List of radio stations in Costa Rica

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This is a list of radio stations in Costa Rica.

Radio stations[edit]

Frequency Name Website
Frequency Modulation (FM)
88.3 FM Radio Colosal [1]
88.7 FM Radio 88 Stereo
91.10 FM Radio Puntarenas [2]
91.90 FM Zoom Radio [3]
93.5 FM and 670 AM Radio Monumental [4]
96.7 FM Radio Universidad de Costa Rica [5] See: Radio stations of University of Costa Rica.
98.7 FM Radio Columbia [6]
99.5 FM Radio 2 [7]
101.9 FM Radio U [8] See: Radio stations of University of Costa Rica.
104.7 FM Radio Hit
105.9 FM Beatz106 [9]
107.5 FM Radio 107.5 Real Rock [10]
Amplitude Modulation (AM)
870 AM Radio 870 UCR [11] See: Radio stations of University of Costa Rica.

For a complete list of radio stations of Costa Rica visit the official page of CANARA, The National Non-profit Chamber of Radios of Costa Rica at [12] or go to Radios de Costa Rica [13] where you can listen to many of them online.

To check what radio frequency is assigned to whom, go to Control Nacional de Radio [14], Costa Rica's government agency that assigns and controls the radio spectrum. To contact the regulatory body that polices the quality of service of radio for consumers, go to Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Publicos, ARESEP, explicitly with a sub-branch called SUTEL [15], La Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones.

There are also different online radio stations, like

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