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This is a list of public schools in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The local school district, Omaha Public Schools, operates most public schools in Omaha,[1] with the exception of Westside Community Schools and Millard Public Schools.

OPS elementary schools[edit]

Elementary schools in the Omaha Public Schools[2]
Name Founded Grades Address Enrollment
Adams Elementary K-6 3420 North 78 Street
Ashland Park/Robbins Elementary School 1994 K-6 5050 South 51 Street 1,187
Bancroft Elementary School 2724 Riverview Boulevard
Beals Elementary School 1904 K-6 1720 South 48 Street
Belle Ryan Elementary School 1807 South 60 Street
Belvedere Elementary School Thomas Elementary 3775 Curtis Avenue
Benson West Elementary School 6652 Maple Street
Boyd Elementary School 8314 Boyd Street
Castelar Elementary School 2316 South 18 Street
Catlin Magnet Center 1967 K-6 12736 Marinda Street [3]
Central Park Elementary School 4904 North 42 Street
Chandler View Elementary School 7800 South 25 Street
Columbian Elementary School 330 South 127 Street
Conestoga Magnet Center 2115 Burdette Street
Crestridge Magnet Center 818 Crestridge Road
Dodge Elementary School 3520 Maplewood Boulevard
Druid Hill Elementary School 4020 North 30 Street
Dundee Elementary School 310 North 51 Street
Edison Elementary School 2303 North 97 Street
Field Club Elementary School 3512 Walnut Street
Florence Elementary School 7902 North 36 Street
Fontenelle Elementary School 3905 North 52 Street
Franklin Elementary School 3506 Franklin Street
Fullerton Magnet Center 4711 North 138 Street
Gilder Elementary School 3705 Chandler Road
Gomez-Heritage Elementary School 5101 South 17 Street
Harrison Elementary School 5304 Hamilton Street
Hartman Elementary School 5530 North 66 Street
Highland Elementary School 2625 Jefferson Street
Indian Hill Elementary School 3121 U Street
Jackson Elementary School 620 South 31 Street
Jefferson Elementary School 4065 Vinton Street
Joslyn Elementary School 11220 Blondo Street
Kellom Elementary School
(formerly Paul Street School)
1892 Pre-K - 6 1311 North 24 Street 380-400[4]
Howard Kennedy Elementary School Pre-K - 6 2906 North 30 Street 240[5]
King Elementary School 3706 Maple Street
King Science and Technology Magnet Center 3720 Florence Boulevard
Liberty Elementary School 2021 St. Mary's Avenue
Lord Elementary School 330 South 44 Street
Lothrop Magnet Center 3300 North 22 Street
Marrs Magnet School 5619 South 19 Street
Masters Elementary School 5505 North 99 Street
Miller Park Elementary School 1912 K-6 5625 North 28 Avenue
Minne Lusa Elementary School 2728 Ida Street
Mount View Elementary School 5322 North 52 Street
Oak Valley Elementary School 3109 Pedersen Drive
Omaha Alice Buffett Middle School 2004 5-8 10410 Larimore Avenue
Pawnee Elementary School 7310 South 48 Street
Picotte Elementary School 14506 Ohio Street
Pinewood Elementary School 6717 North 63 Street
Ponca Elementary School 11300 North Post Road
Prairie Wind Elementary School 10908 Ellison Avenue
Rose Hill Elementary School 5605 Corby Street
Saddlebrook Elementary
Saratoga Elementary School 1867 Pre-K to 6 2504 Meredith Avenue
Sherman Elementary School 1888 Pre-K to 6 5618 North 14 Avenue
Skinner Magnet Center 4304 North 33 Street
Spring Lake Magnet Center 4215 South 20 Street
Springville Elementary School 7400 North 60 Street
Standing Bear Elementary School
Sunny Slope Elementary School 10828 Old Maple Road
Wakonda Elementary School 4845 Curtis Avenue
Walnut Hill Elementary School 4370 Hamilton Street
Washington Elementary School 5519 Mayberry Street
Western Hills Magnet Center 6523 Western Avenue

High schools[edit]

Omaha Senior high schools
Name Founded Grades Address Other info
Omaha Benson High School Magnet 1904 9 - 12 5120 Maple Street
Omaha Bryan High School 1965 9 - 12 4700 Giles Road
Omaha Burke High School 1963 9 - 12 12200 Burke Boulevard
Omaha Central High School 1859 9 - 12 124 North 20 Street listed on the NRHP
Omaha North High School 1924 9 - 12 4410 North 36 Street
Omaha Northwest High School 1971 9 - 12 8204 Crown Point Avenue
Omaha South High School 1901 9 - 12 4519 South 24 Street
OPS Career Center 1923 10 - 12 3230 Burt Street A school for students interested in careers; housed on former Technical High School campus
Westside High School 1951 9 - 12 8701 Pacific Street An Apple-certified school focused on college prep

Alternative schools[edit]

Omaha Public Schools alternative schools
Name Founded Grades Address Enrollment
Blackburn B 4768 Q Street
Blackburn High 9 - 12 2606 Hamilton 430
Parrish 4469 Farnam Street 138
Wilson 5141 F Street
Yates 3260 Davenport Street

Historical schools[edit]

The Board of Education in Omaha has operated a variety of schools since the city's founding in 1854. The first school in Omaha, a one-room schoolhouse, was opened on the southwest corner of Jefferson Square. After a brief closure in 1861, Omaha Public Schools formed again in 1863, and has operated continuously since.[6] The following schools in Omaha were opened and closed since 1863.[7][8]

Historic public schools
Name Years Grades Address Other information
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School ?-1984 11th and Center Streets This was the original home of a statue now located at Bancroft Elementary School.
Brown Park Elementary School 1892 19th & U Street
Cass School 1899 1418 Cass Street
Central Elementary School 2201 Dodge Street, Capitol Square
Clifton Hill 2811 North 45th Street
Comenius 1430 South 15th Street
Dodge School 11th and Dodge Streets[9]
Dupont School 29th Southwest corner of Martha Street
East School Southeast corner of 11th and Dodge Streets
Fairfax School Last use K and 1st grade 40th and Pratt two-room schoolhouse; church razed school for parking lot
Farnam School 2915 Farnam Street
Forest School
Gibson School 223 Hascall Street
Hartman's Addition East side of Sixteenth, south of Williams Street
Izard School North 19th and Izard Streets This was the second school opened in Omaha, in 1872. When it was built, newspapers harangued the school board for building "so far out in the country."[6]
Jackson Street School South side of Jackson, between Twelfth and Thirteenth Streets
Lake School 1888-? 1-8 2410 North 19th Street
Jungmann School 1899 20th & O Street
Leavenworth School Nellie Tayloe Ross, the first woman to serve as governor of an American State, taught at Leavenworth School in the late 1890s.[10]
Lincoln School 1730 South 11th Street aka Center School, now Lincoln School Apartments
Long School Franklin & North 26th Streets
Mason School 1889-1970s? 1012 South 24th Street designed by Mendelssohn, Fisher and Lawrie
Monmouth Park School 1903-1981 4508 North 33rd Street designed by Thomas Rogers Kimball, it was razed in 1995.
Omaha High School 1867 This was the third school in Omaha, and opened in 1872.[6]
Omaha View School
Pacific School 706 Park Avenue
Park School 1918-? 1320 South 29th Street designed by Thomas Rogers Kimball, listed on the NRHP
Pershing School
Pleasant School South 25th and St. Mary's Avenue
Robbins School 1910–1994 4302 South 39th Avenue listed on the NRHP
Rosewater School 1910-? 3764 South 13th Street named for Edward Rosewater, listed on the NRHP
Saunders School 1899-1979 (est) 415 North 41st Avenue listed on the NRHP
South Central 1889; rebuilt 1916 4701 South 25th Street former Polish Home,[11] now the El Museo Latino
Technical High School 1925–1984 10 - 12 3215 Cuming Street listed on the NRHP
Train School 1600 South 6th Street
Vinton School 1908-? 2120 Deer Park Boulevard listed on the NRHP
Webster School 28th Avenue & Webster Streets
Windsor School 1892 3401 Martha Street Marlon Brando attended grade school for a few years here.

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