List of protected areas of Nova Scotia

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This is a list of protected areas of Nova Scotia.

Kejimkujik National Park, Frozen Ocean Lake
Cabots Landing Provincial Park

National parks[edit]

Parks administered by Parks Canada:

Canadian Heritage Rivers[edit]

National Wildlife Areas[edit]

Protected areas administered by Canadian Wildlife Service

National Migratory Bird Sanctuaries[edit]

Protected areas administered by Canadian Wildlife Service

Provincial Parks (Operational, Designated)[edit]

Parks administered by Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources:

Provincial Wilderness Areas[edit]

Provincial Nature Reserves[edit]

Provincial Protected Beaches[edit]

Provincial Game Sanctuaries[edit]

Provincial Wildlife Management Areas[edit]

Municipal Protected Areas[edit]

Municipalities own many small parks but also operate de facto protected areas in the form of protected municipal water supply areas.

Private Protected Areas[edit]

Private Protected Areas are owned by Nova Scotia Nature Trust, the Nature Conservancy of Canada the Nova Scotia Bird Society and Bowater Mersey Paper Company

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