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This is a list of radio stations in Africa. For countries for which information is not listed, please see the "Media" section of that country's national article, or use the "Media in Africa" box at the bottom of this article.


Entreprise nationale de Radiodiffusion sonore or ENRS is the state public radio broadcaster of Algeria, which owns


Rádio Nacional de Angola or RNA, is the state radio broadcaster of Angola, which owns

  • Canal A
  • Rádio Luanda
  • FM Estéreo
  • N'Gola Yetu
  • Rádio 5


  • Ecclesia FM - 97.5 FM Luanda (Religious Radio Station)
  • Luanda Antena Comercial - 95.5 FM Luanda
  • Ngola Radio - 87.7 FM Luanda

 Ascension Island[edit]


Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin or ORTB is the state broadcaster of Benin, which owns

  • Radio Bénin (National)
  • Radio Régionale
  • Atlantic FM
  • Radio Parakou


  • BBC WS Africa
  • FM Ouémé
  • Radio Adja Ouèrè
  • Radio Maranatha
  • Radio Tokpa
  • RFI Afrique
  • RIC (Radio Immaculée Conception)
  • Golfe FM
  • Océan FM
  • Soleil FM
  • Frissons Radio
  • Fraternité FM


 Burkina Faso[edit]

Radio Television du Burkina (RTB), is the state broadcaster of Burkina Faso, which owns

  • RTB Radio (National radio station)
  • Radio Canal Arc-en-Ciel
  • Local RTB radio stations



Radio Télévision Nationale du Burundi or RTNB, is the state broadcaster of Burundi, which owns

  • RTNB Radio 1
  • RTNB Radio 2



Cameroon Radio & Television or CRTV, is the state broadcaster of Cameroon, which owns

  • CRTV Radio Nationale


 Cape Verde[edit]

Rádio e Televisão de Cabo Verde or RTC, is the state broadcaster of Cape Verde, which owns

  • RCV Rádio de Cabo Verde (National)
  • RCV Mais
  • RCV Regional


 Central African Republic[edit]



Office de Radio et Télévision des Comores or ORTC, is the state broadcaster of Comoros, which owns

  • Radio Comores


 Côte d'Ivoire[edit]

Radiodiffusion-Télévision Ivoirienne or RTI, is the state broadcaster of Côte d'Ivoire, which owns

  • Radio Côte d'Ivoire
  • Fréquence 2



La Radiodiffusion Télévision Congolaise or RTC, is the state broadcaster of the Republic of the Congo, which owns

  • RTC National
  • RTC Régional


 Democratic Republic of Congo[edit]

Radio-Télévision nationale congolaise or RTNC, is the state broadcaster of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which owns

  • RTNC Chaîne Nationale



Radio Télévision de Djibouti or RTD, is the state broadcaster of the Republic of Djibouti, which owns

  • Radio Inter
  • Radio Nationale
  • RTD FM



Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) is the state broadcaster of Egypt. With other state radio stations, there are two partly private and one private radio station.

 Equatorial Guinea[edit]

Radiotelevisión de Guinea Ecuatorial or RTVGE, is the state broadcaster of Equatorial Guinea, which owns

  • Radio Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial



  • Radio Selamna
  • Dimtsi Hafash
  • Radio Bana
  • Radio Zara


  • Debub FM
  • FM Addis
  • Radio Ethiopia
  • Radio Fana
  • zami 90.1 FM
  • FM Addis 96.3 FM
  • EBC 97.1 FM
  • Fana FM 98.1
  • Bisrat FM 101.1
  • Sheger FM 102.1
  • EBC FM 104.7
  • Afro FM 105.3
  • KETO 93.9 FM Denver


Radiodiffusion-Télévision Gabonaise or RTG, is the state broadcaster of Gabon, which owns

  • RTG Châine 1
  • RTG Châine 2



Ghana Broadcasting Corporation or GBC, is the state broadcaster of Ghana, which owns


Radio Télévision Guinéenne or RTG, is the state broadcaster of Guinea, which owns

  • Radio Nationale Guinéenne
  • Radio Rurale Guinéene



Radio Televisão da Guiné-Bissau or RTGB is the state broadcaster of Guinea-Bissau, which owns

  • Radiodiffusão Nacional do Guinea
  • including Several local radio stations



Broadcasting in Swahili, English and other local dialects, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation or KBC, is the state broadcaster of Kenya, which owns

  • KBC Radio Taifa
  • KBC English Service
  • KBC Eastern
  • Coro FM
  • Pwani FM



  • MXXL Radio 91.0 MHz


Liberia Broadcasting System or LBS, is the state broadcaster of Liberia, which owns

  • Radio Liberia



Libyan Radio and Television or LRT, is the state broadcaster of Libya.

  • Al Aan FM (transmits in 105.3 MHz across the country, covering cities: Al Bayda, Al Marj, Benghazi, Jadu, Misrata, Labraq, Nalut, Sabha, Sirte, Susah, Tobruk, Tripoli)



Malawi Broadcasting Corporation or MBC, is the state broadcaster of Malawi, which owns

  • Radio 1
  • Radio 2


Times radio Maziko radio Yoneco fm


Office de Radiodiffusion Television du Mali or ORTM, is the state broadcaster of Mali, which owns

  • Radio Mali
  • Chaîne 2
  • Radio Rurale



Radio Mauritanie is the state broadcaster of Mauritania, which owns

  • Radio Mauritanie National
  • Radio Mauritanie Régional





Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision or SNRT is the state broadcaster of Morocco, which owns

  • Chaîne Nationale
  • Chaîne Inter
  • SNRT Quran
  • SNRT Arabic



Rádio Moçambique is the state broadcaster of Mozambique, which owns

  • Antena Nacional



Namibian Broadcasting Corporation or NBC, is the state broadcaster of Namibia, which owns

  • NBC National Radio 1 (English)
  • NBC National Radio 2 (Afrikaans)
  • NBC National Radio 3 (German)
  • including Other radio stations of NBC operate in several local languages


  • Hitradio Namibia: first commercial German-language radio station in Namibia, broadcasting in the central and coastal areas as well as by a live stream.
  • Channel 7: Broadcasting on 104.5 FM in Windhoek. Christian community station. The widest reach (number of transmitters throughout the country) of any Namibian radio station (except Namibian Broadcasting Corporation).
  • Katutura Community Radio: Broadcasts on 106.2 FM in Windhoek. Community radio station based in a Windhoek suburb - Katutura.
  • Kudu FM
  • Omulunga Radio
  • 99FM: English medium, commercial radio station. ([ Official website])
  • Radio Energy 100FM
  • RFI Afrique: Broadcasting on 107.9 FM in Windhoek. Relay of French speaking radio channel in Windhoek
  • UNAM Radio: Community Radio broadcast from University of Namibia on 97.4 FM only within the city of Windhoek and surrounding areas
  • West Coast FM: Broadcasting on 107.7 FM in Swakopmund and 106.9 FM in Walvis Bay. The only station in the Erongo Region broadcasting live, 24/7 from Swakopmund. Adult contemporary with a touch of local. Visit for further information and to listen online.


Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Niger or ORTN, is the state broadcaster of Niger, which owns



  • XMRadio1 (Official website) (New music, digital audio contents and new age radio shows)[1]
  • 234Radio (Official website) (Internet Radio; Broadcasting from Nigeria, UK, USA and Jamaica, its also available on Android[2] and iOS[3] platforms)
  • Don bosco radio (Official website) internet radio; transmitting from Nigeria, Ireland, Ghana etc. It a radio for the youth and operate by the youth. its also available on Android and ios


Radio France is the state broadcaster of France, which also broadcasts some stations in La Réunion and Mayotte. It owns,



Rwandan Office of Information or ORINFOR, is the state broadcaster of Rwanda, which owns


 Saint Helena[edit]

 São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]


Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise or RTS, is the state broadcaster of Senegal, which owns

  • RTS Chaîne Nationale
  • RTS Chaîne Regionale
  • Radio Sénégal International
  • Dakar FM
  • Mag FM



 Sierra Leone[edit]


 South Africa[edit]

  • All Jazz Radio [6] (Africa's only 24/7 volunteer driven online radio station streaming daily from Cape Town, playing all jazz from Africa including, Blues, Latin & World jazz)
  • Soweto iRadio [7]
  • 70vibe-fm - It's about the seventies music! [8]

 South Sudan[edit]


  • Voice of Peace
    • Sudan National Radio
    • FM 100
    • Salam Radio
    • Quran Radio
    • Wadi Nile Valley Radio


Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services or SBIS, is the state broadcaster of Swaziland, which owns

  • Radio 1 (Siswati)
  • Radio 2 (English)



Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation TBC, owns

  • TBC FM
  • TBC Taifa


  • Abood Radio
  • Bongo Radio (Online Radio Station)
  • Clouds FM
  • Country FM
  • East Africa Radio
  • Ebony FM
  • HHC Alive Radio (Christian Radio)
  • Info Radio
  • Kwa Neema FM
  • Living Water FM
  • Magic FM
  • Mambo Jambo FM
  • Mbeya Highlands FM
  • Pride FM Radio
  • Radio Free Africa
  • Radio Imaan (Islamic Radio)
  • Radio Maria
  • Radio One
  • Radio Safina (Christian Radio)
  • Times FM
  • WAPO Rado

 Tristan da Cunha[edit]



Établissement de la Radiodiffusion-Télévision Tunisienne or the ERTT, is the state broadcaster of Tunisia, which owns



Uganda Broadcasting Corporation or UBC, is the state radio broadcaster of Uganda, which owns

  • UBC Radio Uganda (National)
  • Red Channel
  • Blue Channel
  • Star FM
  • Magic 100
  • Mega FM


  • Bana U Radio
  • Basoga Baino FM 87.7
  • BBC WS Africa
  • Beat FM 96.3
  • CBS FM Buganda
  • 91.3 Capital FM
  • Hot 100 Uganda
  • Impact FM
  • Jubilee Radio 105.6 Fort Portal
  • K-FM (93.3)
  • FUFA FM 102.3 Kampala
  • Kaaro FM 103.8 Lyantonde
  • Mega FM Gulu 102
  • Namirembe FM 93.9
  • NBS FM 89.4 Jinja
  • Pearl FM 107.9
  • Power FM 104.1
  • Radio Maria
  • Radio One FM
  • Radio5 99.7 FM
  • Radio ABC
  • Radio City FM
  • Radio Sapientia 94.4 FM
  • Radio Wa 89.8 FM Lira
  • RFI Afrique
  • Sanyu FM
  • Spirit FM 96.6
  • Touch FM 95.9
  • Tropical Radio 88.4 FM
  • Vision Radio 89.1
  • 94.8 XFM
  • Radio West 100.2
  • Radio Rukungiri
  • Radio Ankole
  • Voice of Tooro
  • Kinkiizi Radio
  • Crooze Fm
  • Radio Endigyito
  • Hunter Fm
  • Voice of Kigezi
  • 100.2 Pakwach Fm
  • RFM Radio - 91.1 Iganga
  • Galaxy FM 100.2

 Western Sahara[edit]

Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision or SNRT which is the state broadcaster of Morocco, is also the state broadcaster in Western Sahara, which owns

  • SNRT Al Idaâ Al-Watania (National)
  • SNRT Al Idaâ Al Amazighia
  • SNRT Quran
  • Chaîne Inter



  • 5FM Radio Zambia
  • AMA Radio 93.3 FM
  • BBC World Service Africa
  • Breeze FM - 89.3 FM Chipata, 89.7 FM Lundazi, 98.9 FM Katete
  • Comet 93.7 Fm
  • Flava FM - 87.7 FM - Kitwe
  • Kokoliko FM - 94.9 FM - Chingola
  • Hot FM 87.7 FM Lusaka
  • Joy FM Zambia 106.9
  • Komboni Radio 94.9 FM[9]
  • Mazabuka Community Radio MAZ FM - 100.9
  • Metro FM - 94.5 Midlands
  • Radio Chikuni 91.9 FM
  • Radio France International - 100.5 FM Lusaka & 92.5 FM Kitwe
  • Radio Icengelo 89.1 FM - Kitwe
  • Radio Liseli Oblate
  • Radio Lyambai
  • Radio Mano - 89.1 FM Kasawa
  • Radio Maranatha - 103.3 FM - Kabwe
  • KNC Radio-101.7FM Kabwe 91.9 Fm Kapiri
  • Radio Maria - 88.5 FM Chipata & 94.5 FM Nyimba District
  • Radio Musi-O-Tunya
  • Radio Phoenix 89.5 FM - Lusaka (100.5 FM - Kitwe)
  • Radio Q-FM-Zambia
  • Sun FM Zambia 88.5 Ndola City
  • Zambezi FM 107.7 ( Livingstone, Kazungula, Zimba and parts of Kalomo,including the added parts into Zimbabwe hinterlands, Botswana and Namibia making it the only Zambian commercial radio station that broadcasting in Nambia)[10]
  • The Word Station - Lusaka (Coming soon)
  • ZNBC (Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation)
    • ZNBC Radio 1
    • ZNBC Radio 2
    • ZNBC Radio 4


ZBC is the state broadcaster of Zimbabwe and operates six radio networks.



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