List of prostitutes and courtesans

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This list of prostitutes and courtesans includes famous persons who have engaged in prostitution, pimping and courtesan work.


Nell Gwyn, ca 1675
Madame du Barry

Ancient world[edit]

Early Modern era[edit]


Modern era[edit]

In literature[edit]

Vasantasena from the Sanskrit play Mṛcchakatika

In film, television, and musical theater[edit]

Maggie Thorpe, Dorothy Bennett and Blanche Simmons in Tenko are all to some degree prostitutes.

Symbolic or allegorical prostitutes[edit]

Prostitutes in myth and legend[edit]

  • Agatha - English prostitute, mother of Mother Shipton
  • Basileia (Ancient Greece) - in Pandemos, this goddess was mainly a goddess for prostitutes or courtesans[citation needed]
  • Bebhinn (Celts of the British Isles) - the goddess of pleasure
  • Belili (Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Philistines, & Canaanites) - her worship required sacred prostitution
  • Naamah (Hebrews) - an angel of prostitution, one of the succubus mates of the demon Samael in Zoharistic Qabalah
  • Shamhat (Sumer/Babylon)[clarification needed]
  • Xochiquetzal (Aztecs) - the goddess of prostitutes, pregnant women, & dancing
  • Alexandra Dé Broussehan (Irish Celts) - a woman turned spirit of prostitution, caused a war between the Callahan and Lawlor Clans. Often associated with Korrigan whose worship involved sacred prostitution[5]


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