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The following radio stations are located in and transmitted from Singapore.

FM stations[edit]

There are three radio broadcasters in Singapore, namely Mediacorp Radio, SPH Radio and SAFRA Radio. There are 19 radio stations in Singapore. Most Singaporeans are able to receive FM broadcasts from Malaysia and Indonesia if the signal is strong enough.[1] RDS transmissions are utilized to all stations.

Listeners who do not have a FM tuner can listen to web streams of all FM stations by either visiting the stations' websites on a desktop or downloading the stations' respective apps on a mobile device. There might be a delay of up to 90 seconds compared to the live FM transmission.

The radio stations utilise RCS Master Control broadcast automation software. An upgrade to the newer RCS Zetta was rolled out across all 13 Mediacorp stations from August to November 2014.

Frequency Station RDS Operator Language Genre First air date Webcast
088.3 MHz 883JiaFM 883JIAFM SAFRA Radio Chinese, English Adult Contemporary, Chinese pop 24 November 1997 Web Stream
088.9 MHz BBC World Service _BBC_WS_ BBC Radio English Talk radio 1960 Web Stream
089.7 MHz Ria 89.7FM RIA_897_ Mediacorp Malay, English CHR/Pop, US Top 40, 1 December 1990 Web Stream
090.5 MHz Gold 905FM GOLD_905 Mediacorp English Classic hits, Oldies 1 June 1936 Web Stream
091.3 MHz One FM 91.3 ONEFM913 SPH Radio Pte Ltd English Mainstream rock, Classic rock 3 October 2001 Web Stream
092.0 MHz Kiss 92FM KISS_92_ SPH Radio Pte Ltd English Adult Contemporary 3 September 2012 Web Stream
192.4 MHz Symphony 92.4FM SYM_924_ Mediacorp English Classical music 1 June 1936 Web Stream
Song List
093.3 MHz Y.E.S. 93.3FM YES_933_ Mediacorp Chinese CHR/Pop, Chinese pop 1 January 1990 Web Stream
093.8 MHz 938LIVE 938LIVE_ Mediacorp English Talk radio 1 January 1997 Web Stream
094.2 MHz Warna 94.2FM WARNA942 Mediacorp Malay, Arab Adult Contemporary, Infotainment 1 June 1936 Web Stream
095.0 MHz Class 95FM CLASS_95 Mediacorp English Adult Contemporary 1 January 1990 Web Stream
095.8 MHz Capital 95.8FM CAPTL958 Mediacorp Chinese Talk radio, Classic hits, Oldies 1 June 1936 Web Stream
096.8 MHz Oli 96.8FM OLI_968_ Mediacorp Tamil, Hindi, English Tamil music, Hindi music, Infotainment 1 June 1936 Web Stream
097.2 MHz Love 97.2FM LOVE_972 Mediacorp Chinese, English Adult Contemporary, Chinese pop 23 September 1994 Web Stream
098.0 MHz Power98FM POWER_98 SAFRA Radio English Adult Contemporary 31 October 1994 Web Stream
098.7 MHz 987FM _987FM__ Mediacorp English CHR/Pop, Top 40 1 January 1989 Web Stream
099.5 MHz Lush 99.5FM LUSH_995 Mediacorp English Alternative music, Indie music, Chill-out music, Deep house 31 December 2004 Web Stream
100.3 MHz UFM100.3 UFM1003_ SPH Radio Pte Ltd Chinese Adult Contemporary, Chinese pop 3 October 2001 Web Stream

Internet stations[edit]

Website Station Operator Language Genre First air date
Link 973FM RadioChat (Independent) English Freeform radio, CHR/Pop, Top 40, Independent music 7 December 2010
Link Desinetworks Desinetworks Pte Ltd Hindi Bollywood, Bhangra, 27 December 2013
Kinternational Radio (Discontinued) Kinternational Holdings Asia English CHR/Pop, Top 40 1 January 2009
Plush 898 (Discontinued) Plush 898 Entertainment Network Chinese Freeform radio, Contemporary hits 29 November 2009
Sonar Radio (Discontinued) RADIOactive Pte Ltd English Freeform radio, Contemporary hits 5 May 2011
The Live Radio (Discontinued) Chat Chat Media Pte Ltd English Freeform radio, CHR/Pop, Top 40 5 August 2012

SMS Services[edit]

Mediacorp Radio[edit]

Listeners can find out the title of the previous, current and next song being played on air for Mediacorp stations by texting the following codes to 146072346. (Singapore postpaid mobile users only)

  • Other services
    • Traffic Watch (Mon-Sat 7am-9pm): TW
  • English stations
    • GOLD 905: G90
    • Symphony 924: 924
    • 938LIVE: 938LIVE
    • CLASS 95: C95
    • 987: 987FM
    • Lush 99.5FM: LUSH
  • Chinese stations
    • YES 933: YES
    • LOVE 97.2FM:-
  • Malay/Tamil stations
    • Ria 89.7FM: RIA
    • Warna 94.2FM: WARNA
    • Oli 96.8FM: OLI

SPH Radio[edit]

Listeners can text in at these numbers:

SAFRA Radio[edit]

Listeners can send messages via SMS or WhatsApp at these numbers:


According to findings from Nielsen’s Radio Diary Survey 2016, the listenership figures of radio stations in Singapore are as follow (as of 16 Jun 2016): [2]

  • Top ranking stations: LOVE 97.2FM (#1, 19.4%), YES 933 (#2, 18.5%), CAPITAL 95.8FM (#3, 17.3%), CLASS 95 (#4), Kiss 92FM (#5), GOLD 905 (#6), Warna 94.2FM (#7), 987 (#8), Oli 96.8FM (#10),


FM stations[edit]

  • The first 24-hour radio station, Perfect 10 (now known as 987), was launched on 1 January 1989. All radio stations started broadcasting 24/7 starting from 1 January 2008.[3]
  • Mediacorp used to offer Visual Radio service on Nokia phones. The first radio stations to utilise Visual Radio are 987 in December 2005 and YES 933 in June 2006. The service has since been discontinued.
  • The 89.3 MHz frequency on the FM band used to be occupied by TVMobile. An audio simulcast of the TV channel was available until the station closed down on 31 December 2009.[4]
  • The 99.5 MHz frequency on the FM band used to be occupied by Passion 99.5FM, a station set up by the National Arts Council in December 1997 that supported and played local music. The station closed down on 31 December 2003 due to the bad economic climate as there was insufficient sponsorship and advertising revenue to cover operating costs.[5] The frequency was then awarded to Mediacorp in May 2004 and the new station, Lush 99.5FM, was launched 9 months later.[6][7]
  • The 96.3 MHz frequency on the FM band used to be occupied by Expat Radio XFM 96.3 by Mediacorp. Formerly known as International Channel set up in 1998, the new name reinforces the station’s role in providing a variety of content for the expatriate communities in Singapore, while redefining the experience of feeling closer to home. Expat Radio XFM 96.3 ceased operations on 30 September 2016.

DAB stations[edit]

Mediacorp used to operate Digital Radio, a radio service using digital audio broadcasting technology which simulcast eight FM stations, namely Class 95FM, Gold 905FM, 987FM, Y.E.S. 93.3FM, Love 97.2FM, Lush 99.5FM, Symphony 92.4FM, and 938LIVE and broadcasts six digital-only stations, namely Cruise, Club Play, JK-Pop, Chinese Evergreens, Planet Bollywood and Bloomberg.

The service was discontinued on 1 December 2011 as the low adoption of DAB radio (compared to FM radio) and the prevalence of listening to Internet radio streams on PCs/smart-phones has rendered DAB radio irrelevant.[8]

Shortwave stations

Launched in 1994, Radio Singapore International (RSI) operated as the external service for Singapore. The station launched a signature program in 1996 called ‘Friends of the Airwaves’ reaching out throughout South-East Asia. The station featured programs in several languages, and was chiefly run by MediaCorp Radio. RSI ceased operation on July 31, 2008.[9]


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