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Anton Bruckner composed five psalms settings during his life, the earliest Psalm 114 in 1852, the last, Psalm 150 in 1892.

Sankt Florian[edit]

During his stay as organist in Sankt Florian, Bruckner composed the following two psalm settings:

  • Psalm 114, WAB 36, is a setting in G major of verses 1 to 9 of a German version of Psalm 116[1] for five-part mixed choir and three trombones, composed in 1852 for the name day of Ignaz Assmayr.[2][3]
  • Psalm 22, WAB 34, is a setting in E-flat major of a German version of Psalm 23[1] for mixed choir, soloists and piano, composed in c. 1852.[2][4]


During his stay in Linz, Bruckner composed the following two psalm setting:

  • Psalm 146, WAB 37, is a setting in A major of a German version of verses 1 to 11 of Psalm 147[1] for eight-part double mixed choir, four soloists and orchestra. The composition was presumably initiated during the Sankt Florian period (c. 1850) and completed during Sechter's tuition, in c. 1856.[5][6]
  • Psalm 112, WAB 35, is a setting in B-flat major of a German version of Psalm 113[1] for eight-part double mixed choir and full orchestra, composed in 1863 after the end of Kitzler's tuition.[7][8]


About thirty years later, during his stay in Vienna, Bruckner composed a last psalm setting:

  • Psalm 150, WAB 38, is a setting in C major of the German version of Psalm 150[9] for mixed chorus, soprano soloist and orchestra, composed in 1892 to celebrate the opening of the exposition Internationale Ausstellung für Musik und Theatherwesen in Vienna.[10][11]

Bruckner's five psalm settings are put in Band XX of the Gesamtausgabe.[12]


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