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This article is a list of important rail yards in geographical order. These listed may be termed Classification, Freight, Marshalling, Shunting, or Switching yards, which are cultural terms generally meaning the same thing no matter which part of the world's railway traditions originated the term of art.

These are important marshalling yards for the formation of freight/goods trains, and/or with a large volume of traffic, and/or with a very extensive track systems; including classification yards, hump yards, freight handling yards, and intermodal (container) terminals.


  • Names of the nearest cities etc. are presented in the common usage, and shown first followed by a colon, unless the specific yard name is known (which will be presented in the form native to their country. possibly transliterated)
  • If known, the number of tracks are shown in brackets, with two numbers e.g. (xx + xx) for yards with 'up' and 'down' lines.
  • This article does not amount to an exhaustive list, and may never be complete.
  • Yards marked with a star (asterisk) may no longer be in use.
  • The nearest city of town is given first: if the yard has a well known name that differs.

North America[edit]


From west to east
  • Nanaimo, British Columbia
    • Wellcox Yard (SRY, Marshalling, Barge Operation)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Coquitlam Yard (CP, Intermodal and Marshalling)
    • Mayfair Intermodal (CP, Intermodal)
    • Williston Yard (CP, Intermodal, Grain)
    • Thornton Yard (CN, Intermodal and Marshalling)
    • North Vancouver Yard (CN, Marshalling)
    • Lulu Island Yard (CN, Marshalling)
    • Trapp Yard (SRY, Marshalling)
    • New Yard (BNSF, Marshalling)
    • Main Yard (BNSF, Marshalling)
    • Vancouver Reliability Center (VIA, Coach Yard & Shop)
  • Kamloops, British Columbia
    • Kamloops CP Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • Kamloops CN Yard (CN, Intermodal and Marshalling)
  • Golden, British Columbia
    • Golden Yard (CP, Marshalling, Coal Staging Yard)
  • Trail, British Columbia
    • Tadanac Yard (CP, Marshalling )
  • Cranbrook, British Columbia
    • Cranbrook yard (CP, Marshalling)
  • Edmonton, Alberta
    • Bissell Yard (CN, Marshalling)
    • Cloverbar Yard (CN, Marshalling)
    • Dunvegan Yard (CN, Railcar Storage)
    • Scotford Yard (CN, Marshalling)
    • Scotford Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • Lambton Park Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • D.L. MacDonald Yard (ETS)
    • McBain Yard (CN, Intermodal)
    • Strathcona Yard (CP, Intermodal and Marshalling)
    • Walker Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Calgary, Alberta
    • Alyth Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • Ogden Park (CP, marshalling, autos)
    • Shepard Yard (CP, Intermodal)
    • Manchester Yard (CP, Marshalling, Storage)
    • Keith Yard (CP, Marshalling, Storage)
    • Sarcee Yard (CN, Intermodal and Marshalling)
    • Calgary Logistics Park (CN, Marshalling, Intermodal, industry servicing)
    • Anderson Garage (Calgary Transit)
    • Oliver Bowen Maintenance Centre (Calgary Transit)
  • Lethbridge, Alberta
    • Kipp Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • Churchill Industrial Yard (CP, Marshalling)
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta
    • Medicine Hat Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • Dunmore Yard (CP, Marshalling)
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
    • Moose Jaw Yard (CP, Marshalling)
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
    • Regina Yard (CP, Intermodal and Marshalling)
    • Warell Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    • Chappell Yard (CN, Intermodal and Marshalling)
    • Sutherland Yard (CP, Intermodal and Marshalling)
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Manitoba Yard (BNSF Manitoba)
    • East Yard (CN, now the Forks)*
    • Fort Rouge Yard (CN)
      • Via Rail Winnipeg Maintenance Centre (Via Rail)
    • Greater Winnipeg Water District St. Boniface Yard (GWWDR)
    • North Transcona Yard (CP)
      • Central Manitoba Railway Yard (CEMR)
    • St. Boniface Yard (CPR)
    • Symington Yard (CN, Intermodal and Hump Yard)
    • Transcona Yard (CN)
    • Winnipeg Yard (CP, Intermodal and Hump Yard)
      • Weston Shops
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario
    • Thunder Bay Yard (CP, Intermodal, Marshalling and Grain Staging)
    • Neebing Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Sudbury, Ontario
    • Sudbury Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • Capreol Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Toronto, Ontario
    • Toronto Yard (CP, Hump Yard)
    • Don Yard (GO Transit layover facility, ex-CN Don Sorting Yard)
    • North Bathurst Yard (GO Transit layover facility)
    • Vaughan Intermodal Terminal (CP, Intermodal)
    • MacMillan Yard (CN, Hump Yard)
    • Brampton Intermodal Terminal (CN, Intermodal)
    • Lambton/West Toronto Yards (CP, Marshalling)
    • CPR Parkdale Yard (ex-CVR 1871-1883/ex-CPR 1883-1890s, marshalling and repair yards)
    • Willowbrook Yard Facility (GO Transit Passenger Yard, ex-CN Yard - sold 1970s)
    • Toronto Maintenance Facility (TMC)/Mimico Yard (Via Rail Passenger Yard, CN Marshaling)
    • Oakville (CN, Marshalling)
    • Aldershot (CN, Marshalling)
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • London, Ontario
    • Quebec St. Yard (CP, Marshalling)
    • London Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Sarnia, Ontario
    • Sarnia Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Englehart, Ontario (ONR, Marshalling)
  • Ottawa, Ontario
    • Walkley Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Montreal, Quebec
    • Taschereau Yard (CN, Intermodal and Marshalling – former hump yard)
    • St. Luc Yard (CP, Marshalling, Expressway)
    • Lachine (CP, Intermodal)
    • Hochelaga Yard (CP, Intermodal)
    • Turcot (CN, Intermodal – Abandoned)
    • Rivière-des-Prairies (CN, Marshalling)
    • Southwark Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Farnham, Quebec (MMA, Marshalling)
  • Trois-Rivières, Quebec (CFQG, Marshalling)
  • Saint-Georges [Mauricie,] Quebec
    • Garneau Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Quebec City, Quebec
    • Joffre Yard (CN, Marshalling)
    • Sainte-Foy (CN, Marshalling)
    • Henri-IV Yard (CFQG, Marshalling)
    • Limoilou (CN/CFC, Marshalling)
  • Mont-Joli, Quebec (CN, Marshalling)
  • La Tuque, Quebec
    • Fitzpatrick Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Richmond, Quebec (CN/SLQ, Marshalling)
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
    • Gordon Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Saint John, New Brunswick
    • Island Yard (CN/NBSR, Marshalling/Intermodal)
    • Dever Rd. Yard (NBSR, Marshalling)
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Rockingham Yard (CN, Marshalling)
  • Truro, Nova Scotia (CN/CBNS, Marshalling)
  • Stellarton, Nova Scotia (CBNS, Marshalling)

United States[edit]

By state in alphabetical order:



British Isles[edit]

North Wall yard in Dublin is used for loading per way materials trains and stabling unused stock. Also host a small wagon repair shop used to maintain ore and container wagons.

Nordic countries[edit]

Baltic states and Kaliningrad oblast[edit]

Eastern Europe[edit]

Central Europe[edit]


In Germany due to ongoing rationalisation it is likely that some yards will close. The ones likely to continue in operation are marked in bold.



Alpine countries[edit]

Southeastern Europe[edit]

Southern Europe[edit]



  • Mughalsarai Railway Yard
  • Katni Railway Yard
  • Asansol Railway Yard
  • Bondamunda Railway Yard
  • Bhusawal Railway Yard
  • Depok Train Yard, Depok, Largest Railway Depot in SouthEast Asia
  • Sidotopo Railway Yard, Surabaya
  • Kalimas Railway Yard, Surabaya
  • Semarang Gudang Railway Yard (closed), Semarang
China (mainland)
  • Zhengzhou North Railway Station (郑州北站), over 6,000 m long and over 800 m wide, dsescribed as Asia's largest marshalling yard[8]
  • Fengtai West Railway Station (a major freight terminal for Beijing)
  • Wuhan North Railway Station (112 tracks)
  • Hekou North Railway Station, connection between China's standard-gauge network and Vietnam's meter-gauge network
Hong Kong
  • Ho Tung Lau Depot – maintenance facility for East Rail line
  • Pat Heung Depot – maintenance facility for West Rail line
  • Siu Ho Wan Depot – for Tung Chung line
  • Hung Hum Yard
  • Shatin Freight Yard
  • Hung Hom Freight Freight Terminus/Yard
  • Kowloon Freight Yard
  • Mongkok Freight Yard
  • Lo Wu Freight and Marshalling Yard
  • Ho Man Tin Freight Terminal
  • Sheung Shui Slaughter House
  • Pat Heung Depot
  • Tai Wai Maintenance Centre
  • Ho Tung Lau Depot
  • Fo Tan Goodsyard
South Korea
  • Busan : Busan Rail Yard, Busan High Speed Rail Yard (77, Gaya station)
  • Daejeon : Daejeon Rail Yard (60, Daejeon Yard station)
  • Goyang : Seoul High Speed Rail Yard (Haengsin station)
  • Jecheon : Jecheon Rail Yard (70, Jecheon Yard station)
  • Seoul : Seoul Rail Yard (102, Susaek station)
Sri Lanka




New Zealand[edit]

South America[edit]


  • Uvaranas

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