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This is a list of past and present publications at the College of William & Mary. Many of them, such as The Flat Hat, are funded through the College's student activities fees. Some, however, such as The Virginia Informer, are privately funded.

The oldest extant student news sheet from the College of William & Mary is The Owl, an unofficial publication with a strong Southern political slant from 1854. The only known copy is held by the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) in Earl Gregg Swem Library. Student publications in a variety of formats are actively collected by the SCRC.

Overseeing all school-funded publications is the Publications Council.[1]

Newspapers and informational magazines[edit]

Name Began Ended Notes Reference Link
The Advocate 1969 2009 [2] [1]
Alembic 1968 1969 An underground newspaper. [3]
The Brave Indian 1947 1947 Information unavailable [3]
College Observer 1970 1971 A supplement published by the Virginia Gazette specifically covering College news. Many of the writers and production people were students. The paper appeared weekly during the school year from September 1970 through December 1971. [3]
Cumtux 1948 1948 A short-lived newspaper. [3]
DoG Street Journal, TheThe DoG Street Journal 2003 still active An online newspaper and monthly news magazine at William & Mary. Magazines are issued once a month and online stories appear irregularly during the academic year. [4] [2]
Green and Gold Dispatch, TheThe Green and Gold Dispatch 2013 still active
Flat Hat, TheThe Flat Hat 1911 Still active The oldest campus newspaper at William & Mary. In October 2007, it won the Pacemaker award for excellence in the category of non-daily newspaper at a four-year university, and in 2010 was listed by College Media Matters as one of the 30 best collegiate newspapers in the United States. The Flat Hat now prints twice weekly, but up until the spring of 2007 it used to only print once weekly. It is funded partially through the Publications Council, a body composed of college administrators and the editors of other campus publications. The Flat Hat maintains editorial and procedural autonomy from the College. [5] [3]
Gladfly 2015 Still active The Gadfly is an independent leftist publication at the College of William & Mary. [3]
Hatter 1970 1970 Also called Strike! Two issues were printed in the spring semester. [3]
The High Hat 1930 1961 The student newspaper of the Norfolk Division of The College of William & Mary (which has since become Old Dominion University). [3]
The Remnant 1989 2005 A weekly journal of student opinion. [3]
Rip-off 1974 1974 Possibly only one issue of this newspaper. Their slogan was, "All the news that fits, we print." [3]
Spirit of the Living Watching 2012 still active An art and art history publication interested in both scholarly and creative responses to art as well as opportunities available to students on campus. [3]
The Straw Hat 1914 1933 A summer school newspaper originally published in Dublin, Virginia. Later issues began to get printed on the College campus. [3]
Virginia Informer, TheThe Virginia Informer 2005 2012 The College's second largest student newspaper and printed monthly. It was one of the only newspaper at the College that was independently funded. The Informer was officially non-partisan but known to challenge the campus establishment and have conservative and libertarian editorials. [6][7] [4]
W&M Standard 2001 2006 A conservative independent publication of The Standard. [3]
The William and Mary Excalibur 1970 1970 Information unavailable [3]
The William and Mary Observer 1986 1987 A journal of student opinion and investigative reporting. Only three issues were ever produced. [3]
William and Mary Perspective 1987 1989 Information unavailable [3]
The Williamsburg Daily Planet 1975 1975 A one-issue newspaper. [3]

Literary and art[edit]

Name Began Ended Notes Reference Link
The Gallery 1979 Still active Formerly The Gallery of Writing; a poetry and literature publication. [8] [5]
The Gargoyle 1973 1973 A one-issue journal of literature and the fine arts. [3]
Jump! 1983 Still active A news–feature magazine. [9][10] [6]
The Logos 2007 Still active A literary magazine. [3]
Manqué 2004 2004 Slogan was "the presence of absence." It had been previously published in an online edition only. [3]
Rocket 2010 Still active Rocket Magazine is the premiere art and fashion publication at The College of William and Mary. Founded by Justin Miller in 2011, the purpose of Rocket is to provide an outlet for student artistic expression primarily through art and design, fashion, photography, and feature. [11] [7]
William and Mary Review 1962 Still active Formed by union of the Royalist (1937–1962) and Seminar (1956–1962). [3]
William & Mary Comix 2007 2009 A publication with small print volumes containing artwork and comics created by students at the College. [12] [8]
Winged Nation 1993 Still active Winged Nation is a literary arts magazine publishing only student work which "seeks to showcase students' unique view of the world through art, literature, and design." [13] [9]

Humor and satire[edit]

Name Began Ended Notes Reference Link
Ha! 1994 1994 Information unavailable [3]
The Owl 1854 1854 One of the earliest recorded examples of satirical literature at the College. The premier issue is the only remaining copy in Swem Archives. It debuted during the height of the antebellum period with the country torn over the issue of states rights and slavery. The Owl addresses many issues that would be considered controversial today, such as race and gender. Other issues addressed that are still present were professors, administration, and Williamsburg citizens. There is no evidence of funding found for The Owl. A theory on this is that The Owl was merely a joke amongst a group of students and they used their own money to pay to have it printed. Also there is no evidence to prove that multiple copies were produced and distributed. [14]
The Pillory 1991 2013 A satire magazine and only publishes one issue per semester. The magazine does not have any competitors per se, as it is not a news reporting magazine. It is well-known on the College of William & Mary's campus, however, that The Pillory and The Virginia Informer generally dislike one another. [15]
Sleuth 2000 2000 Two issue satirical magazine for the months of October and November. It was in a newsletter format – one long sheet with several humorous stories. Sleuth contained only one small advertisement per issue, located in the bottom right-hand corner. They provided coupons for the campus coffee house The Daily Grind and Williamsburg pub The Green Leafe, two popular student hangouts. [14]
The Taverner 1987 1988 A bound pamphlet, was composed of humor articles and stories within each issue. It never tried to mock real newspapers, thus making it a "soft news" publication. [14]
The Botetourt Squat 2011 Still Active A satirical newspaper that mocks and provides humorous insight into campus culture. Named for the Botetourt Complex, infamous Freshmen dorms on New Campus. The newspaper does not currently have any competitors, though it occasionally jokingly derides The Flat Hat on principle. [14]

Special interest[edit]

Name Began Ended Notes Reference Link
Calling Out 2006 2006 Publication of the Asian Student Council. [3]
Colonial Echo 1899 Still active The yearbook of the College of William & Mary, created entirely by students. The yearbook has been published every year since its first issue. Issues are published during homecoming weekend of the following academic year and distributed to students without additional charge. [16] [10]
From the Margin 2005 2006 A discourse on minority experience. [3]
Iskra 1967 1968 An alternative title was Spark. [3]
Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality 2007 Still active A 'zine that was created by four students as a Women's Studies project in the spring of 2007. The purpose of Lips is to provide a space for open and honest expressions of sexuality from the female perspective. Entries include poetry, prose, essays, short stories, artwork, and magazine clippings. Lips is released once a semester. [17][18]
Namet and Taket 1945 1945 Weekly volume designations during July and August 1945. [3]
The Progressive 2004 2006 A liberal, leftist, and/or progressive magazine, alternatively known as the William & Mary Progressive. [3] [11]
Uhuru 1976 1976 One issue (?). Other information unavailable. [3]
William and Mary Alumni Magazine  ? Still active The official magazine for all alumni of the College. It is mailed quarterly – once during each new season. It updates the alumni on happenings at William & Mary as well as future events and plans. In the back of the magazine it lists notable achievements by certain alumni per each graduating year, as well as any alumni deaths that have occurred since the previous issue. [19] [12]


Name Began Ended Notes Reference Link
Journal of Online Law 1995 2001 Created by the William & Mary Law School, it was an electronic publication of scholarly essays about law and online communications. [20]
The Monitor 1993 Still active The journal of international studies at the College of William & Mary. The purpose of The Monitor is to publish undergraduate papers from a broad range of academic disciplines including, but not limited to: religion, history, sociology, anthropology, government, linguistics, international studies, international relations, and modern languages. [21] [13]
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review 1975 Still active Began as the William and Mary Journal of Environmental Law in 1975 to report on local and regional topics of environmental law. Today, the central function of the review is to provide a forum for professors, scholars, practitioners and students to publish articles on current topics of environmental law and examine in a more focused manner the policy implications behind the law. [22] [14]
William and Mary Law Review 1957 Still active Published entirely by William and Mary law students, it is an annual volume of legal writing containing both professional and student work. [23] [15]


Name Began Ended Notes Reference Link
Eighteenth-Century Life  ?  ? Information unavailable. [3]
Ideation 2005 Still active A semi-annual magazine "to showcase the research and scholarship contributions to society being made by faculty and students of the College." The magazine is mailed out to all alumni of William & Mary to further promote conducting research at the school. [24] [16]
The Throne 2002 Still active A monthly newsletter created by the staff of Swem Library that is posted inside the library's bathroom stalls. The idea for The Throne was borrowed from "Stall Talk" of the University of Virginia libraries. [25]
William & Mary News  ? Still active It's published by the Office of University Relations as a service to the greater College community. It updates the College community on the administration's, faculty's, students' and staff's achievements. [26] [17]
William and Mary Quarterly 1892 Still active This history journal was founded at the College of William & Mary in 1892. Since 1944 it has been published by the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture established by the College and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. [27] [18]


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