List of railroad lines in the Delmarva Peninsula

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This is a list of all freight railroad (not streetcar or rapid transit) lines that have been built in the Delmarva Peninsula south of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, and does not deal with ownership changes from one company to another. The lines are named by the first company to build them. Unless noted, each railroad eventually became part of the Pennsylvania Railroad system.

Name From To Notes Opened
Baltimore and Eastern Shore Railroad Salisbury Claiborne 1890
Breakwater and Frankford Railroad Georgetown Delaware/Maryland state line 1874
Cape Charles Railroad Cape Junction Townsend 1910
Townsend Kiptopeke 1912
Delaware Railroad Rodney Seaford ca. 1856
Seaford Delaware/Maryland state line 1859
Seaford Delaware/Maryland state line Dorchester Branch ca. 1868
Clayton Smyrna Smyrna Branch 1866
Townsend Massey Townsend Branch ca. 1869
Delaware and Pennsylvania Railroad Newark Delaware City ca. 1873
Dorchester and Delaware Railroad Delaware/Maryland state line Cambridge ca. 1869
Eastern Shore Railroad Delaware/Maryland state line Salisbury 1860
Salisbury Crisfield 1866
Junction and Breakwater Railroad Harrington Lewes ca. 1869
Lewes Rehoboth Beach 1878
Kent County Rail Road Delaware/Maryland state line Massey Abandoned 1902 upon acquisition by PRR 1873
Massey Kennedyville 1870
Kennedyville Chestertown 1872
Chestertown Parsons Branch abandoned in 1873 (never part of PRR) 1872
Worton Parsons Branch abandoned in 1910 1873
Parsons Nicholson Branch abandoned in 1910 1877
Maryland and Delaware Railroad Clayton Oxford ca. 1870
New Castle and Frenchtown Turnpike and Rail Road New Castle Old Frenchtown Wharf Abandoned west of Rodney in 1859 1831
New Castle and Wilmington Railroad Wilmington New Castle ca. 1852
New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Pocomoke Cape Charles ca. 1885
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad south of Wilmington New Castle New Castle Cut-Off ca. 1888
Queen Anne's Railroad Lewes Love Point ca. 1902
Queenstown Centreville Centreville Branch ca. 1902
Queen Anne and Kent Railroad Massey Centreville 1869
Smyrna and Delaware Bay Railroad Pierson's Cove Delaware/Maryland state line Abandoned 1902 upon acquisition by PRR 1873
Wicomico and Pocomoke Railroad Salisbury Berlin 1868
Berlin Ocean City 1876
Worcester Rail Road Delaware/Maryland state line Franklin City 1876
Worcester and Somerset Railroad Kings Creek Pocomoke ca. 1873

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