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Notable within the model press[edit]

Name Scales modelled Prototypes modelled Notes
John Allen H0 freelanced Gorre & Daphetid Railroad Died 6 January 1973
John Armstrong O freelanced Canandaigua Southern Railroad Died 28 July 2004
Eric Bracher HOn3, Sn3, On3 Narrow gauge & shortline railroads Magazine article writer & contributor, NMRA Master Model Railroader #23 (of 500+), founder of Rio Grande Models, Ltd.
Frank Ellison O freelanced Delta Lines Died 30 September 1964
Cyril Freezer Mainly OO Editor of Railway Modeller 1950-1980 and a prolific model railway author. Died 19 May 2009.
Nobutaro Hara 1 gauge and others Worldwide Part of his extensive private collection, including a 310 sq. metre 1-gauge layout, forms the Hara Model Railway Museum in Yokohama, Japan, died 5 July 2014[1]
Al Kalmbach O Freelanced Great Gulch, Yahoo Valley & Northern R.R. First publisher of Model Railroader magazine, died 1981
Jim Kelly N
Tony Koester H0 Nickel Plate Road Accomplished model railroad author for Kalmbach Publishing and former Editor of Railroad Model Craftsman.
W. Allen McClelland H0 The Virginian and Ohio Railroad
E. L. Moore Mainly HO Freelanced Elizabeth Valley Railroad and Eagleroost and Koontree Railroad Prolific contributor of building construction articles to American model railroading magazines between 1955 and 1979.
George Sellios H0 freelanced Franklin and South Manchester Railroad
Whit Towers HO scale freelanced Alturas and Lone Pine editor of NMRA Bulletin for many years, died 12 June 1999
Wayne Wesolowski
Linn H. Westcott Editor of Model Railroader for 16 years from the February 1961 issue to the August 1977 issue. Died 8 September 1980.

Celebrity modellers[edit]

Name Occupation Scales modelled Prototypes modelled Notes
Peter Alexander[2] Austrian singer and actor
The Rev. W. Awdry British clergyman and author of The Railway Series.
Creator of Thomas the Tank Engine.
00 009 Models are preserved at the museum at Tywyn Died 21 March 1997
Jimmy Barnes Scottish-Australian singer
Tim Berners-Lee[3] British scientist and World Wide Web pioneer.
Kurt Biedenkopf[2] German politician
Claude Bolling French jazz pianist
Tom Brokaw[4] American television journalist
Warren Buffett Investor [5]
Johnny Cash American singer and songwriter Made TV commercials and endorsements for Lionel Trains in the 1970s.[6][7]
Winston Churchill[4] British politician
Eric Clapton[8] Musician
Gary Coleman American actor N Employee of Caboose Hobbies in Denver, Colorado. Layout featured in the September 1990 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.[9] Also made a railway-related adventure movie called On the Right Track.[10]
Phil Collins[4][8][11] British musician and singer
Manuel De Peppe Italian actor singer arranger producer songwriter O G He collects Subway and Trolley Models
Regis Cordic American radio personality and actor
Bob Costas American sports journalist
Alan Cox Linux developer N Z Also runs his own model kit business
Richard Crenna American actor
Roger Daltrey British musician
Anne Diamond[12] British journalist
Joe DiMaggio[4] American baseball player
Walt Disney[4] American film producer, animator and entrepreneur. 7-1/4" live steam
James Doohan Canadian actor
Ed Dougherty Professional golfer O Has a Lionel layout which was featured on an episode of "Tracks Ahead".
John Entwistle British musician
Leopold Gratz[2] Austrian politician
Harper Goff American artist, musician and actor
Hermann Göring[13] German politician and military leader
Rick Green Canadian comedian and writer Member of a Model Railroad club in Toronto
Michael Gross American actor N Model of the Month Award in the March 1992 issue of Model Railroader.
Gene Hackman American actor
Merle Haggard[4] American singer and songwriter
Tom Hanks[4] American actor Reportedly working on a layout based on a Freelanced Southern Pacific Line
David Hasselhoff American actor Garden Railroad in G Scale
Jools Holland[14] British musician
Josef Hesoun[2] Austrian politician G
Tommy Hunter Canadian singer
Eddie Izzard British comedian and actor OO
Elton John[4] British singer, composer and pianist
Ollie Johnston American animator 5" and full-size live steam
Michael Jordan[4] American basketball player N Scale N Scale layout based on the Chicago and North Western
Buster Keaton[15] American actor and film director S
Ward Kimball American animator full-size live steam, collector of model railroad equipment
Tom Marshall[16] British photo colouriser and artist OO Layout based on Buggleskelly from the Will Hay film Oh, Mr. Porter!
Gil Mellé American artist and musician
Vaughn Monroe American singer and musician
Michael Palin[17] British comedian
Mandy Patinkin American actor O - Lionel Noted Lionel collector and operator, his home layout is modeled based on places from his childhood with locations named for family members.[18]
Riccardo Patrese[4] Italian Formula One driver 0 H0 collector Märklin 0 gauge
Jim Pattison Canadian entrepreneur Purchased Frank Sinatra's Rancho Mirage, California Lionel collection in 1995.[19]
Sam Posey American racecar driver and sports journalist H0 Colorado Midland Railway Author of Playing with Trains (ISBN 0812971264) where he describes his involvement in the hobby
Sally Jessy Raphael American television host Z Owns Marklin Z scale trains which operate on a layout housed in a briefcase[20]
Joe Regalbuto American actor G Layout featured in the March 1993 issue of Model Railroader.[21]
Fred Rogers American television host
Jim Scancarelli American cartoonist
Gerhard Schröder[11] German politician
Frank Sinatra[4] American singer Lionel and tinplate models Maintained in Sinatra's train cottage at his home in Rancho Mirage, California. Transferred to Jim Pattison when the cottage and house was sold in 1995.[19]
Merv Smith New Zealand radio presenter HOn30 Co-wrote the book Little Trains of Thought (Whitcoulls, Christchurch, 1974) about his hobby. After retiring from radio he opened a model shop.
Peter Snow[8][22] British television presenter
Tom Snyder American television personality
Bruce Springsteen[4] American singer
Ringo Starr Beatles drummer
Rod Stewart[4][8] British singer 00, H0 Grand Central Terminal, New York City Layout featured in the December 2007, December 2010 and February 2014 issues of Model Railroader. In May 2019 Stewart donated £10,000 to the Market Deeping Model Railway Club after their exhibition was vandalised.[23]
Donald Sutherland[4] Canadian actor
Bob Symes British television presenter and producer
Mel Tormé[4] American singer
Gerhard Tötschinger[2] Austrian actor, director and writer
Pete Waterman[8] British songwriter and record producer Also owns full sized locomotives and the model company 'Just Like The Real Thing'. Involved in the building of an 'O' gauge (7mm Scale) layout 'Leamington Spa' as featured in the Railway Modeller, December 2008.
Daniël Wayenberg Dutch pianist and composer
Anders Wejryd Archbishop of Church of Sweden
Neil Young Canadian singer and songwriter Part owner of Lionel Trains.
Frank P. Zeidler American politician Foundation member of the National Model Railroad Association.

Fictional modellers[edit]

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