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Race horse trainers train horses for horse racing. This involves exercising, feeding, management and, in early years, to get them used to human contact.[1]

Once a horse is old enough to be ridden, a trainer prepares a horse for races, with responsibility for exercising it, getting it race-ready and determining which races it should enter. Leading horse trainers can earn a great deal of money from a percentage of the winnings that they charge the owner for training the horse.

Outside horse racing, most trainers specialize in a certain equestrianism discipline. Some fields can be very lucrative, usually depending on the value of the horses one trains or prize money available in competition.

Prominent race horse trainers[edit]

United Kingdom & Ireland[edit]

United States[edit]

According to The American Racing Manual, the thoroughbred horse racing trainers who have led the annual money-earning list more than twice since 1908 are:


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