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The following is a list, albeit incomplete, of reconnaissance units from around the world. This list concentrates on ground units, but includes a few air force units.


  • Bataillon ISTAR
  • Pathfinders
  • SF Gp



  • The 'd' company.


  • General service unit Recce company.



Royal Guard Hussars
  • 3rd Recce Battalions
    • 1st Light Recce Squadron
    • 2nd Light Recce Squadron


Naval Commando "De Penfentenyo": specialized in recon




Indian Army

Indian Air Force

Indian Navy

Paramilitary Forces


  • Group Sandhi Yudha (Sandha) Komando Pasukan Khusus (Kopassus) TNI-AD
  • Detasemen Operasi Khusus (Den 2) Komando Pasukan Katak (Kopaska) TNI-AL
  • Batalyon Intai Amfibi (Yontaifib) Korps Marinir, formerly Kompi Intai Para Amfibi Korps Komando Operasi (Kipam KKO)
  • Kompi Kavaleri Intai (Kikavtai) Korps Kavaleri TNI-AD.

The words "sandhi yudha" (Sanskrit) = combat intelligence, "intai" (Bahasa Indonesia) = reconnaissance, "operasi khusus" (Bahasa Indonesia) = special operation.

  • Kompi Intai Tempur (Kitaipur), formerly Peleton Intai Tempur (Tontaipur), Batalyon Intelijen Kostrad TNI-AD.

In the year 2001, Indonesian army (TNI-AD)'s Kostrad established Tontaipur, which is basically infantry soldiers specially trained to mimic the capability of the marines' Yontaifib. The special training is conducted by Kopassus and Indonesian navy (TNI-AL)'s frogmen (Kopaska). The sailors teach the soldiers how to combat swim, operate a boat, do beach reconnaissance and other seamen capabilities.

Whereas the army's Kopassus already has similar capabilities with the marines' Yontaifib, Kostrad needs Tontaipur since it doesn't have authority to use Kopassus personnel at will. Kitaipur/Tontaipur personnel are recruited from infantry units under Kostrad only, probably from 305th Para Raider Battalion and 303th, 323th, 509th & 514th Raider Battalions. The words "intai tempur" (Bahasa Indonesia) = combat reconnaissance.

Batalyon Intelijen Kostrad is headquartered at Lenteng Agung, Jakarta Selatan.

Kostrad is a sub-organization within the army which is corps level command, similar to Korps Marinir in both organizational structure and strength (Kostrad has 2 divisions, the same with Korps Marinir, although Korps Marinir chooses to use the word "pasukan" or force instead of division). The main difference of the two is their main "core competence"; obviously Korps Marinir excel in amphibious operation while Kostrad rely on airborne operation. Both forces have fought in most Indonesian military operations since their formation, including operations beyond Indonesia's borders. Kostrad and Korps Marinir compete for reputation which is good for improving performance of both.

Whereas Kostrad has top-notch paratroopers (including 6 para raider battalions), it doesn't have authority to use Kopassus personnel at will to match Korps Marinir reconnaissance capability with its Yontaifib. Hence, in the year 2001, Kostrad's Commander Lieutenant General Ryamizard Ryacudu developed Tontaipur with special combat intelligence training from Kopassus and the navy's frogmen, Kopaska. Thanks to the sailors, the paratroopers can now be masters in operating in trimedia (trimatra): sea-air-land and become Taipur.






  • Federal Security Service "FSB"
    • Alpha Group Directorate "A" of the FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB), is an elite, stand-alone sub-unit of Russia's special forces.
    • Vympel Group Directorate "B" Vympel Group is an elite Russian spetsnaz unit under the command of the FSB. (TsSN FSB)
  • Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
    • Spetsnaz GRU: 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 14th, 16th, 24th, 25th Spetsnaz Brigade (obrSpN)
    • 45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment Specnaz VDV (orpSpN)
    • Russian commando frogmen: 42nd, 420th, 431th, 561th Naval Reconnaissance Spetsnaz Point (omrpSpN)
    • Voennaa Razvedka (Razvedchiki Scouts) "Military intelligence" personnel/units within larger formations in ground troops, airborne troops and marines. Intelligence battalion in the division, reconnaissance company in the brigade, a reconnaissance platoon in the regiment. The level of training is the same as Spetsnaz GRU but not controlled by the GRU. Mascot: bat.[1]


South Korea[edit]

Republic of Korea Army
  • 1st Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (Marching)
  • 3rd Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (White Skeleton)
  • 5th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (keys)
  • 6th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (Blue Stars)
  • 7th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (seven stars)
  • 12th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (Eulji)
  • 15th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (victory)
  • 22nd Infantry division reconnaissance Battalion (Gold Dragon)
  • 25th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (Biryong)
  • 28th Infantry division, Reconnaissance Battalion (Storm)
Republic of Korean Marine Corps
  • 1st Marine division, 1st Recon Battalion (Green Beret 1)
  • 2nd Marine division, 2nd Recon Battalion (Green Beret 2)


United Kingdom[edit]

British Army
Royal Navy
Royal Air Force

United States[edit]

United States Army

United States Marine Corps
(MOS 0321 Reconnaissance Man)

United States Air Force

United States Navy


General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army

  • Vietnam Military Reconnaissance [7]