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This is a list of notable pubs in Australia. A pub (in Australia) is an establishment performing many functions, often serving alcoholic beverages, meals, and providing basic accommodation.

The Australian pub is a direct descendant of the British and Irish pub. The production and consumption of alcoholic drinks has long played a key role in Western commerce and social activity, and this is reflected in the importance of pubs in the British colonisation of Australia after 1788. However, in the 19th century the local version evolved a number of distinctive features that set it apart from the classic British or urban Irish pub.

Pubs in Australia[edit]

Licenced clubs should be recorded under the List of licensed clubs in Australia.

Australian Capital Territory[edit]

New South Wales[edit]

The Dry Dock Hotel is the oldest licensed pub in the suburb of Balmain in the Inner West of Sydney.

Northern Territory[edit]




Western Australia[edit]


Australian pubs worldwide[edit]

There are an estimated 3,000 Australian themed pubs worldwide. They have been criticised for a lack of authenticity. They are particularly prevalent wherever expatriate communities are found, arguably due to a sense of connection to the Australian diaspora.[3][4]

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