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This is a list of public art in and around Strand, a thoroughfare in the City of Westminster, London.

Strand has linked Westminster with the City of London since the time of the Anglo-Saxons.[1] Aldwych is a crescent at its eastern end created during urban improvements in the early 20th century. Among the examples of architectural sculpture in this area, Jacob Epstein's reliefs of the Ages of Man for Zimbabwe House (originally the British Medical Association building) are of particular note. These were the sculptor's first major works in Britain and the subject of heated controversy due to the figures' nudity in a public setting.[2]

Much of the recent public art in this area was bequeathed to the London School of Economics in 2005 by Louis Odette, a Canadian alumnus of the university, who also founded the Windsor Sculpture Park in Windsor, Ontario. He bequeathed a total of 13 works, mainly by Canadian sculptors, to the institution. Not all of those works are within the remit of this list, as some are situated indoors or in the adjacent borough of Camden.[3]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Gateway from Devereux Court 20130414 078.JPG Bust of Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex Devereux Court 1676 c. 1676 Attributed to Caius Gabriel Cibber Bust Grade II [4]
George III and Father Thames.jpg
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Statue of George III Somerset House, Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court

51°30′41″N 0°07′03″W / 51.5113°N 0.1174°W / 51.5113; -0.1174 (Statue of George III)
1790 c. 1790 John Bacon William Chambers Sculptural groups Grade I The King, in the upper group, leans on a rudder and is flanked by a British lion and the prow of a classical barge; the Thames is represented below him as a river god. The maritime theme refers both to the function of the building, as offices for the Royal Navy (among other institutions), and to the King himself as steering the ship of state.[5]
Legal Lions - - 911197.jpg Lions sejant The Law Society, Chancery Lane 1852 (original model) Alfred Stevens Charles Holden Iron railing finials Grade II* Copies of the figures originally designed for the (now removed) dwarf-posts outside the British Museum, incorporated by Holden into his Law Society extension of 1902–1904. The same design also appears on the railings surrounding Stevens's magnum opus, the Duke of Wellington's tomb in St Paul's Cathedral (completed in 1912).[6][7]
Kaled by Giuseppe Grandi, 193 Fleet Street, London.jpg Kaled (also known as Lara's Page or Kaled on the Morning of Lara's Battle) 193 Fleet Street 1872–1873 Giuseppe Grandi Archer & Green Statue in niche Grade II [8]
Nineteenth-century office buildings, where Chancery Lane meets Fleet Street (geograph 2244231).jpg Architectural sculpture 193 Fleet Street 1883 Houghton of Great Portland Street Archer & Green Architectural sculpture Grade II [8]
Slightly under-dressed young woman waiting for her case to be called at the Law Courts - - 1133150.jpg Truth, Justice, Liberty and Mercy The Law Society 1902–1904 Charles Pibworth Charles Holden Architectural sculpture Grade II* [9]
Count Peter of Savoy (7945253616).jpg Statue of Peter II, Count of Savoy Savoy Hotel, Strand 1904 (erected) Frank Lynn Jenkins Thomas Edward Collcutt Statue Grade II [10]
Statue of Gladstone, Strand, London.JPG
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Memorial to William Ewart Gladstone Strand, in front of St Clement Danes

51°30′47″N 0°06′53″W / 51.5130°N 0.1146°W / 51.5130; -0.1146 (Memorial to William Ewart Gladstone)
1905 William Hamo Thornycroft John Lee Memorial with statue and other sculpture Grade II Unveiled 4 November 1905. Allegorical figures around the base represent Courage, Education, Aspiration and Brotherhood. Also represented are the arms of Gladstone's constituencies, Midlothian, Oxford University, the Duchy of Lancaster and Newark.[11]
Zimbabwean embassy in London.jpg The Ages of Man 429 Strand (Zimbabwe House) 1907–1908 Jacob Epstein Charles Holden Reliefs Grade II*
Samuel Johnson statue, St Clement Danes.jpg
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Statue of Samuel Johnson Strand, behind St Clement Danes

51°30′48″N 0°06′49″W / 51.5132°N 0.1136°W / 51.5132; -0.1136 (Statue of Samuel Johnson)
1910 Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald N/A Statue Grade II Unveiled 4 August 1910. Fitzgerald was an amateur sculptor and something of a self-appointed authority on Dr Johnson, who was a parishioner of St Clement's. A portrait medallion of James Boswell is set into the pedestal, which is a post-war replacement for the original.[12]
Australia House 2 (8013462466).jpg Two groups of figures Either side of main entrance of Australia House, Aldwych/Strand 1915–1918 Harold Parker Alexander Marshall Mackenzie Architectural sculpture Grade II
Phoebus Driving the Horses of the Sun.jpg Phoebus Driving the Horses of the Sun Australia House, Aldwych/Strand 1923 Bertram Mackennal Alexander Marshall Mackenzie Architectural sculpture Grade II [13]
Civil Service Rifles Memorial, front (3, cropped).jpg
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Civil Service Rifles War Memorial Somerset House, River Terrace

51°30′37″N 0°07′03″W / 51.51032°N 0.11756°W / 51.51032; -0.11756 (Civil Service Rifles War Memorial)
1923 N/A Edwin Lutyens Memorial Grade II* Unveiled 27 January 1924 in the centre of the courtyard of Somerset House; relocated in 2002. The fictive flags are a feature that Lutyens originally intended to employ on the Cenotaph in Whitehall.[14] Originally these were of copper but they have been replaced by flags carved from stone and painted.[15]
Andrew Young memorial.jpg Memorial to Andrew Young Strand, rear of central block of Bush House

51°30′45″N 0°07′01″W / 51.5125°N 0.1169°W / 51.5125; -0.1169 (Memorial to Andrew Young)
1924 Eric Bradbury Harvey Wiley Corbett (Bush House) Plaque with portrait relief N/A Inscribed IN MEMORY OF/ ANDREW YOUNG F.S.I/ FIRST VALUER TO THE LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL/ 1884–1914/ HE LABOURED TO BEAUTIFY/ THE LONDON HE LOVED. Young oversaw the building of Aldwych and Kingsway in 1899–1905.[16][17]
Bush House, London, Closeup (cropped).jpg Anglo-American Friendship Bush House, Aldwych

51°30′47″N 0°07′03″W / 51.5131°N 0.1175°W / 51.5131; -0.1175 (Anglo-American Friendship)
1924–1925 Malvina Hoffman Harvey Wiley Corbett (Bush House) Architectural sculpture Grade II [18]
High Commission of India in London 1.jpg Two elephants and a replica of the Lion Capital of Ashoka India House, Aldwych 1930s Architectural sculpture Grade II [19]
Twelve decorations representing the states of India India House, Aldwych 1930s Architectural sculpture Grade II [19]
LSE-mosa.jpg Mosaic Clare Market, St Clement's Building (London School of Economics)

51°30′52″N 0°07′01″W / 51.5144°N 0.1170°W / 51.5144; -0.1170 (Mosaic)
1961 Harry Warren Wilson White-Cooper & Turner Mosaic N/A The mosaic represents the River Thames and subjects taught at the LSE.[20][21][22]
Winged Form Abbey Life House, Arundel Street 1968 Geoffrey Wickham Architectural sculpture [23]
Lord Dowding - - 680493.jpg
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Statue of Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding Strand, in front of St Clement Danes

51°30′47″N 0°06′51″W / 51.5130°N 0.1143°W / 51.5130; -0.1143 (Statue of Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding)
1988 Faith Winter C. A. Hart Statue N/A Unveiled 30 October 1988 by the Queen Mother.[24] The first of a pair of statues of notable Royal Air Force personnel to be erected outside St Clement Danes, the Central Church of the RAF.[25] The pose has been described as "deliberately unheroic".[24]
The Marchers King's College, London 1975 Fred Kormis Relief [26]
Nehru bust, India Place, London.JPG
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Bust of Jawaharlal Nehru India Place

51°30′44″N 0°07′07″W / 51.5123°N 0.1185°W / 51.5123; -0.1185 (Memorial to Jawaharlal Nehru)
1991 Latika Katt Peter Leach Associates Bust N/A Unveiled 14 November 1991 in India House.[27]
Statue of Sir Arthur Harris outside St Clement Danes.jpg
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Statue of Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet Strand, in front of St Clement Danes

51°30′47″N 0°06′52″W / 51.5131°N 0.1144°W / 51.5131; -0.1144 (Statue of Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet)
1992 Faith Winter T. Hart and Michael Goss Statue N/A Unveiled 31 May 1992 by the Queen Mother. The decision to commemorate "Bomber" Harris ignited a major controversy and was criticised by the mayors of Cologne and Dresden. The unveiling was met by a public protest.[28]
Eagle, LSE.JPG Eagle Clement's Inn, Outside Tower One (London School of Economics)

51°30′51″N 0°06′57″W / 51.5141°N 0.1158°W / 51.5141; -0.1158 (Eagle)
2000 A. Duquette N/A Sculpture N/A Part of the Odette bequest. A small bronze of an eagle's head.[3]
Salutation by Ralph Hicks, LSE.JPG Salutation Portugal Street, rear of the Peacock Theatre (London School of Economics)

51°30′52″N 0°07′03″W / 51.5144°N 0.1174°W / 51.5144; -0.1174 (Salutation)
2002 Ralph Hicks N/A Sculpture N/A Part of the Odette bequest. An abstract representation, in stainless steel, of a human figure bowing its head to passers-by. Another version is at the Windsor Sculpture Park.[29]
Elephant and LSE.jpg
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Baby Tembo Clare Market, outside the Old Building (London School of Economics)

51°30′51″N 0°07′00″W / 51.5143°N 0.1167°W / 51.5143; -0.1167 (Baby Tembo)
2002 Derrick Stephan Hudson N/A Sculpture N/A Part of the Odette bequest. This work and Yolanda vanderGaast's Penguin were sited on Clare Market as the LSE crèche was at that time located at the top of the street, and it was thought that these sculptures might appeal to children. The crèche has since moved.[3]
Three Fates, LSE.JPG Three Fates Clement's Inn, opposite Tower Three (London School of Economics)

51°30′49″N 0°06′54″W / 51.5137°N 0.1149°W / 51.5137; -0.1149 (Three Fates)
2003 Morton Katz N/A Sculpture N/A Part of the Odette bequest.[3]
Equus, LSE.JPG Equus John Watkins Plaza, outside the British Library of Political and Economic Science

51°30′52″N 0°06′58″W / 51.5145°N 0.1160°W / 51.5145; -0.1160 (Equus)
2003 Edwina Sandys N/A Sculpture N/A Part of the Odette bequest. A bronze copy of a smaller marble original of 1977, produced during the artist's "Stone Age" period.[30]
Bluerain Lionel Robbins Building (London School of Economics), Portugal Street 2009 Michael Brown N/A [31]
Penguin, LSE.JPG Penguin Clare Market, outside St Clement's Building (London School of Economics)

51°30′52″N 0°07′00″W / 51.5144°N 0.1168°W / 51.5144; -0.1168 (Penguin)
2009 Yolanda vanderGaast N/A Sculpture N/A Part of the Odette bequest. VanderGaast's original Penguin of 2002[3] stood in Clare Market from 2005. In 2009 it was stolen; the thieves left only the flippers behind. The replacement statue is more firmly secured to the ground than its predecessor.[32]


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