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Manitoba Parks and Protected Areas
Type Number Area % Land Area
Hectares Acres
Provincial Parks 94 4,679,278 11,562,750 7.12%
Wilderness Parks 4 2,353,130 5,814,700 3.62%
Natural Parks 18 1,053,641 2,603,600 1.62%
Heritage Parks 8 231 570 <0.01%
Recreation Parks 51 3,249 8,030 <0.01%
Park Reserves 13 1,269,027 3,135,830 1.95%
Ecological Reserves 30 79,767 197,110 0.12%
Total 124 4,759,045 11,759,860 7.24%

The list of protected areas of Manitoba groups Manitoba's protected areas by the agency that is responsible for their protection.

National Protected Areas[edit]

Two national parks have been established within Manitoba:

Riding Mountain National Park forms the core of the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve (RMBR) a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.[1] More information on the national park system in Canada.

Provincial Protected Areas[edit]

The Provincial government has established more than fifty protected areas under the Provincial Parks Act[2] This legislation provides for parks to be dedicated for three purposes:

(a) to conserve ecosystems and maintain biodiversity;

(b) to preserve unique and representative natural, cultural and heritage resources;

(c) to provide outdoor recreational and educational opportunities and experiences in a natural setting.

The legislation distinguishes several types of park; Wilderness, Natural, Recreation and Heritage.[2] Land being considered for inclusion in a Provincial Park may be designated as a Park reserve for a limited period of time.[2]

List of provincial parks in Manitoba

Provincial park reserves[3]
Name Area Est'd
Amisk Park Reserve 198,000 ha (490,000 acres) 1994
Birch Island Park Reserve 79,000 ha (200,000 acres) 2000
Chitek Lake Park Reserve 100,300 ha (248,000 acres) 1999
Fisher Bay Park Reserve 84,150 ha (207,900 acres) 2000
Goose Islands Park Reserve 145 ha (360 acres) 2001
Grand Island Park Reserve 1,035 ha (2,560 acres) 2001
Kinwow Bay Park Reserve 8,400 ha (21,000 acres) 2001
Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve 4,095 ha (10,120 acres) 2007
Pelican Islands Park Reserve 600 ha (1,500 acres) 2001
Pemmican Island Park Reserve 22 ha (54 acres) 2001
Poplar-Nanowin Rivers Park Reserve 777,270 ha (1,920,700 acres) 1999

Other legislation provides the government with additional opportunities to set aside areas of the province for special protection

There is also a series of lands privately owned by three conservation agencies which are part of the provincial protected areas network.

Ecological reserves[edit]

Name Area
Armit Meadows 263 ha (650 acres)
Baralzon Lake 39,600 ha (98,000 acres)
Birch River 183 ha (450 acres)
Brokenhead River 66 ha (160 acres)
Brokenhead Wetland 1,240 ha (3,100 acres)
Cedar Bog 105 ha (260 acres)
Cowan Bog 518 ha (1,280 acres)
Holmgren Pines 81 ha (200 acres)
Jennifer and Tom Shay 7 ha (17 acres)
Kaweenakumik Islands 20 ha (49 acres)
Lake St. George Caves 130 ha (320 acres)
Lake Winnipegosis Salt Flats 560 ha (1,400 acres)
Lewis Bog 5,240 ha (12,900 acres)
Libau Bog 186 ha (460 acres)
Little George Island 15 ha (37 acres)
Long Point 1,600 ha (4,000 acres)
Palsa Hazel 1,648 ha (4,070 acres)
Pelican Islands 130 ha (320 acres)
Piney 780 ha (1,900 acres)
Pocock Lake 205 ha (510 acres)
Red Rock 485 ha (1,200 acres)
Reindeer Island 13,860 ha (34,200 acres)
Ste. Anne Bog 415 ha (1,030 acres)
St. Labre Bog 3,840 ha (9,500 acres)
Walter Cook Caves 2,250 ha (5,600 acres)
Wampum 62 ha (150 acres)
Whitemouth Bog 5,020 ha (12,400 acres)
Whitemouth Island 613 ha (1,510 acres)
Whitemouth River 130 ha (320 acres)
Woodridge 515 ha (1,270 acres)

Wildlife management areas[edit]

Name Area
Assiniboine Corridor
Brandon Hills
Broad Valley
C. Stuart Stevenson
Churchill Serves as a buffer between the town of Churchill and Wapusk National Park
Delta Marsh
Dog Lake
Grant's Lake
Kaskatamagan Sipi
Lake Francis
Lee River
Little Birch
Little Saskatchewan
Mantagao Lake
Mars Hill
Marshy Point
Oak Hammock Marsh
Observation Point
Otter Lake
Pembina Valley
Peonan Point
Portage Sandhills
Proven Lake
Proulx Lake
Rat River
Red Deer
Sleeve Lake
Souris River Bend
Spruce Woods
Spur Woods
St. Malo
Thalberg Bush
Tiger Hills
Washow Bay
Watson P. Davidson
Whitemouth Bog
Whitemud Watershed
Whitewater Lake

Traditional use planning areas[edit]

Name Area
Asatiwisipe Aki

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