List of radio stations in Belgium

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The following is a list of radio stations in Belgium.

Public broadcasters[edit]

Belgium has three public broadcasters, one for each national language.

List of FM radio services by community[edit]

The following is a list of FM radio stations broadcasting in Belgium. There is also DAB+ coverage in many parts of Belgium, with most of the DAB+ stations being available on FM as well.

The Flemish Community[edit]

The French Community[edit]

The German Community[edit]

Public (BRF)[edit]

Regional stations[edit]

Other languages[edit]

English language[edit]

Turkish language[edit]

  • Gold FM ([3]) - Brussels region : 106.1 FM and Online

Arabic language[edit]

  • AraBel FM ([4]) - Brussels and surroundings : 106.8 MHz FM and Online (70% French and 30% Arabic)

Spanish language[edit]

  • Radio Alma ([5]) - Brussels and surroundings : 101.9 MHz FM and Online (Mixture of French and Mediterranean languages : Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese)

Italian language[edit]

  • Radio Italia ([6]) - Charleroi : 105.2 MHZ FM and Online

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