List of public art in Hemel Hempstead

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This is a list of public art in Hemel Hempstead.

Image Title / subject depicted Location Date Sculptor Material Source Coordinates
Hemel Hempstead, Phoenix Gateway sculpture.jpg Phoenix Gateway sculpture
Buncefield fire
Roundabout at the junction of the A414 and Green Lane 2009 Jose Zavala Blue steel arches [1] 51°45′22″N 0°25′26″W / 51.756246°N 0.423952°W / 51.756246; -0.423952
Hemel Hempstead, Rock'n'Roll - - 187270.jpg Rock'n'Roll The Water Gardens, Hemel Hempstead 1962 Hubert Yencesse Bronze [2] 51°44′55″N 0°28′26″W / 51.748499°N 0.474025°W / 51.748499; -0.474025
Development of Man.jpg Development of Man Corner of Bridge Street above the Santander bank 1955 A H Gerrard Portland stone [3] 51°45′04″N 0°28′22″W / 51.751242°N 0.472672°W / 51.751242; -0.472672
Tim Shutter 'A point for Reflection'..jpg 'A Point for Reflection' - Associations with water for the Riverside Shopping Centre, a droplet of clouds, rain, swirling rivulets and weaving water weeds. Marlowes at entrance to Riverside shopping development. 2008 Tim Shutter Hand carved Perryfield Whitbed Portland Stone. [4] 51°44′52″N 0°28′22″W / 51.747798°N 0.472687°W / 51.747798; -0.472687
Hemel Hempstead Mosaic map by Rowland Emett.JPG Tile Mosaic Map Junction of the Marlowes and Hillfiled Road on the side of the NCP multistory car park. 1960 Rowland Emett Mosaic [5] 51°45′10″N 0°28′19″W / 51.752826°N 0.472083°W / 51.752826; -0.472083
Reclining Figures - Sydney Harpley 1962.jpg Reclining Figures The corner of Jupiter Drive and Martian Avenue 1962 Sydney Harpley Sculpture [6] 51°45′55″N 51°45′55″E / 51.765221°N 51.765221°E / 51.765221; 51.765221
Boy with Cat Hyperion Court Highfield, Hemel Hempstead 1962 John Mills Sculpture 51°46′01″N 0°27′11″W / 51.766829°N 0.453060°W / 51.766829; -0.453060
Girl Combing Hair Martian Avenue, Hemel Hempstead 1962 Sydney Harpley Irish limestone Sculpture 51°45′58″N 0°27′04″W / 51.766146°N 0.450982°W / 51.766146; -0.450982
Mother and Child St Nicholas Day Nursary, Eastwick Row, Hemel Hempstead Not known Not known Steel frame stucco [7] 51°45′00″N 0°26′57″W / 51.750045°N 0.449215°W / 51.750045; -0.449215
Mother and Child The Apple Orchard, Hemel Hempstead Not known Commissioned by Geoffrey Teychanne [8] 51°45′40″N 0°27′14″W / 51.761°N 0.453781°W / 51.761; -0.453781
Discobolus the discis thrower.jpg Discobolus: The Discus Thrower N/A
Formerly at the Water Gardens, due to be relocated to The Bury
pre 1960 unknown Bronze cast, Copy of 5th Century Greek marble [9] 51°44′58″N 0°28′29″W / 51.749550°N 0.474656°W / 51.749550; -0.474656
Residents Rainbow Hemel Hempstead.jpg Residents Rainbow Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead 1993 Colin Lambert

Rainbow Mosaic added by Gary Drostle in 2010

Concrete arch with mosaic [10] 51°44′57″N 0°28′22″W / 51.749228°N 0.472639°W / 51.749228; -0.472639
Waterplay Hemel Hempstead.jpg Waterplay

The work symbolises the energy co-operation and sporting spirit of the youth in Dacorum.

Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead 1993 Michael Rizzello Two water cascades and bronze sculpture of child gymnasts. [11] 51°44′58″N 0°28′21″W / 51.749459°N 0.472457°W / 51.749459; -0.472457
Model of Hemel Hempstead.jpg Bronze Relief Map of Town Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead 1992 Graham Thompson (Designer) and John Ravera (Sculptor) Bronze relief map [12] 51°45′00″N 0°28′22″W / 51.749956°N 0.472672°W / 51.749956; -0.472672
Kangaroo and Platypus Hemel Hempstead.jpg Replica Kangaroo, Joey and Platypus statues. A gift from the Australian New town of Elizabeth The Water Gardens, Hemel Hempstead 1963. John Dowie Bronze [13] 51°45′02″N 0°28′27″W / 51.750659°N 0.474170°W / 51.750659; -0.474170
Tree of Life Junction of Bridge Street and Marlowes Richard Quinnell Steel [9]
Hugging Couple VIII The Forget-Me-Not Memorial Garden for Babies, Gadebridge Park Mark Humphrey [14][15]
(Recalling Kodak's global association with the film industry)
Behind the KD Tower, Hemel Hempstead 2010 Unknown Galvanised steel [16][17]
The Magic Roundabout In green area in front of Mosaic House 2011 Gary Drostle Porcelain Mosaic 51°45'18.8"N



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