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This is a list of programs broadcast by the NTA Film Network, an early American television network and syndication service which operated in North America from 1956 to around 1961, when the network's flagship station, WNTA-TV, was sold.

All programs are listed below, whether they were NTA original series or programs only seen in second-run syndication.

Table of affiliate stations
NTA Program Number of Episodes Notes
Alex in Wonderland[1]
Amy Vanderbilt's Etiquette[2]
Assignment: Underwater[1] 39[1]
Best of Bishop Sheen[1] 52[1]
Bill Corum Show[3] 26[3]
Bobo the Hobo[3] 26[3]
China Smith[4] 26 (1953)[3]
26 (1955)[5]
Combat Sergeant[4] 13[5]
Crime Reporter
Danger Is My Business[1]
Design for Living[3] 39[3]
Divorce Court[1] 130[1]
Drew Pearson Show
Find a Hobby[3] 26[3]
Flash Gordon
George Jessel's Show Business[1]
Grand Jury[1] 39[1]
Hal Roach Laff Time Show[3] 7[3]
Hand to Heaven[3] 13[3]
Health and Happiness Club[3] 105[3]
Henry Morgan and Company[1]
Holiday[3] 13[3]
Hour of Stars[3]
How to Marry a Millionaire[1]
International Playhouse[4] 26[3]
James Mason Show[3] 26[3]
Janet Dean, RN 39[1]
Jukebox Jury[1]
Layman's Call to Prayer[3] 52[3]
Lilli Palmer Theatre 26[1]
Mad Whirl[5] 26[5]
Man From Cochise[1] 156[1]
Man Without a Gun[1] 52[1]
Man's Heritage[3] 13 10-min. episodes[3]
1 60-min. episode[3]
Mantovani[1] 39[1]
M.D.[3] 39[3]
Mike Wallace Interview[1]
Music of the Masters[3] 13[3]
New Orleans Police Department
NTA Film Spectacular
NTA Presents
NTA Theatre
Official Detective[4] 39[1]
Open End[1]
Orient Express[4] 26[3]
Oscar Levant Show[1]
Pantomime Quiz[3] 13[3]
Play of the Week[4] 26 (1953)[3]
52 (1959-1960)[1]
Police Call[4] 26[3]
Premiere Performance
Q. T. Hush
Quality Theatre[4]
Roller Derby
Russ Hodges' Scoreboard
Sheriff of Cochise[4] 78[1]
Sherlock Holmes 39[1]
Shirley Temple Specials
Stu Erwin Show
The Big Night
The Passerby[3] 26[3]
The Third Man[1] 76[1]
This Is Alice[1] 39[1]
Theater[2] 26[5]
TV Playhouse[4]
U.S. Marshal[1] 78[1]
William Tell[1] 39[1]


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