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This is a list of punk rock compilation albums. Compilation albums played a particularly vital role in the development of new punk rock bands, since relatively few local bands had a large enough audience to justify their own albums.

Multiple-band albums[edit]

United States[edit]

Album Released Label Description
American Youth Report 1982 LP, 1994 CD Bomp! Records Mostly Southern California hardcore
The Blasting Concept [1] 1983 LP SST Records[1] SST artists, mostly Southern California hardcore
Can of Pork [2] 1992 2xLP, 1994 CD Lookout! Records[2] 29 bands mostly from California. Also features bands from other parts of the U.S.
The Decline of Western Civilization (soundtrack) 1981 LP, 1996 CD Warner Bros. Live performances from the movie. Mostly L.A. hardcore.
Fat Music Various 1994-2010 Fat Wreck Chords Various bands on the Fat Wreck Chords roster
Flex Your Head 1982 LP, 1993 CD Dischord 11 bands from the Washington D.C. hardcore scene
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 1984 LP, 1993 CD Flipside Records 3-record set. The 2-CD version omits a few songs. Hardcore.
Hell Comes to Your House 1982 LP, 1998 CD Time Bomb/Bemis Brain Side 1 hardcore, side 2 deathrock
Let Them Eat Jellybeans! 1981 LP Alternative Tentacles Side 1 hardcore, side 2 various genres.
Nardcore 1984 LP, 2002 CD Mystic Records Hardcore from Oxnard, California. An example of Mystic's "local" records.
International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation 1984 2-LP, 1997 2-CD R Radical Records (1984)
New Red Archives (1997)
55 punk and hardcore bands from 13 countries around the world.
New York Thrash [3] 1982 cassette, 1998 CD ROIR[3] CD has additional tracks. Punk and hardcore.
Not So Quiet on the Western Front 1982 LP, 1999 CD Alternative Tentacles 47 bands, mostly Northern California hardcore.
Punk-O-Rama [4] Various 1994-2005 Epitaph Records Series of low-cost albums featuring Epitaph artists. Early issues are mostly punk.
Punkzilla Various 2001 Nitro Records Compilation album consisting of songs by bands on Nitro Records.
Red Scare Industries: Ten Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit Various 2014 CD & LP Red Scare Industries 17 artists from the Red Scare roster, unreleased material
Rock Against Bush Various 2004 Fat Wreck Chords Punk rock songs against George Bush.
Rodney on the ROQ Various Posh Boy Records Series of three. Punk and New Wave as popularized by the radio program.
Streets 1977 LP Beggars Banquet Records Early punk compilation (mostly from UK)
The Thing That Ate Floyd 1988 LP, 2002 CD Lookout! Records East Bay punk and hardcore.
This Is Boston, Not L.A. 1982 LP Modern Method Records Early Boston hardcore. CD version also includes the Unsafe at Any Speed compilation EP.
Turn It Around! 1987 2x 7", 1991 12" Maximumrocknroll
Very Small Records
12 bands from the 924 Gilman Street project in Berkeley, California.

United Kingdom[edit]

Album Released Label Description
Raw War (The World Of Punk)[5] 1983 CS Xcentric Noise Records International compilation with bands from Brazil, Canada, Finland, Holland, Italy, Norway, and the U.K.

Single-band albums[edit]

The Clash[edit]

The Cramps[edit]



The Reverend Horton Heat[edit]

The Saints[edit]

By punk rock subgenre[edit]

Garage punk[edit]


Punk jazz[edit]

John Zorn compilation albums[edit]

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NOFX compilation albums[edit]

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