniest Home Videos September 2004
How I Met Your Mother September 14, 2010
Parks and Recreation September 9, 2013
Raising Hope September 19, 2014
Rules of Engagement September 10, 2012

Drama programming[edit]

Title Premiere date
Blue Bloods September 1, 2014
COPS 2016
Elementary September 5, 2015
In the Heat of the Night 1995-2001, 2003–2005
September 15, 2008 (current run)
Law & Order January 1, 2014
Person of Interest September 5, 2015
Walker, Texas Ranger September 13, 2008

Religious programming[edit]

Many of these programs are presented as paid programming, on time purchased by the religious establishments that produced the programs.

Movie presentations[edit]

  • WGN America Drive-In Theatre (Sunday mornings and early afternoons, and weekend late nights; 2009–present)

Former programming[edit]

Original programming[edit]

Title Premiere date Seasons
Salem April 20, 2014 3
Manhattan July 27, 2014 2
Outsiders January 26, 2016 2
Underground March 9, 2016 2

Syndicated series[edit]

WB network programming[edit]

Newscasts and local programming from WGN-TV[edit]

Original programming[edit]

Sports programming[edit]

WGN-TV Chicago, through its WGN Sports department, holds the broadcast rights to the following sports telecasts, which were discontinued from airing on WGN America as of December 15, 2014:[1]

Short-form programming[edit]

Movie presentations[edit]

  • Family Classics (Sunday afternoons 1962-2000)
  • Creature Features (Saturday nights 1970-1976)
  • Movie Underground (Friday evenings; 2008–2010)
  • Way Back Wednesday (Wednesday evenings; 2007–2010)
  • WGN Action Theater (Saturday late nights; 1993–2002)
  • WGN Matinee Theater (weekend afternoons; 1993–2002)
  • WGN Presents (1987-2003)

Annual specials[edit]