List of quadrangles on Tethys

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Tethys has been divided into 15 quadrangles.[1]

Overview of the quadrangles of Tethys
Name Number Latitude Longitude Namesake Map
Ste1 65–90° N 0–360° W Labeled, unlabeled
Anticleia Ste2 21–66° N 0–90° W Anticlea Labeled, unlabeled
Odysseus Ste3 21–66° N 90–180° W Odysseus Labeled, unlabeled
Alcinous Ste4 21–66° N 180–270° W Alcinous Labeled, unlabeled
Telemachus Ste5 21–66° N 270–360° W Telemachus Labeled, unlabeled
Circe Ste6 22° N–22° S 0–72° W Circe Labeled, unlabeled
Polycaste Ste7 22° N–22° S 72–144° W Polycaste Labeled, unlabeled
Theoclymenus Ste8 22° N–22° S 144–216° W Theoclymenus Labeled, unlabeled
Penelope Ste9 22° N–22° S 216-288° W Penelope Labeled, unlabeled
Salmoneus Ste10 22° N-22° S 288–360° W Salmoneus Labeled, unlabeled
Ithaca Chasma Ste11 21–66° S 0–90° W Ithaca Chasma Labeled, unlabeled
Hermione Ste12 21–66° S 90–180° W Hermione Labeled, unlabeled
Melanthius Ste13 21–66° S 180–270° W Melanthius Labeled, unlabeled
Antinous Ste14 21–66° S 270–360° W Antinuous Labeled, unlabeled
Naubolos Ste15 65–90° S 0–360° W Naubolos Labeled, unlabeled


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