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This is a list of radio stations in Malaysia, ordered by location and frequency. Frequency varies in different states.

There are a total of 24 private and 44 government-owned radio stations in Malaysia. Stations owned by the government operate under the Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) group. Other stations such as BBC World Service, China Radio International, Suara Malaysia and Voice of Vietnam are available in Malaysia via AM.


FM stations[edit]

Frequency [1] RDS[clarification needed] Station Operator Language Genre Coverage Area
88.1 MHz YES One FM Media Prima Mandarin
CHR/Pop Music Nationwide
88.5 MHz YES Nasional FM RTM Malay Music Nationwide
88.8 MHz (East Pahang and South Terengganu)
106.8 MHz (Central Terengganu)
88.1 MHz (Kota Bharu and North Terengganu)
YES Gegar (formerly THR Gegar) Astro Radio Malay Talk, music East Pahang
88.9 MHz (Klang Valley)
107.6 MHz (Penang)
YES goXuan (formerly Capital FM 88.9) Astro Radio Mandarin
CHR/Pop Music Klang Valley
Northern Negeri Sembilan
Western Pahang
Northwest and Southern Perak
Southern Kedah
89.3 MHz YES Ai FM RTM Mandarin
Various Chinese dialects
89.5 MHz KK12FM English, with some Malaysian language (Sabah Malay) Talk, music Kota Kinabalu
89.9 MHz YES BFM 89.9 BFM Media English, Malay Music
Klang Valley
Negeri Sembilan
South Perak
90.3 MHz YES TraXX FM RTM English Music
90.7 MHz NO Putra FM Universiti Putra Malaysia Malay
Seri Kembangan
91.1 MHz YES Asyik FM RTM Jakun
Klang Valley
Northern Johor
Negeri Sembilan
Southern Perak
Western Pahang
91.5 MHz YES Radio IKIM (formerly Institute of Islamic Studies Malaysia Arabic
92.3 MHz YES Minnal FM RTM Tamil Music
Peninsular Malaysia
92.9 MHz YES Hitz Astro Radio English CHR/Pop Music Nationwide
93.6 MHz NO UFM Universiti Teknologi MARA English
Petaling Jaya
Shah Alam
93.9 MHz YES Bernama Radio Bernama Malay, English, Tamil News, music Kuala Lumpur
94.5 MHz YES Mix Astro Radio English Adult CHR Music Nationwide
95.3 MHz YES Nasional FM RTM Malay Music Klang Valley
95.8 MHz YES Fly FM Media Prima English CHR/Pop Music Peninsular Malaysia (RDS only available at Klang Valley & Alor Setar )
96.3 MHz Kupi-Kupi FM Cense Media Sdn Bhd Kadazan-Dusun, Chinese, Murut, Malay and English Music Sabah
96.3 MHz YES Minnal FM RTM Tamil Talk, music Peninsular Malaysia
96.7 MHz YES Sinar Astro Radio Malay Talk, music Nationwide
97.2 MHz YES KLFM RTM Malay Talk, music Selangor, Kuala Lumpur & part of Negeri Sembilan
97.6 MHz YES Hot FM Media Prima Malay Talk, music Nationwide (RDS only at Klang Valley & Taiping)
98.3 MHz YES Radio Klasik FM (alternative frequency) RTM Malay Music Nationwide
98.8 MHz YES 988 FM STAR Rfm Sdn.Bhd (Star Radio Group, The Star) Mandarin
Talk, music Peninsular Malaysia
99.3 MHz YES Raaga (formerly THR Raaga) Astro Radio Tamil Talk, music Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang (except Kuantan, Pekan and Rompin), Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor, Singapore and parts of Kelantan
100.1 MHz YES TraXX FM (alternative frequency) RTM English Talk, music Klang Valley
101.3 MHz YES Kool FM Media Prima Malay Talk, music Klang Valley
Kuala Terengganu
Alor Setar
Kota Bahru
100.9 MHz YES Selangor FM RTM Malay Talk, music Selangor & Kuala Lumpur only
101.8 MHz YES My Astro Radio Mandarin, Cantonese CHR/Pop Music Nationwide
102.5 MHz YES Asyik FM and Salam FM RTM Orang Asli Talk, music Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Southern Perak, Western Pahang and parts of Negeri Sembilan only
102.7 (KCH) 102.8 (KK) 100.7 (Sibu)  MHz TEA FM KTS Mandarin, English Music East Malaysia only, Sarawak, Sabah
103.0 MHz YES Melody Astro Radio Mandarin, Cantonese Talk, AC music Klang Valley

Kuantan, Alor Setar, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Johor, Taiping, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu

103.3 MHz YES Era Astro Radio Malay Talk, music Nationwide
104.1 MHz YES Best FM Suara Johor Sdn.Bhd Malay Music Selangor
Negeri Sembilan
South Pahang
South Perak
West Pahang
Batam, Indonesia
104.9 MHz YES Zayan (formerly Red FM) Astro Radio Malay Talk, music Peninsular Malaysia
105.3 MHz YES Suria FM STAR Rfm Sdn.Bhd (The Star) Malay Talk, music Nationwide except Sarawak
105.7 MHz YES Lite Astro Radio English Talk, AC music Nationwide
106.0 MHz YES City Plus FM Cense Media Sdn Bhd Chinese Mandarin Talk, music Negeri Sembilan
West Melaka
Segamat Johor
Central Pahang
Kuala Lumpur
106.7 MHz YES Ai FM (alternative frequency) RTM Mandarin, various Chinese dialects Talk, music Pahang, Selangor & Kuala Lumpur
107.5 MHz YES Pahang FM RTM Malay Talk, music Pahang
Kuala Lumpur
South Perak
parts of Negeri Sembilan
107.9 MHz YES IM4U FM 107.9 Genmedia Sdn Bhd Malay Talk, music Klang Valley
VOKfm - Voice of Kinabalu Ephrata Services Sdn. Bhd. Malaysian language (Sabah Malay) Talk, music Sabah

Amplitude Modulation (AM) stations[edit]

Malaysia does not own any AM stations. All of the AM stations able to be received in Malaysia are from other Asian countries with high power transmitters. Reception is much better at night.

Frequency Station Operator Country of origin Transmitter location Language Format
5.965 MHz (SW) Radio Klasik FM RTM  Malaysia IBC, Malaysia Malay News and Music
15420 kHz (SW) Radio Free Sarawak RFS  Malaysia Unknown (Many ham radio operators had traced the transmissions to the islands of Palau and a transmitter site in Romania.) Malay/Iban News and Music
1242 kHz Voice of Vietnam VOV  Vietnam Can Tho, Vietnam Vietnamese News and Music
1575 kHz Voice of America VOA  United States Bangkok, Thailand English, Thai, Lao, Burmese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Indonesian News and Music
891 kHz
981 kHz
Sor. Wor. Thor RTWS  Thailand Saraburi (891) and Yala (981), Thailand Thai Talk, Music and News
684 kHz China Radio International CRI  China Hainan, China English, Khmer, Vietnamese News
918 kHz Radio Thailand Network Six RTWS  Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Thai News, Music
873 kHz Voice of Vietnam 4 VOV  Vietnam Can Tho, Vietnam Vietnamese, Khmer Talks and Music
603 kHz China Radio International CRI  China Hainan, China Cantonese News
1503 kHz Radio Taiwan International RTI  Taiwan Fangliao, Taiwan Mandarin, Burmese, Vietnamese News

Stations (other states)[edit]

Station Frequency Operator Language Area served
Johor FM 101.9 MHz (Johor Bahru, Central Johor and Singapore), 105.3 MHz (Muar, Tangkak, Segamat and Batu Pahat) and 92.1 MHz (Mersing) RTM Malay Southern parts of Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Malacca & Singapore
Kedah FM 97.5 MHz (Kedah, Penang and North Perak), 90.5 MHz (Baling), 105.7 MHz (Langkawi), 88.5 MHz (Kulim, Selama Perak), 105.1 MHz (Sintok, UUM) RTM Malay Kedah, Penang, Perlis, Satun, Thailand and parts of Perak
Kelantan FM 102.9 MHz (Kota Bharu), 97.3 MHz (Bukit Bakar,Machang), 88.1 MHz (Paloh,Gua Musang), 92.0 MHz (Bukit Cupak,Gua Musang), 90.0 MHz (Jeli), 107.1 MHz (Bukit Bintang, Besut),[2] RTM Malay Kelantan, Northern parts of Terengganu, Northern parts of Pahang, Narathiwat, Thailand. Worldwide on (Internet radio)[2]
Labuan FM 103.7 MHz RTM Malay Labuan
Langkawi FM 104.8 MHz RTM Malay Langkawi Island
Melaka FM 102.3 MHz RTM Malay Malacca, North Johor and Southern parts of Negeri Sembilan
Mutiara FM 95.7 MHz and 93.9 MHz (Penang and Seberang Prai), 90.9 MHz (Balik Pulau) RTM Malay Penang, Kedah, parts of Perak
Negeri FM 92.6 MHz (Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson and Seremban), 95.7 MHz (Rembau, Tampin) and 107.7 MHz (Rembau, Tampin, Malacca, North Johor, Gemas) RTM Malay Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, North Johor and parts of Pahang
Pahang FM 104.1 MHz (Kuantan, South Terengganu) and 107.5 MHz (West Pahang, Klang Valley, Southern Perak) RTM Malay Pahang, Klang Valley, Southern parts of Terengganu, South Perak and parts of Negeri Sembilan
Perak FM 95.6 MHz (Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar, Central Perak), 104.1 MHz (Taiping, North Perak, South Penang), 97.3 MHz (Tapah, Bidor, Sungkai, Trolak), 94.2 MHz (Lenggong), 96.1 MHz (Gerik), 657 kHz (Gerik, Pengkalan Hulu, Klian Intan, Pulau Banding, Baling, Northwest Kelantan), 89.6 MHz (Slim River, Tanjung Malim) RTM Malay Perak and part of Kedah, part of Selangor, Cameron Highlands Pahang and Penang
Perlis FM 102.9 MHz (Kangar) RTM Malay Perlis
Terengganu FM 88.7 MHz (Kuala Terengganu), 97.7 MHz (Southern Terengganu), 90.0 MHz (Cerul and Kuantan), 96.2 MHz (Northern Terengganu) and 88.9 MHz (Hulu Besut) RTM Malay Terengganu, East Pahang and Northern parts of Kelantan
Sabah FM various[3] RTM Malay Sabah
Sabah V FM RTM English, Kadazan, Dusun, Mandarin, Bajau, Murut[4] Sabah
Sandakan FM 90.1 MHz RTM Malay Sandakan
Tawau FM 100.1 MHz RTM Malay Tawau
Labuan FM 103.7 MHz RTM Malay Labuan
Keningau FM 98.4 MHz RTM Malay, Dusun, Murut[5] Sabah Interior Division
Sarawak FM various[6] RTM Malay Sarawak
Red FM RTM Chinese, English Sarawak
Sibu FM 87.6 MHz (Sibu), 102.1 MHz (Selangau),94.6 MHz (Sarikei), 98.7 MHz (Mukah), 99.8 MHz (Song), 94.3 MHz (Kapit) & 103.0 (Belaga) RTM Malay, Iban & Mandarin Sibu, Mukah, Sarikei & Kapit
Wai FM 101.3/106.9 MHz RTM Iban Kuching
Miri FM 95.7/98.0/97.5 MHz RTM Malay Miri & Bintulu
RaSa FM 89.5/99.5 MHz RTM Malay Sri Aman & Betong
Limbang FM 104.9/94.5/101.1 MHz RTM Malay Limbang & Lawas
Manis FM 90.6 FM (Kota Bharu), 102.0 MHz (Kuala Terengganu) and 95.1 MHz (Kuantan) Nusa Network SDN BHD Kuala Terengganu Malay South Thailand, Kelantan (Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas, Tumpat, Jeli, Tanah Merah, Bachok, Pasir Puteh, Machang & Northern parts of Kuala Krai), Terengganu, Pahang & Johor
Cats FM 99.3 (Kuching), 88.4 / 99.9 MHz (Sibu), 93.3 MHz (Miri), 88.3 MHz (Bintulu) and 88.7 MHz (Limbang) KRISTAL HARTA SDN. BHD. Malay, Iban, Mandarin Chinese Sarawak, parts of Labuan & Kota Kinabalu, West Kalimantan & Brunei

International radio stations (Defunct)[edit]

Frequency Station Operator Language Area served
Various Voice of Malaysia RTM Various Worldwide

Defunct radio stations[edit]

Station Frequency Operator Language Format Area served Note
BBC World Service 15335, 9740, 6195, 11750 BBC Malay News Klang Valley (Now Nationwide) Malay-language radio stations stretching over 50 years from the British colonial period through independence, between 2 May 1941 until 31 March 1991. Now replaced by English language and can be heard nationwide.
Talk Radio 101.8 MHz AMP Radio Networks English Talk Klang Valley Short-lived radio station aired between 1997 - 1998. The FM slot was taken over by "MY FM".
Classic Rock 103.3 MHz AMP Radio Networks English Music Klang Valley Short-lived radio station aired between 1997 - 1998. Classic Rock can be heard on Astro. Its FM slot was taken over by "ERA FM".
RfM 98.8 MHz, then 91.5 MHz and lastly was 104.9 MHz Radio Redifussion Sdn. Bhd Malay, English, Chinese Talk, Music Klang Valley Radio Redifussion Sdn. Bhd was taken over by The Star Publication Berhad and changed its name to STAR RfM Sdn. Bhd in 2003. The Rfm brand name was changed to "Red 104.9" and is now known as "Red FM". In 2001, "Ikim.FM" took over the previous Rfm slot.
Time Highway Radio (original)99.3 MHz Time Highway Radio Sdn. Bhd. English, Malay, Chinese Talk, Music West Peninsular Malaysia Time Highway Radio was taken over by Astro Radio in 2005. It became a Tamil-language station known as "THR Raaga" on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. On the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia it became known as "THR Gegar", broadcasting in Malay.
WOW FM, then WA FM 97.6 MHz Synchrosound Studio Sdn. Bhd. English then Mandarin Talk, Music Nationwide WOW FM/WA FM was taken over by Media Prima Berhad in late 2005 and then became a Malay-language radio station known as "Hot FM".
Wanita FM 88.1 MHz Radio Wanita Berhad Malay Talk, Music Klang Valley Wanita FM was taken over by Media Prima Berhad in January 2009 and then became a Chinese-language radio station known as "One FM".
XFM 103.0 MHz AMP Radio Networks Malay Talk, Music Klang Valley XFM FM frequency and Astro slot has been taken over by the sister Chinese station "Melody FM" starting on 9 July 2012 for test transmission, and began broadcasting on 15 August. XFM can be heard as the Internet-only station before it stopped working in 2017.
Ultra FM 101.3 MHz Copyright Laureate Sdn. Bhd. Malay Music Klang Valley The owner of Ultra FM, along with Pi Mai FM was acquired by Media Prima in October 2015. In early March 2016, it became Kool FM, a Malay-language radio station.
Pi Mai FM 90.2 MHz Copyright Laureate Sdn. Bhd. Malay Music Penang Pi Mai FM ceased transmission in October 2015, and the frequency is now used by Kool FM for listeners in Penang. The radio station also can be heard in Kedah and Perlis.
Capital FM 88.9 MHz STAR Rfm Sdn.Bhd (Star Radio Group, The Star) English,Malay Music Klang Valley and Penang Capital FM ceased transmission in October 2015, and it has since been sold to Astro Radio by Star Radio Group and then became a Chinese-language radio station "goXuan FM"
Red FM 104.9 MHz STAR Rfm Sdn.Bhd (Star Radio Group, The Star) English,Malay Music Peninsular Malaysia Red FM ceased transmission in December 2015, and it has since been sold to Astro Radio by Star Radio Group and then became a Malay-language radio station "Zayan FM"


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