List of rape victims from ancient history and mythology

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The Story of Lucretia (1496-1504) by Sandro Botticelli; Lucretia's rape is on the left panel.

Rape is a common topic in history and mythology. A list of notable victims from history and mythology includes:



Christian mythology[edit]

  • Agnes of Rome; a young girl of around 12 or 13 years of age, who consecrated her virginity to Christ, and was dragged to a brothel to be raped, in a bid to make her recant her Christian faith.

Greek mythology[edit]



Old Testament[edit]

  • Dinah from the Hebrew Bible; raped by a Canaanite prince and avenged by her brothers.
  • Lot; raped by his daughters by means of alcohol
  • Tamar from the Hebrew Bible; raped by her half-brother Amnon.
  • Unnamed Concubine from the Hebrew Bible, raped by a gang of drunken men and killed.

Norse mythology[edit]

Roman mythology[edit]


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