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This is a list comprising flags publicly suggested as alternatives to the current flag of New Zealand.

Flag Date Use Description
Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag.svg 1990 Flag of tino rangatiratanga – official Maori flag A white curling stripe on a red and black field
NZ flag design Silver Fern (Red, White & Blue) by Kyle Lockwood.svg
NZ flag design Silver Fern (Black, White & Blue) by Kyle Lockwood.svg
2004 Kyle Lockwood's flag – official alternative NZ flag (black white and blue version) The original design was a red, white and blue flag with a Silver Fern representing "the people of New Zealand". The blue colour represents the Pacific Ocean, the red represents the Māori people and sacrifices made by all New Zealanders during wartime, white is a reference to Aotearoa the "Land of the Long White Cloud". The black white and blue version of the flag by Kyle Lockwood won the first of the New Zealand flag referendums, 2015–16, and the red white and blue design was a close second. Black is one of the most well known National colours of New Zealand, and represents the pride and strength of New Zealand.
Koru flag.svg 1983 Friedensreich Hundertwasser's koru flag A white flag with a green spiral (koru).
NZflag proposal-dignan.svg 1998 James Dignan's flag Combines the red-white-blue and stars of the current flag (though with a brighter blue) and the bold diagonals of the Union Flag with the black-white-red of the flag of tino rangatiratanga, and adds the silver fern. Promoted widely after a The New Zealand Herald article in 2002.[1]
Aaron Nicholson's New Zealand Flag.svg 2000 Aaron Nicholson’s flag A modification of the current flag with the initials NZ to stylise the Union Flag and a long white cloud has made it to some a flag of compromise. This combination retains traditional links with the United Kingdom and New Zealand's Polynesian heritage. The NZ jack design is also reminiscent of the old 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games insignia. This design was displayed in newspapers around the country in 2005, and on an earlier TV debate with Angela De Audney.[2]
Silver Fern flag.svg 2004 Cameron Sanders' flag A stylised silver fern flag, used by the NZ Trust
Helen Clark's New Zealand Flag.svg 2007 Helen Clark's flag Helen Clark made her proposal while Prime Minister of New Zealand. She said that deleting the Union Flag from the New Zealand flag was a possibility if people wanted to redesign the flag, leaving it as a "rather attractive Southern Cross".[3]
Kibblesworthnewzealandflag.svg 2009 Proposed flag by Adam Kibbey This flag includes the Union Flag, symbolising British links, and the national colours of New Zealand, black and white, with the red from the cross of the Union Flag being extended to show the Maori colour of red. The southern cross is also prominent.[4]
Koru Fern NZ Flag.jpg 2015 James Bowman's flag The Koru Fern combines two iconic New Zealand symbols: the silver fern and the koru. It was one design that helped stimulate debate prior to official submissions and was submitted to the New Zealand Government as an alternate design for the New Zealand Flag.[5][6][7]
New Zealand Flag - Land Of The Long White Cloud - Traditional Blue.png
New Zealand Flag - Land Of The Long White Cloud - Ocean Blue.png
2015 Proposed New Zealand flag designs by Mike Archer From the initial 10,300 proposed flag designs submitted to the New Zealand Government, these two were selected by the Flag Consideration Panel and placed on a long list of 40, [publicly revealed on 10 August 2015]. The flag designs subtly reference ‘The Land Of The Long White Cloud’, the Southern Cross and the Pacific Ring of Fire, with a nod to New Zealand’s silver fern and its geographic location within the world. The colour palette of the first flag, (Land Of The Long White Cloud – Traditional Blue [8]), incorporates elements from the 1902 New Zealand flag and the National Māori flag – Tino rangatiratanga. The palette of the second flag, (Land Of The Long White Cloud – Ocean Blue [9] ), has been reduced to reflect New Zealand’s strong connection with the ocean and environment – past, present and future. View the 'Traditional blue' backstory. >

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