List of protected heritage sites in Profondeville

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This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Profondeville. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.

Ensemble of the chapel of Saint-Roch, the two trees and the surrounding area (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′28″N 4°46′25″E / 50.374538°N 4.773557°E / 50.374538; 4.773557

92101-CLT-0003-01 Info

Ensemble van de kapel Saint-Roch, de twee bomen en het omliggende terrein
Cemetery Chapel (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′24″N 4°46′48″E / 50.373215°N 4.779958°E / 50.373215; 4.779958

92101-CLT-0004-01 Info

Chantoir "Trou des Nutons" (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′48″N 4°47′41″E / 50.380114°N 4.794745°E / 50.380114; 4.794745

92101-CLT-0007-01 Info

Chapel "au Loup" ensemble with its surroundings (nl) (fr)
Profondeville route de Saint-Gérard 50°22′11″N 4°46′12″E / 50.369771°N 4.769915°E / 50.369771; 4.769915

92101-CLT-0008-01 Info

Cave and re-welling of the Vilaine (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′25″N 4°49′18″E / 50.373535°N 4.821540°E / 50.373535; 4.821540

92101-CLT-0009-01 Info

Chantoir of Normont (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′15″N 4°48′15″E / 50.370806°N 4.804049°E / 50.370806; 4.804049

92101-CLT-0010-01 Info

Double Chantoir du Moulin (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′55″N 4°46′44″E / 50.381861°N 4.778985°E / 50.381861; 4.778985

92101-CLT-0011-01 Info

Chantoir of Trou du Renard (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′48″N 4°45′53″E / 50.379942°N 4.764788°E / 50.379942; 4.764788

92101-CLT-0012-01 Info

Cave of Trou d'Haquin (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′07″N 4°54′16″E / 50.368667°N 4.904320°E / 50.368667; 4.904320

92101-CLT-0013-01 Info

castle Lesve (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′22″N 4°46′47″E / 50.372643°N 4.779721°E / 50.372643; 4.779721

92101-CLT-0014-01 Info

Kasteel Lesve
Surfacing from the 19th century towpath, between the river and Rouillon (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°21′12″N 4°52′33″E / 50.353360°N 4.875942°E / 50.353360; 4.875942

92101-CLT-0015-01 Info

Rochers de Frêne (nl) (fr)
Profondeville 50°22′49″N 4°52′12″E / 50.380319°N 4.870066°E / 50.380319; 4.870066

92101-CLT-0016-01 Info

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]