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This is a list of protected areas of Sierra Leone, including national parks, game reserves, conservation areas, wetlands, and those that are listed as proposed protected areas in the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP WCM) database.

Forest reserves[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Bojeni Hills Designated 7.38
Dodo Hills Designated 21.8
Fabina Designated 3.82
Farangbaia Designated 12.60
Freetown Water Works Designated 11.34
Gboi Hills Designated 2.07
Gola East Designated (amalgamated into Gola Rainforest National Park in 2010) 228.00
Gola West Designated (amalgamated into Gola Rainforest National Park in 2010) 62.00
Golamo South Designated 11.60
Gori Hills Designated 79.40
John Obey Designated 2.07
Kambui Hills Designated 143.35
Kambui North Designated 203.48
Kambui South Designated 8.80
Kandesuri Designated 59.57
Kasewe Designated 12.24
Kent Extension Designated 6.44
Kuru Hills Designated 69.93
Lalay Designated 4.76
Leicester Peak Designated 0.52
Lhei Hills Designated 1.55
Malal Hills Designated 3.39
Matete Designated 8.50
Moku Hill Designated 1.46
Moyamba Hills Designated 1.89
Nimini South Designated 25.90
No. 2 River Designated 6.99
Occra Hills Designated 2.48
Peninsula Designated 178.00
Port Loko Designated 2.16
Singamba Designated 2.99
Sipende Designated 8.29
Tabe Designated 3.25
Tama Designated 170.00
Tobi Designated 16.71
Tonkoli Designated 71.04
Wara Wara Hills Designated 10.41
Waterloo Designated 0.85

Game reserves[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Bagru-Moteva Creeks Proposed 50.00
Bumpe Mangrove Swamp Proposed 49.21
Kagboro Creek (Yawri Bay) Proposed 50.00
Kpaka-Pujehun Proposed 25.00
Sewa-Waanje Proposed 100.00

Game sanctuaries[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Bo Plains Proposed 25.90
Tiwai Island Designated 12.00

National parks[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Gola Rainforest National Park Designatured 710.70
Kuru Hills Proposed 69.93
Lake Mape/Mabesi Proposed 75.11
Lake Sonfon Proposed 51.80
Loma Mountains Proposed 332.01
Outamba-Kilimi Designated 808.13
Western Area Proposed 176.88

Non-hunting forest reserves[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Kangari Hills Designated 85.73
Loma Mountains Designated 332.01
Tingi Hills (Sankan Biriwa) Designated 118.85
Western Area Designated 176.88

Strict nature reserves[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Bonthe Mangrove Swamp Proposed 998.54
Gola (West) Forest Proposed 62.00
Gola North Proposed 40.00
Mamunta-Mayoso Sanctuary Proposed 20.72
Mogbai (Gola North) (proposed) Proposed
Port Loko Plains Proposed 25.90
Sulima Mangrove Swamp Proposed 25.90
Wemago (Gola East) Proposed 35.00
Yelibuya Island Proposed 38.85

Wetlands of international importance (Ramsar)[edit]

Name Status Area (km²)
Sierra Leone River Estuary 2950.00

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Name Status Area (km2) Description
Yawri Bay Designated
Sherbro River Estuary Designated
Sierra Leone River Estuary Designated
Scarcies River Estuary Designated 694 The Scarcies River Estuary MPA is located in Northern Sierra Leone and comprises the Great and Little Scarcies which merge at the mouth before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. The MPA consists of both marine and intertidal zones and it is a partially regulated MPA. Four Clusters of Community Management Associations have been designated to manage the MPAs. Restricted fishing is allowed using hook and line and bottom set gillnet fishing. The use of monofilament fishing net is prohibited.



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