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This is a list of rail trails around the world. Rail trails are former railway lines that have been converted to paths designed for pedestrian, bicycle, skating, equestrian, and/or light motorized traffic. Most are multiuse trails offering at least pedestrians and cyclists recreational access and right-of-way to the routes.[1]




A more complete reference can be found at[2]

Lower Austria[edit]

Upper Austria[edit]








Germany has 613 rail trails with a total length of 4,400 kilometres (2,700 mi) (as at Sept. 2013). 80 more projects are being planned or under construction. These are some of the longest rail trails in Germany:



In planning/under construction[edit]

  • Connemara Greenway (under development)[10]
  • Deise Greenway (under development), when completed, this rail trail is planned to follow the route of the former Dungarvan to Waterford railway, passing through Stradbally and Kilmacthomas; initial stage at the Dungarvan end has been completed[11]
  • Tralee to Fenit Greenway (under development)[12]


  • Prince Henri railway in Clemency, converted into a cycle track



  • Ecopista do Rio Minho
  • Ecovia do Rio Lima
  • Ecopista do Tâmega


  • Senda del oso, Asturias
  • Vía Verde de la Sierra (mountain's rail track), Cádiz and Seville
  • Vía Verde de la Sierra de la Demanda, Burgos
  • GIRONA - NARROW-GAUGE RAILWAY ROUTE I - This 57-km route crosses three regions and twelve towns, following the valleys of the Fluvià, Brugent and Ter rivers. The Narrow-Gauge Railway Route descends smoothly from Olot (440 m) to Girona (70 m).
  • GIRONA - NARROW-GAUGE RAILWAY ROUTE II - The Narrow-Gauge Railway Route stretches out 39.7 km. With a smooth incline from Girona to Sant Feliu de Guíxols (15 m), its highest point is at Cassà de la Selva (136 m). Following the old narrow-gauge railway line from Girona to Sant Feliu, you can get to know two of Girona´s regions - the Gironès and the Baix Empordà - from the Ter River basin, crossing the Selva depression and ending in the Ridaura valley.


  • Banvallsleden[13] (~ 150 km/93 miles)
  • Sjuhäradsrundan Borås to Ulricehamn(45 km/27 miles)
  • Ätradalsleden Falköping to Ambjörnarp (93 km/ 55 miles)

United Kingdom[edit]


Northern Ireland[edit]



Crown dependencies[edit]

In planning/under construction[edit]

North America[edit]




United States[edit]



New South Wales[edit]


South Australia[edit]


  • Montezuma Falls Rail Trail


Western Australia[edit]

New Zealand[edit]

Pipeline trails[edit]

Trails similar to rail trails can follow other infrastructure, such as water pipelines.

Canal trails[edit]

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