List of protected heritage sites in Anthisnes

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This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Anthisnes. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.


Saint-Laurant abbey farm (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes avenue de l'Abbaye n°4 50°28′48″N 5°31′31″E / 50.479970°N 5.525236°E / 50.479970; 5.525236

61079-CLT-0001-01 Info

Abdij-boerderij Saint-Laurant

castle Avouerie (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes avenue de l'Abbaye 19 50°28′47″N 5°31′24″E / 50.479754°N 5.523254°E / 50.479754; 5.523254

61079-CLT-0003-01 Info

Kasteel van Avouerie

Old Brasserie near Castle Avouerie (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°28′47″N 5°31′25″E / 50.479806°N 5.523585°E / 50.479806; 5.523585

61079-CLT-0004-01 Info

Elm tree (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°28′10″N 5°29′44″E / 50.469493°N 5.495473°E / 50.469493; 5.495473

61079-CLT-0005-01 Info

Site of church St. Pierre and graveyard (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°29′14″N 5°30′04″E / 50.487333°N 5.501225°E / 50.487333; 5.501225

61079-CLT-0006-01 Info

Church of St. Pierre (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°29′14″N 5°30′06″E / 50.487296°N 5.501531°E / 50.487296; 5.501531

61079-CLT-0007-01 Info

Kerk Saint-Pierre

Castle Vien (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes rue de l'Église, n°s 20-22 50°28′31″N 5°29′46″E / 50.475413°N 5.495983°E / 50.475413; 5.495983

61079-CLT-0008-01 Info

Castle Vien park grounds (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes rue de l'Église, n°s 20-22 50°28′33″N 5°29′25″E / 50.475878°N 5.490232°E / 50.475878; 5.490232

61079-CLT-0009-01 Info

Organs of St. Martin's church (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°29′47″N 5°28′16″E / 50.496300°N 5.471090°E / 50.496300; 5.471090

61079-CLT-0010-01 Info

Valley of Tavier (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°29′22″N 5°27′39″E / 50.489440°N 5.460929°E / 50.489440; 5.460929

61079-CLT-0011-01 Info

"d'Omalius" farmhouse (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes avenue de l'Abbaye 2 50°28′46″N 5°31′32″E / 50.479392°N 5.525420°E / 50.479392; 5.525420

61079-CLT-0012-01 Info

Castle Villers-aux-Tours (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes Anthisnes 50°30′04″N 5°31′05″E / 50.501077°N 5.518150°E / 50.501077; 5.518150

61079-CLT-0013-01 Info

Saint-Maximin church frescoes (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes 50°28′47″N 5°31′31″E / 50.479755°N 5.525204°E / 50.479755; 5.525204

61079-PEX-0001-01 Info

16th and 18th century frescoes in the church of St. Pierre (nl) (fr)
Anthisnes Hody 50°29′14″N 5°30′06″E / 50.487296°N 5.501531°E / 50.487296; 5.501531

61079-PEX-0002-01 Info

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]